Please I need some help...

  • Oh yea, the picture didn't show up... D

  • to my guardian angels,

    oh why no pics? i 'll try next time sorry.

    I'll try to do it every morning to prevent myself to him if he harms me i definitely call the police again. i feel terrible when he slams everydoor and i get sick(trouble breathing) when i heard these door noise. he's not satisfied yet don't know what he wants. i keep praying that he would change his attitude if we can just open his heart for us being friends talk like real people. we agreed to live in the same house and we should respect for the sake of peace am just wondering he was a good man, a good family background why is he capable to doing these abusive things and he's negative side is very unsensitive and he likes the easy way out, good living. i am a foreign and he asked my family for marriage and he took me here to live with him and of course he has full responsibility that he has a foreign wife to take care but to my surprised I took care of him.

    I am now ready to make a change. and thanks to all for these support and advice. I felt the strength to take action and I hope this is the best time to do it. I hope the Universe will help me and I am guided by real people's advice so by now as he slammed the door again....huh...i want to be strong this time. I've done my obligations to my children now they are employed they can take care of themselves. thanks to God and thanks to you.

  • hi i am anne venus and have been doing tarot cards for over 20 yrs. I would like to know where in the spread this queen of swords appears? anyway until you reply I can tell you that often this card can portray disappointment, sorrow, dispondency. Are you a dark lady? It may be you. Often the swords can depict law or medical matters. I would love to know what other cards are in your reading. The queen of swords maybe the other woman a divorcee usually or a widow.

    If this card depicts you then you need to be more assertive in your life and you need to learn from the bad patch you are now going through. This card maybe telling you to get control of your life and do not get walked over. It looks to me as if this woman is not the person but you and you need to become more skilled in your actions and look afte yourself. reply if you need more insight. A V

  • Justicegirl, my ex husband was abusive and I put up with it for 8 years feeling much of what your did the one thing I could not called the police for help..[good for you] I dont know why good men change, my ex's was alcohol, others could be drugs..the main thing is to get out..dont get to assertive that just seems to make these type of men more violent..they like to feel their in control..just keep doing what your doing and keep the lawyer meetings to yourself until court time..the less in control he is the more violent he will become..keep surrounding yourself in Gods white light and know I'm praying for you...D

  • I agree with darya, especially about keeping what your doing & the lawyer meetings to yourself. Try to remain as civil as possible with him .....if he switches off the heater, go & put on a sweater; etc.

  • What a great help anne venus for this, I ‘d like to go ahead then,

    My first spread last april 23 for this question was,

    I am thinking of ending my situation and would like to go to court, make the first move.

    I want to know if this is the right thing to do? The celtic cross spread. Hence the last card is court cards I pick 2 more cards, again court cards so I pick one to finish. I hope this is correct.

    7 of coins


    10 of wands

    3 swords

    Queen of swords

    4 of coins

    2 of coins

    King of wands

    9 of coins

    Queen of cups

    Page of cups

    King of coins

    High priestess

    And the next day I did another reading of horseshoe spread asking about my health, twice and queen of swords appeared.

    3 of coins

    Ace of cups

    4 of cups

    The emperor

    Queen of swords

    7 of coins

    Ace of coins

    anyway what is a dark lady? am i going to die? i've been on sleeping pills for 20 years since I got here. few months after marriage. it was a shock for me maybe due to uncertainty of everything in aforeign country. can't speak the language and no friends so i am terribly lonely and alone. i started to feel isolation but go on with the lifestyle with limited communication. worries, anxious so i ended up with insommia until now and some drugs does not make sense anymore to me. i need more stronger. since i am always ill i am worried now with my health. and my family does not know what i 've been through. the truth is i found rashes and redness on my breast last year and i got these creams from the doctor. but still here visible.

    i hope not.

    i appreciate for this and really many thanks. kind regards and goodnight.

  • (center) very small sorry. here is another one

  • oh smaller?!!!

    maybe this one last year taken with my daughter

  • hello again.....ease can someone help me with this reading I did last night, my question is

    Is my marriage over and should proceed to divorce?

    1. 9 of cups

    2. 2 10 of cups

    3. 3. hierophant

    4. king of cups

    5. queen of cups

    6. page of coins

    7. hermit

    8. ace of coins

    9. 9 of wands

    10. 3 of cups

    sees a good card but i am not sure what to think.....i apreciate for your help...

  • justicegirl that's a very beautiful picture of you and your daughter..I dont think when she asked about being a dark lady that it had anything to do with health..I think it's skin color..As for your health stress can cause alot of problems, heart pain beating hard to breathe..stomache aches..headaches..tired due to depression..there are so many more things from stress alone, it can feel like your really will find when you finally leave him all these horrible things will go away..mine did...Love & Light D

  • i just lost a whole load of reading for you so i just have to give you a summary as it will take too long to repeat it.

    your reading is a positive one so don`t look on the gloomy side of life. you have finally decided to do something about your life in your head but not in your actions. this is a forward move on your part as you are not thinking victim anymore and are looking outside the horrible bubble you have been living in for 20 years. all is not lost even though you have issues about letting go as the unknown fears you as much as what you are living. you do feel that all this is such a burden that you feel you cannot take the pressure anymore. you must make a move because the card crossing you states that you cannot be idle anymore and you have to take action. there will be days that you think that you cannot go on but you know what you want. you have had your heart broken but you have come from that a little even though it is the root of this reading. you are the queen of swords and you must take action and not sit on the fence because the fence is not very nice either. you will swing in and out of indecision in the next few weeks as you will want to keep things ok and be frightened to change things. these could also be associated with money issues. trying to keep the peace and little afraid to see what can be achieved.

    you yourself are in a way wanting to keep things quiet and not wanting to upset anything even though you must look at new approaches. you may want to change things but will hang onto things the way they are if you are not careful. frightened of the unknown is a terrible thing but think where you are now. it is a hard decision to move on and the reason maybe due to money and only that. you deserve a little recognition and this what you want. if you do this you will be in the same position in the future as you are now. so look at what you want and what you have not been having. you deserve a better life than this. Families are very forgiving and love you utmost so do not let them make you sit on the fence. you have to do this for you and your self worth.

    there is a man in your cards he is fairish and can be brash and loving in the same statement. he can be a bully (negative trait) but be loving as well. he is a leader in his own life and wants everybody to know this. can sometimes not take other peoples feelings into account if he is against you but he can fight for you to the death if he is on your side. two sides to everybody. taken the negative in this case.

    your dreams are of nice things you enjoy to be surrounded by nice things, furnishings, house, garden and like nice things. this card also says you can make it alone very succesfully if you look at what your talents are. you can be again who you once were or someone who can go out and achieve anything she wants on her own. you can do it all yourself and have a very good way of looking at a structured approach to your future.

    final card says you are a very nurturing person and have always helped people particuarly nurturing young people to see their potential. you like making things nice and enjoy the beauty of things. you have not lost this you just lost your way.

    additional cards tell me there is a young person around a bit of a dreamer, very artistic and quiet and loves all things arty and even nature in a way. could be looking for a life in all these sort of areas. you may also find a love soon or a good friend that could help you. there are so many choices with this card you will have to choose which fits you. the young person or a new loving relationship. this card also says you will also start to look at life in a more loving way than you have done of late.

    final additional card you move away from the relationship finally and you will finally start to trust your intuition and begin to see your talents and allow yourself to dream again.

    something you have been wanting for such a long time.

    hope this reading was of some good to you.

    i hope you will make the move away from your pain and if you need total support you can call victim support who can be at the end of a phone for you or you could meet for a chat.

    victim support number is 0845 30 30 900 i used to work for them and they will listen and help you. let me know what you think of your reading it was very positive from where i was sitting.

    Light and love. anne venus.

  • Annevenus, I could not awake for your reply, at last its worth waiting and watching. i knew u will write very soon and very very happy and i feel so excited to read it. sooo happy for all these people who is here finally given me the courage to face my fears.

    what an encouraging and helpful reading for me. You are extremely good and I will go for that new life that awaits me. I knew it, in my heart you are soooo right for this reading.

    I am looking to relocate or move to another country then I hopefully I could forget what happened.

    Just last night, I realized I can do it and move on with a fixed mind. Yes, I am going to take action and not sit on the fence waiting for nothing. I hope I could learn to trust again.

    I love you. You gave me power more than anticipated. Tarot is healer I supposed but I need a precise interpretation like you did. I hope you will help me again. I'll keep posted with my whereabouts and the court issues. I know I can count on coming here.

    God bless you.

  • darya thank you too for the clearing it up. am now doing something. i just don't want anymore wandering about fixing my family. I am feeling sick as always but now this is the time to do it.

    very grateful for the support here. I didn't know I could move this fast.

    God bless you. love and care

  • hi, so glad it was some good to you. you sound a lot more positive now and that is brilliant. the cards were very powerful as they always are. they are a treasure and if you know how to read them ithey can help everyone. hope you are starting a wonderful new life. yes i will be continuing being on this site. to your new and adventerous future.

    love and light x

  • justicegirl

    I'm so glad annevenus's reading turned out the way you were hoping..just one more thing [proof] that you doing the right thing. I'll be on this site also, so you've made a new of luck..God Bless Love & Light D

  • hi, just to let you klnow that i found a lawyer who speaks english near here and i called

    and got to see her next wednesday for free consultation. i am happy to hear it.

    i felt much better now having to do important things. scared though but here i am....eady to take risk. just doing my first step. will keep learning the tarot then, confusing but with some help it will be ok.

    darya , annevernus i am soo thankful for giving me insights at last my guardian angel had spoken to me. good day to you my friends.......until next time

  • Justicegirl...hi. I simply want to say "I am so proud of you", you are now coming into your own and taking your power back. Thanks to all the wonderful and caring people who gave you such good and kind advice, I also will be praying for you and looking forward to you future posts. Take care and know that the universe is working on your behalf.

    Lots of love to you and your daughter 😉

  • Justicegirl, GO FOR IT! I am glad that you found support through this online discussion. What you are doing takes alot of courage to step out on your own. I was in my late 20's when I came into my own by standing up to my sister. To make a long story short, I worked in her store for merely pennies, she used me and was very abusive to me. I ended up suing her for back pay, loans to her and mental anguish. At the end I settled for about 10% of what she really owed me but the whole thing for me was standing up for myself. STAND UP FOR YOURSELF. I could have invested more time and energy to get more money but I figured that I just wanted to start a new life for me. We haven't talked in 12 years. These past 12 years have been the most peaceful in my life as my sister was an abuser. It took me a few years to get back on my feet. I recall there were some hard times where I didn't even have enough money to eat. So what did I do? I ended up in a 5 year relationship with a man who didn't love me but I hung in there hoping that one day he would love me. WRONG. He threw other women in my face and that is so meanspirited. I walked out going on 8 months now and I tell you that it was the best thing I could ever do for myself. Loving, thinking of myself and putting myself first is not egotisical. Life has really turned around for me. Put yourself first. It doesn't sound like this man will change so you have to. I wish you all the best.

  • I am hoping all goes well for you, give yourself time to adjust to change. You may have days were things seem dark bleek, but trust the Universe wants the best for your in all situation.



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