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  • I feel like there's the perfect job for each of us, we just need to learn how to create it, with a bit of observation "You can love what you do" and I think we should love what we do. Money to me is just an energy to obtain what you need and desire, and I think we have to find out what we need and desire, everyone's different, so each of us had to find out what it takes to get what you need.

    Kind of like a personal archeological dig.

    So I would love to get a brain storming session going!

    Maybe you already love what you do and can give us tips on how you got there.

    Can you tweak your current job a bit to start loving it more.

    Lets bounce some idea's around and discuss some of the issues we are having. It could be fun 🙂

  • My horoscope for today..seems to fit, except I definitely don't feel like buying anything, but I do love to find the beauty in the day...most days that is 🙂 Oh I guess my shocking extravagance is actually starting this thread. ha

    Your own extravagance can shock you today as you indulge your desire for luxury by buying expensive furniture, artwork, or decorative objects. The impulses compelling you to spend this money likely stem not from greed, but rather from a very real need to surround yourself with beauty. If a recent low humor or tragic event made your world seem gray, you may just be looking for an easy and effective way to add color and sparkle to your life. You should, however, consider limiting your consumption today by treating yourself only to those goods that touch your heart deeply, or purchasing simpler yet still uplifting items, like fresh flowers.

    In surrounding ourselves with beauty, we reaffirm our commitment to a worldview in which the gifts of existence deserve our awe rather than our cynicism. Because worldly affairs are tinged by a patina of ugliness, we can easily forget that the universe as a whole, at its very heart, is a divine and orderly place. In the presence of beauty, we find the inner serenity that acts as a counterbalance to the stressful nature of our outer-world concerns. The rigors of modern life seem unimportant in the face of loveliness so immersive that it transforms us to the very fiber of our beings and infuses our souls with tranquility. We are reminded again and again that the time we spend on earth is a gift that should be savored to its full extent. As you indulge your desire for beauty today, you will feel a renewed sense of wonder

  • If a recent low humor or tragic event made your world seem gray, you may just be looking for an easy and effective way to add color and sparkle to your life.

    This is so true, my business is not doing too well these days, and I know its me, bills are getting late and then this domino effect , I just start getting more depressed and anxious, and its harder to keep up. I need to figure how I can get more inspired or figure out a way to get this business stable so I can start something that is more inpiring for me. trying to stay positive, and learn by observing, its interesting anyway.

  • LOL lucky you to have money to spend grrr. My dream job well I have been a happy momma for 8 years but unfortunately it doesn't pay. It does teach management skills, dealing with irritations, grumpy bosses ie a good job on the way to the top. Now suddenly I find myself managing my husband's baby which is tje company because he is burning out as well as becoming a sales manager for my own team of sales reps. And managing a family of 4 small kids. And you know what? I love it.


  • Ha well part of the reason I don't feel like spending money is cause I don't have it either...ughbut at this moment I don't want it for things, I want it to pay my bills. Mom and wife are the toughest managerial positions! and the best experience for sure, its just bs that job is so underated!! Hubbies Im thinking are just bigger kids with bigger things for us to handle, so now that I finally realize this I would like to figure out a way for him to handle most of this business, which I have little by little been doing. You know yesterday I was so appreciative of my business, my husband, and my son even in all the chaos. So if I can just remember to love this life of mine instead of getting irritated I think I will see things clearer and make better decisions. All we need is LOVE has been in my head for days now!

  • What is your line of business GJay?

  • Office management is what I've been in for over 30yrs either as an employee or owner, its kind of all the same no matter where I've worked or what business I've owned. For the last 8yrs my husband and I have had a small landscape company. His baby not mine. How about you Paddi?

  • My astro slam for the day............these are funny and sometimes fairly enlightening 🙂

    You need to try something before automatically assuming you'll never be able to do it. Sheesh -- stop being so down on yourself. Even if you've given yourself a zillion reasons to doubt your self-worth, you should still give it a go.

    Hmmm.....maybe there is another way??

    I think my big problem is that I'm harboring some resentment toward my husband...it seems so obvious now, but I had not really known quite seen it until doing some of the Spiritual Boot Camp work with the Captain....I've worked hard and saved my money so that when my kids were grown and my husband was close to retirement I could have my dream job, and now my money has all all gone into this business that my husband and I now own, this is our first business together....so I just kind of assume that I have to work with this one as I don't have any money to start another...but maybe there is another way???

  • I just got a note in the mail, our state will be auditing my little business again! Ugh...

    Thats part of my problem, I really love this little business, what can be done to some one's yard in one day is just amazing, our customers really love us! But all the bs, licensing, insurance, taxes etc...all that goes with it and the costs of everything, money, time, frustrations are hard for me to deal with and I don't seem to have much lspirit left over at the end of the day. I used to kind of thrive in the chaos when I owned my tax business, getting geared up and dealing with everything was exilarating. But I guess I thought I would be doing something much more spiritual by this time in my life, that is my passion.

  • isn't it nice how synchronicity is so prevalent these days. There is a HUGE movement happening across the planet, not just in sacred sites, toward mobility and freedom and many, including myself, are feeling like we are being re-calibrated ... re-booted etc... and re-born!

    Just read this in one of my emails. I really do feel it! So I wonder alot about some of the issues I have with this current business, the difficulties, are they showing me I should be doing something else, or is it the resentment I have that is creating the difficulties??????????? or both 🙂

  • Well I read today that we create our own problems and worries. I think the thing to do is to move out of the comfort zone, try the things you want and see if they are any good. We can only learn and advance ourselves by doing this. I wish I was an advocate of what I write. I have to move on, to get out of this clinch, to find fulfilment doing something else.

    The business is financial admin and tax stuff, my spin off is marketing a marketing tool so I am throwing myself in the deep end but hey what is life without a challenge. I xan run out of patience with sales people so it will be a good exercise for me.


  • Hey Paddi here's a experience my husband had yesterday you might find interesting. He signed 2 jobs yesterday where both customers said they were going with him because they really liked his presentation. Well we both really got a kick out of that because we really don't have much of a presentation, thats one of our company rules - no hard selling. We have samples, brochures, pictures, customer comments etc but we encourage our potential customers to shop around and only go with us when they are comfortable.

  • I found this info today on awakening zone @ the end is "In the process of awakening you discover that everything in your life is your creation. Everything that you are experiencing right now in your life is by your choice."

    I do believe this is true...hard to figure out sometimes tho. My uneasiness is I've done work because it fit with my life as a way to pay the bills, worked with what I was doing at the time etc, which is all fine. I even had a past life regression one time where I was like a medicine woman but I also wove baskets to trade for goods. I am aware that what you do spiritually doesn't always need to be what you are paid for. I just really feel I want to do what I want to do now, not what I need to do to work around somebody or something else in this material realm! Ha 🙂 I suspect others are fealing this same thing. Here is the awakening zone article.

    What is Awakening?

    The world is waking up and consciousness is changing at a historic and unprecedented rate. We are in the midst of the most revolutionary shift mankind has ever seen, and these deep changes are affecting people at every level – emotionally, mentally, financially, politically and

    spiritually. Awakening is a natural process that everyone will eventually go through.

    “You know you’re going through a spiritual awakening process when…

    …you begin to question things you’ve never questioned before – like why you’re here on Earth,

    what is the meaning of life, what you should be doing right now.

    …the way you solved problems in the past doesn’t seem to work anymore.

    …you know that there’s more out there but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is.

    …you know there’s a greater way, but you don’t know what that is.

    …you feel yourself withdrawing inwanrd, not wanting so much external activity.

    …all of the old beliefs don’t seem to be so true anymore.

    …your old dreams, goals and desires no longer matter, but you don’t know what does matter anymore.

    You are not alone. There are thousands and thousands of humans on Earth right now who know what it’s like to lose the things that were near and dear, who know what it’s like for their belief systems to be challenged at every level, what it’s like for the things that were important at one time to start dissolving away.

    It is a natural process. You are allowing the old human façade and the illusion of who you thought you were to fade away. And as it fades away, what you begin to know at the deepest, most loving level, is yourself as God also; yourself as Spirit; yourself as divine, no longer limited by the old human identity but now understanding that you are eternal, and that you can choose your own reality.

    In this process you will come to realize that all of the answers are within. They come from the truest and the most precious place within, and they can be discovered in the quiet moment, in the moment of breath, in the moment of acceptance of yourself.

    In the process of awakening you discover that everything in your life is your creation. Everything that you are experiencing right now in your life is by your choice.

  • Hmm. It does not take the human factor into consideration though, how the reactions of others affect your choices. I would love to help more people with my psychic gift and someday I will. Byt like Captain says you have to heal yourself first before you can heal others.

    Hmm not so relevant to this theme but it kind of came out.

  • Well done on getting new customers!

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