Visions, Dreams or what else???

  • i keep thinking that i want to meet my spirit guide but in subtle ways that wont scare me.

    Anyways, the night before last, i was closing my eyes before i fell asleep. All these random images were going through my mind but nothing out of the ordinary. They were just my mind at work, very vague, very random.

    #1 Until, a clear image popped up where I saw a very steep dark stairway right in front of me...i looked up the stairway to the dark landing and saw a door opening very slowly on the right of the landing. As it opened there was an extremely bright light shining through it and you could see it shining onto the floor in front of the door. As it opened wider, i had a knowing feeling that something/someone was about to walk out onto the landing. I got scared thinking whatever is going to come out, I'm not ready to see. So i tried to make the image go away but it wouldn't so i opened my eyes instead. It never came back.

    #2 Then last night, the same thing happened but with a different image where i was gliding through a windy forest on a dirt track. There was a bend in the track as it swirved to the left around a corner. As i turned the corner, it the forest was faded into pitch black just ahead like going into a tunnel. Then i noticed not far into the black was like an exit. Just a massive arch of blinding light!! I knew that i was heading into the black and on my way to the blinding light but again i chose to open my eyes. i thought these were unusual.

    Has anyone experienced this before??

  • Dear Loving Dove,

    You are being awaken to your spiritual nature. Dreaming about the dark stairway and going up to the light on the right is a really good indication that you are going to become more and more interested in the spiritual realm of life. Noting at all to be afraid of, will you lose friends or will you more than likely aquire new ones that will treat you with love and respect.

    You ask and now in your dreams you are being shown that now is the time to move forward and learn as much as you want to about methtapsyical world.


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