Someone kind enough to do a reading for me?

  • Hello, I was just wanting someone more skilled and I to do a reading on what will be on the horizon for me as far as relationships go? Anyone kind enough to do this, thank you~

  • Hello Choclatemoose,

    I feel that you have been waiting for such a heartfelt long time for that special someone to fall in love with you. Spirit I hear Mary here telling me that you will wait no longer as a man is on the horizon of your life. I feel fingers hurting here , do you garden ? Wear gloves please if you do. Protect your fingers is what I'm being told to tell you.

    I hear the name of this man with a strong A in his first name. He will be artistist and have a range of voice , singing that is, quite the romantic himself, and he has been searching for a long time also. You two will be brought together by the ocean or the sea. I smell the water here.

    Let us all know when you two have met and share your happiness with us please.


  • Cool! Thank you so much

  • And I normally don't garden much but my family likes to. Also I will keep the protecting of the fingers in mind, very insightful and much appreciated!

  • Any idea of how we could be brought together by water or sea? I live in the midwest and we are pretty far from that stuff lol I find that compelling and interesting as I have always wanted to live by or around the beach. I just have not gotten the chance or the means to go through on this wish. My ex had a strong A in his first name and another guy whom I was supposed to meet also has a name that starts with the letter A. I am in kind of a conflict here relationship wise and the path I feel I should be taking I cannot really make out right now. It is foggy. I feel like I'm waiting for something to happen but I don't know how to prepare so I am moving through life as well as possible...

  • Hello, I've been using for a while, my own multiple decks, Astrology, I Ching, in person and Telephonic psychics, and the message is always the same--I have powerful intuitive power, am "in the Mother" and need "a Master" who is male, not necessarily with us here, to balance out too much feminine energy. I used to be a hard core Zen Buddhist but find that all organized religions are "instutionally corrupt" & I've seen so many things that it is hard to know how to process it all. Still I'm at peace. I know that I'm being protected. But I am surrounded by danger. I am the victim of many many crimes, too many to count. I'm disabled. Have no money, no friends and need total knee replacement so even if my spiritual life is relatively balanced and at a high level I'm still embodied and I have no idea how I'm going to get to the doctor, get home from the most painful surgery a human can have, get someone to wipe up blood and bandage me, let alone how I'm going to get to the bathroom or brush my teeth or eat, or get food or meds or anything. Psychics and everything else say that I'm going to emerge as a great humanitarian in a burst of creativity which I already know and have foreseen, but the practical everyday level of how to get by through domestic violence and domestic terrorism almost literally banging on my doors makes it a little difficult to maintain the balance. Can anyone help me?

  • Hi chocolate, I live by the sea and it is very healing. Negative ions are available to anyone so you don't need to live near the ocean. In fact the whole planet was once covered by a shallow tropical sea so sea turtles and other sea creatures are all over the midwest. Just dig into some chalky looking rock area near you and you will find that it was created long before the dinosaurs by coral reefs. THAT is the OCEAN. Some of that, plus some sea salt dissolved in warm water and put best in a seashell near your bed at night creates the negative ions that physically, psychologically, and spiritually cleanse you. Did you know that humans can go up to 18 days without sleep, about 3-5 weeks without food, 5 or so days without water, but they can't last more than a day and half without salt. You can actually drink salt water in small amounts. It purifies your whole body/mind/spirit/chi energy field. I drink sea foam right from mother ocean herself. It does no harm whatsoever and feels great. Clears all your chakras so that you can then begin to sort out the confusions and speak your own truth, seek your own power, & with that power in place you won't have to search or even wait. Mr. A. will just appear, ready to go.

  • thank you fire lotus! sounds like a great idear to me 😛

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