Can someone see where my relationship is going?

  • I ran into someone on here once that can read past lives. I ran into someone once who can look at a pic of me and my X and she told me that we weren't going to last. I don't know why.. I was wondering if anyone can look at my pic and tell me what they see in my relationship now. I think I know but i guess I need a second opinion. I am very confused right now. 😉 I will put a pic up after someone can say that they can help me.. Thnk you!!

  • Hey Deffy

    Well quite a few of us can sense things from a picture. I need to remind you that what readers get at the time is a potential outcome. its not written in stone. In end the result is what u as u n what u with ur partner deside n do. No reader can dictate ur life for anyone.

    I hope by this u understand what im trying to convey to u. Just bc a reader saw u wont last doesnt mean its the correct outcome. we have it in our power to change any given outcome.

    I heard a few times from various readers n this is back like 2000, they all more or less said i´d be married n have 2 to 3 kids within 3 years. I could trust it n they would sign it. well here we write 2011 n ive still not seen that man i was to meet n get married to n have kids with.

    5 years ago i was told by another set of readers i´d meet my life partner at the school i attended bolt out of the blue. Needless to say it never happened.

    In short, future predictions, time lines n frames r to b taken with a grain of salt. In end u´re the choise maker, us as readers are not.

    i hope this helps for now.


  • Thnx for commenting back. You are right. Nothing is set in stone and you do have to take things with a grain of salt. When this person told me that we would not last I didn't believe her AT ALL. We were really close and I felt like nothing could rip us apart, especially because of my choice not to be with him. There was no way in my mind that that could have ever happened, but it did and here I am today. That is probably why I get so confused. That is why I need an outside opinion. Maybe it will help and maybe it won't. Thank you for your advice. l definitely should be careful who I take advice from. LOL, Thats for sure. 😉

  • Deffy27,

    Not to override anyone here, or put a damper on things, but I saw a psychic in Texas in 1995, she told me that my husband was going to have an affair with a blonde woman at his work, I thought immediately this woman is full of it, my husband and I have a good marriage and there was no way he was going to do something like this to me, it was IMPOSSIBLE! Well, 10 years later, guess what, yep, he had an affair on me! It took 10 years before it happened. One other very disturbing thing she had told me was that my husband was going to be in a plane crash, but will walk away from it. At the time he did not even have his pilots license, was not even thinking about getting it until in 1999 he surprised me with getting his pilots license, i just about passed out! He now has a cesna and flies it and thank god nothing has happened to him. I don't want anything to happen to my ex husband, but at the time of the reading, nothing made sense, it took 10 years for her reading to happen.

    So really, there are some great readers out there but the timing is out.

    I never mentioned my reading to my husband at the time, something I have kept to myself for a for a long time.

    CWB, there is still hope, all in good time!!

  • I know piscesstar, what my main provocative here was : we all make our OWN choises wether to firmely believe it or not. its a gutchoise. if it sits wrong in one then maybe it is wrong, if it sits well then its right even if its a bad thing.

    in short. all i want is those even me who ask to be read to at least take a moment n feel inside is this what we get legit or off. its our life we must live it, no reader can for us, its a choise we as we must make n live with. n is life not short enough 4 issues that sits wrong?


  • Wow piscesstar that is so sad. I am so sorry to hear your husband had an affair on you. That would crush me horribly. I don't think that my bf would ever do that to me, but I guess for some it is just a matter of time. I really just wanted a second opinion and if any one could give me some insight and maybe see something that I am missing. So far I could read things pretty well and I don't always like what I see because I really love him. So I try to ignore it. I don't see any like visions of our future, no I am just talking about how I feel inside about us. I truley love him so why am I so confused? I don't know I just need a second opinion I guess. Thank you for your comment. God bless you!!!

  • deffy27,

    If some readers can tell you things about you from your past, without you telling them, and then if that is accurate, then what they say for a future read is true.

    This is just my personal opinion.

    I hope you find your answers, I wasn't trying to intrude, all I wanted was to tell my story as far as the timing went thats all.

    I wish you good luck with your man.

    Blessings to you

  • You too!!!! Pisces Rock.. 😉 Thnk you so much.

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