How do I move on im trying so hard helppp!!!I need a reading

  • Ok im very sad now im trying to move on but this cancer man wont leave me alone and how can I ever move on this way today he called me again and I cursed him out I hope he will get the point !!! I just cant risk my sanity because i feel going back to him would be me doing just that ((((risking my sanity))) he has hurt me so much and he doesnt even know im guessing ???Please help me move on why do I meet this types of people the kind that wont leave me alone once I tell them its over ???I also have a gemini man that has been pestering me for 2 years he is my daughters father please help Im trying to work on me and I dont want a man right now I think they have been my down fall:( any suggestions or advice I could really use a reading!!!!

  • Hi sweetie.

    From the main question i was gonna reply u "Mayb u try too hard to move on, why not breathe deep n relax n do your thing n stop bothering bout anyone else"

    From the story i can see how its tough to do when 2 men wants u n doesnt get the message even when u have shouted yelled spelled carved it out.

    I think n i hear its time to invest in caller id. that way u can screen ur calls n see when they call so u can ignore em. Also see if u cant get an answering machine that deletes certain left messages from those numbers. must b one out there.

    as for them not getting the message, some think nah she no mean it. Also ive heard such from other who had problems with males, that once u sent them off n said no they get interested for real. beats me why some males r like that. Ur ex believes whatever went wrong wont happen ever again.

    hard to get anything when i we dont know what in ur mind went wrong in ur marriage with gemini man. as for cancer man uhm i get reversed act what he does to u u could if ure into it, do it to him.

    i´d go for the number id n machine delete one.

    i hope it helped a wee bit.


  • Dont pick up the phone. The more you allow his energy into your life the more it will influence and cling to you. Ignore it, change your number if you have to, ignore his not feed it with your energy...get a new focus...

  • tHIS Is kinda late but thanx for the replys you guys 🙂

  • hotvirgorising hey,

    Do you feel anything for these guys at all? I ask this because my Taurus ex broke my heart about 5 months ago and I sill think about her all the time. She has dated other men since we broke up and I haven't even thought about it because my heart is still hurt and longing for her. I send her a random messages from time to time (I never call her) to see if she replies but she never does. I don't want to bother her anymore but my heart doesn't want to give up hope. Have you told these guys that it's over and then cease all contact with them, or do you send them messages occasionally because you care about them and want to make sure they are ok?

  • @cancerman i am in love with the cancer man and he says he loves me too but everytime i make him mad he leaves me and I have to wait for him to come back and its so creepy because I never know if he wont

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