Please I need some help...

  • Hello All.

    This is my first time to post. and I am new to tarot. I need some help with the interpretation of my reading.

    Last week, as I did some different kind of questions, the Queen of Swords always appears in the spread. I am confused who is this woman.

    I liive with my husband for 20 years and since two years now we live as a total strangers to each other, no talking as he abandoned me as a wife when I found out a woman at home he brought one night. since then everything had change between us.

    As i wanted to know if he still seeing a woman or if there is any hopes to be together again.

    I wiish someone out there would like to comment regarding my issues.

    Thank you.

    I started to use the tarot to help me with my problems since this year. I am stull learning though. I don't know why I can't leave this house when I know I am unwanted. My daughter who is 18 is staying with us while my husband refused to give me money for food.

  • Hi, to continue with my new post, i would like to introduce myself.

    I'm Josephine and I have a huge interest in learning about all topics in this forum.

    I read and browse all topics related to mystical subjects although I never had tried

    to join any forums.

    I hope I could learn more to read by myself and to learn from all the members at this forum.

    regards to all

  • Why should you leave your house ? should've been him 2 years ago! ....sorry, that's not a tarot viewpoint !!!

    Seriously though, you need to decide what you would like your future to be and then act on it. I personally wouldn't contemplate carrying on with a loveless marriage especially when one's trust has been ex husband cheated on me and I found out on our 15th wedding anniversary so I booted him out there and then as I had solid proof (caught them in the act). I had 3 very young children at the time and it was very hard going BUT it was worth it. I have since remarried time is a great healer! My main advice is to try and be the person you once was before you married - pursue hobbies, get a job , or join a social or sports club and get used to being Ms Independent ....and if you decide to woo your husband again or not it'll be your decision and you'll be a lot happier in the long run.

    Re: tarot & Queen of Hearts....that person may be you ...your inner self trying to get free! Without knowing the questions asked or the positions it is hard to generalise....

    There are good readers on this site who are more qualified to help than I ...

    I wish you lots of luck.

  • Justicegirl..I have to say I agree with mrchick, I think she gave you very good advice..I would also like to add that 20 years is a long time to be treated with such disrespect and disreguard for your feelings. I have been with my husband for 22 years and I personally would boot him to the curb if he did that to me..If you think your staying is helping your daughter it's not, unless there is no fighting or tension. Don't think she doesn't hurt for you because of his selfishness with the food..give him the boot..get aid or a job and make YOUR life better..Who knows you might meet someone and he becomes a thing in the past [lesson learned]...I'll be praying for you..Love & Light D

  • hi rnrchick, thank you for the quick reply, i feel sorry that it happened to you too and i admired your courage to let go. I feel you are right to give me the better idea and hopefully i could be myself again. and that Queen of Sword is me...oh..

    the thing until now i am living in confusion and emptiness being emotionally damaged. he wants me to move out of our house and he wanted to own everything especially our condo which we bought after 7 years of marriage. were marriage for 21 now. we both have a job that we were able to live comfortably with 2 children. I feel I am being used and mistreated the wrong way. Why is he pushing me out when he knew he did me wronged. when that happened I lost my job due to constant stress and depression. We've once had a happy family and suddenly he wanted something new that it broke everything. And the reason I cannot leave this house because I know my share that we must split so we live as roommates. what should I do?

    should I start finding a new life and move on? maybe yes....

    Thank you so much for your help.

    I appreciate it. God bless you.

  • darya, how are you? thank you so much for posting! for almost 2 years of silence, this is my first attempt to open my heartaches that everyday when waking up still having nightmares all day. i had no one to turn to but to pretend everything is ok. I wanted to forgive him but I don't understand him anymore. yes, there were tensions that he continue on doing things that i may leave the house. not just food, but medical, life insurance, pension payment, he even garbage the heater i used in my room, that was winter and i feel very cold because i used to stay in my room all day. he disconnect the telephone line and internet so that i cannot use it. and i found out that he has internet connection in his room. i cannot even contact my family for one year and half. just last month i had it installed in my name. he even turnoff the heater when he goes to bed while seeing me doing things, and one day he turn off also the gas so that I cannot cook and the water. when i remember these things how can I forgive him? now i just wanted to know where I stand and if i should divorce him and split legally.

    thank you for reading..... I really need help

    emotionally, physically, mentally , psychologically,and financially damaged.

  • justicegirl, I'm sorry if I came across strong, I guess I was seeing myself in my first marriage..The hardest thing is the look in your childrens eye's [at least it was for me] it was really hard to explain because they were so young.. It sounds to me like he's trying to push you out so he get's everything..I don't know how the laws work where you are but I'd get professional advice..Then make a decision, sometimes if you move out before a legal seperation they can call it abandonment. You have your children's futures to look after besides your own.So don't walk away without nothing to help you build your new life.. Does you husband act like you don't exist or throw the other woman in your face? or does he show remorse for what happened..My heart really goes out to you..God Bless D

  • justicegirl when I read your last post my heart broke for you..My best friends husband does those same things to her. He stopped buying food for her so I fed her..It's his way of controling her..I'm sorry but you should definantly get legal counsel..I don't even think he has the right to turn off the gas and let you freeze or not have water..You said you have a job can you not get any of these things in your name so he can't shut them off. These are not things that people do that love you, if you stay things will stay the same..him in control..As for opening up and having someone to talk to I AM HERE..Dont feel alone anymore, God loves you and so do I

    Love & Light D

  • darya i am soo grateful for you too. i shed tears when i read all the post here, thank you so much for giving me comfort here in japan. i moved to live with him in his country when i married him. i understand how you feel for me if kids are small that needs love and care most and we when we are helpless it hurts. i was right then that i did not leave this house.

    he filed for a divorce last year he failed. i told the court i have done nothing to deserve a divorce penniless and i gave a "NO" answer because I do not understand language well and if he is ready to pay then he can go on with his case full of lies. he asked me to move out of our house. i insisted he owns it because it is in his name but i just can't let him have it all, he took my car keys too and how will i commute to all at once my life stops! he took the bankcard in my wallet secretly and i have no cash really. the hardest part is i made all the efforts to take care of our family, i work, shop for food, clean the house , laundery, take care of the kids, and school, settle our loans and credits, car maintenance, pay here and there and he did nothing but just go to work on regular basis. i don't drink and smoke and no time to go out to enjoy. i did what i have to do but when i am confused he won't spare me his time to talk or advice and support and attention i' d never had for all those years thinking what about all my past efforts for him? and how could he do this to me in the face of my children. i thought how mean and nasty he is for having the courage to ruin people's lives. yes you are right, he has no right to do this awful things to human being and mostly to the people once a part of thier lives. i tried talking to him about our legality but he just ignore me and leave but i cannot take it anymore. 2 years was a waste of time of living and seeing 2 unhappy couple, i wish it could end soon. i don't want him to hurt me anymore. and thank you sooo much for your care and love. i hope i could gain strength and courage to do the right decision and hopefully this year is the best time to take action knowing am not alone anymore. thank you I'll do my best here. I will try to talk to him again. pls give me strength.....

  • justicegirl.... you will go through a wide range of the moment you've been hurting but now is perhaps the time to get angry! He's hurt you enough....Unfortunately I'm not sure of Japanese law but I do think you need to seek professional legal advice and find out what you are entitled to if you do get divorced....By the way, is he a virgo? Just wondered!

  • justicegirl, It's a new day and you have people you can talk to, hopefully that brightens your day a old are your children now? Is there work you can get closer to home so the car issue doesn't make a difference..You have the peace of knowing that you did the right things for him and for your family, your children will see this goodness in you. Do you have a church you go to? I don't know what your beliefs are but you can find alot of comfot and people to help you or just to talk to ..God's house no matter what faith, is always a place of Love. Plus you can take your kids and have a family time and get the help you all need..When you get up in the morning imagine God's white light surrounding you like a tent, around the outside of the tent imagine mirrors facing outward, leave them there all day..They will protect you from all your husbands negativity like making you invisible to his attitude..let me know if this helps.. I'm sending you strength ,courage & love...D

  • let me tell you what i tell everyone dont llisten to people who nothing about tarot. has free tarot reading and all the interpretation you need

  • stevani, I checked out and your right it has free tarot readings, but it can still leave you confused if your new at tarot. Don't be so quick to judge the people on this site, they are very helpful and their hearts are in the right place..D

  • Justicegirl, I just wanted to wish you a personal Happy Mothers Day, I hope you have a good day.May God give you joy and peace on this day..Love & Light D

  • Hello there,

    I read your post and joined this group so that I could (hopefully) offer some advice, too. I will tell you that what he is doing to you is abusive. Plain and simple. I used to volenteer with the police department and worked cases such as yours. Let me start by saying that you DO NOT deserve this treatment. No one does. Call you local police station, explain you situation and ask them to refer you to a domestic abuse hotline or councelor. Abuse is not just physical, it can also be psychological and emotional and that is just as damaging as physical.

    Start here: or call this number 1-800-799-7233.

    Please remember that you are not alone. I know this is scary for you, but take heart and know that people here care about you. You are a human being and deserve to be treated as such. What he is doing to you is against the law and should be treated accordingly.

  • 13thFloor - don't forget she's in Japan - the laws of that country apply not the laws of the USA. I am in the UK and the law is different here than in the US too. We all agree she doesn't deserve that treatment.

    stevani - no one has given a tarot reading....what's been given is support, love and advice from people who have actually been in the same abusive situation ....and I also say don't judge the people on this site...

  • Hi everyone, thank you soo much for your help and your kind moral support in my current situation, you'd never knew how much i admire for you people around the world for giving me time and advice to help out here.

    I went out to seek advice in Tokyo 's english speaking lawyer, and I just got back home now.

    I feel the strength and courage to do something now knowing there are people in this group helping me be clear with my feeling and thoughts and where my life leads me, i don't know but i just want justice.

    I hope and wish this is meant to be and time to let go of all the efforts and sacrifices I've done.

    what is he trying to do?

    i got home and there is a not saying" he wants his life insurance policy" because the company needs it. He is taking everything! yea i guess he wants to cancel and get the money back because it is in my name.

    He is saggy dec. 11. 1965 and i am capricorn dec. 30. 1958 and my daughter is 18 years old.

  • Happy Mother's day to all mothers in this groups too.

    Love and Peace to all.... you are all my angels

    I am a roman catholic and yes there is a church here.

    I would like to thank you rnrchick, darya, stevani and 13thfloor for all giving me courage and strength. It really helps, lifting up my spirit to fight.

    love and care

    a photo me(left)with my daughter(right)

  • Well done for taking that next step justicegirl. I wish you the best of luck for the future, you deserve it.

  • Justicegirl..Good for you..You've taken the first step and probably the hardest one..I know it will be scary at times and you'll question if your doing the right thing, but trust me you are..NO person should have to live the way you've been living..Your so much more than that, when you get to feeling low just look ahead at the life you will have with your daughter and how much peace and joy you'll be able to share, without the negativity being throw at you at every turn..I'm SO PROUD of you....LOve & Light D

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