Car Problems!!!! Car Sabotage or Not?!?!..In Need Of Help!!!!!!!Please!!!!!

  • Greetings Every One~

    Well My low oil pressure light keep's flashing on & off! Well, sure I can take it to a mechanic, which I really can't afford. But, my intuitive side is saying that; A) I need to change the oil. B) There is a sensor going bad. C) Someone has put something in the motor. & D) It need's a new oil pump.?

    Any help at all I would greatly appreciate it!!!



  • OK...I'm going to start more basic than that. Have you checked the oil level? Then I would go to the next step of an oil change, and go from there. :0)

  • Lol Yes I did Check the oil level, and it's fine! I'm going to take it to get an oil change today! Thanks 😉

  • OK....hope it is something simple like the PCV plug or something silly like that. :0)

  • Yea I hope!! 🙂 Thank You!! 😉

  • also check the oil filter & then the fuel sensor what else is it doing? is it making noises?

  • lol the easier question would be what is it not doing!! Well, there is a hole in the radiator, all the gages are going crazy too!! And it's not making a motor noise, more like a water pump going bad!

  • Thank You Shadow Mist & Aunt Buck!! I fixed the problem, It was the oil regulator! I am glad it was a cheap fix! Thank You so much for your help, It is nice to know there are some caring & friendly people still left on the planet!



  • Oh so glad to hear it. Just found out I need my manifold gasket replaced. Luckily the neighbor will do it for me at a reasonable price. Whew...

    Happy for and light...AB

  • Dear Devine and Aunt Buck,

    An angel story (of course!) When you have car troubles going forward, and in my case it's usually been the darn car wouldn't start, call on Archangel Michael who is also Mr. Fix-it. He loves everything mechanical (and he has helped my computer printer a time or two!). Just ask him to come and be there with you to fix whatever it is. I've heard from those who are clairvoyant (not me...yet!) that they actually see him over the hood of their cars doing something and then voila, the car works. How great is that.

    In my case, I've had the car not start when I turn the key. I try again,nothing. So my first thought is Michael and I ask him to pleeeeeeeze come and help me with the car because I can't afford to fix it right now. I thank him for his help, give him a couple minutes of time to do it of course, and turn the key. Vroom. It starts. Anyway, something to tuck in the back of your mind or to call before you call AAA or a tow truck!

    Love to you and angel blessings,


  • I remember one time I was low on gas and I didn't really realize how I was leaving work and trying to figure out the closest gas station, I pulled up to a stop light and it died. Oh ANGELS....please please help me get to a gas station. Turned the started up. Got to the next light and it started dying and it was please please....just a little further and it started running fine. Up a HILL and into the gas station and I filled it up. I will never forget that experience. When I filled up I was literally like a 10th of a tank away from being completely empty so given what it takes to keep gas running in your lines to power the should have been completely dead. :0)

    I do send Reiki to my car also. She's had issues with the engine light coming on for over a year now and even though it makes it so I can't trust it going distances, I can still drive it around town, abet with a little missing here and there, not to mention the manifold leaking. Anyway, when it starts scaring me a little too much, I ask angels and send a little boost of energy to get where I am going and always always say my thank you's when I get where I'm going. Love and light...

  • Awww..... I do that, & I always end up ok!! Thank You Every one!

  • Aunt Buck,

    How is it that you do Reiki? Do you like doing it?

  • Hi Devine,

    I don't know about AB, but I have started the Reiki process. Emergence gave me a contact for it and I have the first two of three lessons done so far. As with anything it takes practice, but I have heard about sending it to your car, and also to plants that are dying and they perk up and live. You can send it to yourself for starters, and then branch out to others, even those that live a long way from you.

    Miss Beth

  • This sounds great! This I will have to try, thank you missbethangels for sharing with us! So, do you know what it means when your guide is also your guardian angel?

  • Devine...I love Reiki. I haven't been involved with it a year yet and I am absolutely thrilled with energy work.

    If you are interested, you can pull down attunements from the universe or you can actually find a Reiki master in your area and get the attunements from them. It is good to work with a master since they will be your teacher and guide through Reiki. I haven't gone to Master level yet because I want a particular woman I work with locally to do my attunement but when I have the money I will go master. She hosted a session late last year but I hadn't had enough practice and actually didn't feel it was the right time to go master which she agreed with me. :0) There are a lot of different ways to go with this.

    The first thing I did Reiki on was my cat. She loves Reiki. You can send Reiki to people, the past (very useful), the earth, plants, you can charge your food, your water....there are so many things that you can do with it. I love the fact that I can do a session at night and send healing energy to not only all those who ask but to situations like what's happening in Japan. It really is wonderful to work with.

  • Awesome!! I think their is a Reiki Master where I live! I will have to check them out! Thanks so much for the information, I am glad you shared your wonderful experiences with me!



  • Dear Devine,

    You asked a question earlier about your guide being your guardian angel. From what I've been told, that can't happen if you mean "spirit guide" because they are two different species. A guardian angel is an angel. Always has been, always will be. And angels have not been in human form. Spirit guides, on the other hands, are not angels. Never have been, never could be. Instead, they all have been in human form, and that is why they are our guides. All of them, guardian angels and guides, were determined before we were born...and were with us the moment we were born...and continue with us until it's our time to go Home and return to the Other Side.

    Does this make sense?

    Angel blessings,

    Miss Beth

  • Great information Beth. That actually clears things up for me. :0)

  • I know that I have 2 guardian angels & I was told the one angel is also my guide, and this is coming from a well respected medium! I understand what you are saying. I was told that this is a very rare case.

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