Please help me intepret this relationship spread

  • I have done two relationship spreads about this relationship recently. My question is for guidance, and I am looking for a rational approach to the issues.

    The background in a nutshell - I have known this man since 2005, and am content to believe the signs that over time have shown me that our paths were meant to cross in this life. However, it could only be for a learning experience. There has been an unbelievable connection with romantic overtones (no ****, but I do not find him unappealing, giggle). However, here's the rub - there have been devastating events on both sides (his being overwhelming health issues - mine being career and family oriented, in the process, both of us have lost our financial stability and have to rebuild.) He has extended what emotional support to me that he has been able - I have tried to be there for him to the extent that he will allow. It's kind of like the universe offered something really good, then snatched it away.

    Here are the readings I got:

    Today, May 6, 2009

    Love and Me: Queen of Pentacles

    Love situation: Nine of Wands

    Love challenges: Five of Wands

    Foundation: Nine of pentacles

    Recent past: the Hermit

    Higher power: Three of Cups

    Near Future: Ten of Swords

    Blocks and inhibitions: Seven of Pentacles

    Significant Other: King of Wands

    Advice: Two of Swords

    Long term potential: Queen of cups

    The earlier reading - 4/30/09

    Love and me: Six of Cups

    Love Situation: nine of Swords

    Love challenges: Seven of cups

    Foundation: Ten of Cups

    Recent past: Queen of Pentacles

    Higher Power: Seven of pentacles

    Near future: Ace of wands

    Blocks and inhibitions: Ten of wands

    Significant other: nine of wands

    Advice: six of wands

    long term potential: five of pentacles

    I'd like some input on this, as to what the cards are telling me, as I am guarding myself against readint into them. Thanks in advance to whomever choses to tackle this one!

  • In my experience is that cards or readings can be what you want them to be. I have readings on relationships and then I would do it again and again and pretty soon I didn't know if I was coming or going. After spending hours of trying to decifer readings and spending money on readings I found the best answers are within myself. Recently I read a good article on this site about asking the universe for a sign. This really works. Search for it - it was within the last month this appeared after I had the urge to do a reading. They say, ask and you shall receive.

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