Live Where You Are Arch Angel Uriel

  • a message from Archangel Uriel channeled by Jennifer Hoffman

    The presence of your physical body in each moment is in perfect alignment with your healing path, the destiny you have created for your life, the soul intention for this lifetime, your karmic history and life purpose. Within each moment there is a specific energetic vibration you resonate with and it is in harmony with your place in the world. This is where you live; it is your experience of life, where the path you are on meets the journey that is your lifetime and when you are not fully in your life in this moment and place, you are not living.

    As your awareness of alternate paths, dimensions, realities and even universes is awakened, you have opportunities to experience many different life paths. This is a shift that can happen within a moment but you cannot live with the expectation that this can and will happen, denying yourself the joy and peace you believe is available to you at higher dimensions or vibrations. There is joy and peace at every level of awareness and if your awareness is in a different time or place, you are no longer grounded in your self, your life, your experiences and your path.

    Within each moment is a perfect experience that holds the answer to every question, the completion of every lesson, the fulfillment of each dream. If you long for the future while cursing the life you have in the present moment you are not in touch with your power. While you may feel powerless in a situation, the power you need is there for you but you are not connected to it because you feel it is somewhere else. A situation does not rob your of your power; you give your power away to the people, circumstances, situations and events that make you feel powerless. To reclaim your life and begin living again you must reclaim your power and live where you are in each moment.

    The purpose of your life is to remember who you are and that is part of each moment. Your divinity, soul essence and light are always part of you, no matter what circumstances you are facing. Each moment is a powerful one, if you live where you are. Remember that life is occurring within and all around you in each moment. Your life is not in the future, some other dimension or at a different vibration. It is happening as you created it, in the right place and at the right time. Anything can be transformed when you remember to step forward from the place where live, which is where you are right now and set your intention for each thing you wish for in this moment, which helps create it in the next.

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  • Live in the now! Got it!

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