Gemini man will he come back

  • Hi all, I am new here!

    I am a pisces, having a little trouble with a gemini man 🙂

    I would like to start by saying sorry on grammar mistakes, english is not my first language.

    So here goes the story.

    Over the past month I was casualy dating the gemini, we had a great conection, we started of very honest and open in our communication. I knew he was seeing other women. So all cards on table sort of dating.

    Well, after a while I really started to like him, he showed genuwine interest in me. It was not just sexual dating. So we had this conection I dont know how to describe it, we both felt it. But I guess it wasnt as strong as we kept saying it was as the thing is, he is divorced (newly) and kept saying how lets see how it goes, lets take it step by step we will see.

    Hmm so about 2 weeks ago I senced he was a bit distant from me, I never pushed, never asked "what are we now".. I was pretty open minded, he contacted me always to meet up, we were intouch every day. And so at one point the text messages got short, then it came to it he didnt respond.. so I sensed something is up. Still I didnt push an answr from him

    A few days ago he was still talking to me in the manner : Baby, sweety, kiss, miss you... all that.. which kept me thinking nothing changed. One day he is asking to go for drinks the next day he is ignoring my text.

    And it came to this : yesterday, he sent me an email saying how someone came into his life, how he will now stop with seeing other people, how he would love to stay friends, how he is so very sorry but that we were always honest and he wanted to let me know. I replied saying how this should have been done in person and he agreed and said he wanted to but thought it would waste my time.. but agreed to go for a drink to talk like people.

    The thing is, when he was dating me, he was telling me how I was the one who was constant how other girls were the ones to fall off, how I was special...blahblah. And I do realize how I wasnt good enough and that with this one he knew instant that others are no longer an option.

    My question is. How do I get him back? Will backing away and showing I have my life be a good thing? Should I go for that drink?

    Do geminis come back? Why would he want to keep me as a "friend".

  • I dated a gem guy. He's precious to me and I to him. We pour our feelings and then it stopped. Gems need space to think. Gems are easily distracted. Gems do come back when they think it is worth coming back. They are just free butterflies ( or wasps if that is what it feels right now). They are thinkers and will constantly assess their thoughts about anything and will probably have dozens of options and solutions in mind as and that makes them fickle minded. They are very attractive and charismatic. They will always have friends around them. But when they reach a ripe age they will make a decision not out of emotions but logic. Then, if it is not an emotional match they regret their time invested ( and whatever else there) bitterly. Sometimes they are able to fix it. Sometimes they don't and wander around living aimlessly. If they get out of the depression they would just jump out and seek you if you are that object of that realization. It is hard to blame them because they deal with all those quirky things with no harm in mind. You would be the happiest person in the world if you happen to be the real one (I'd say obsessive object of the eye) he's been seeking for. So, this behavior might mean that all gem's relationships are temporary - or forever until a better one comes along. But when the love is consistently warm it might mean he found his match and will they there.

  • Correcting the last line - please substitute "stay there" for "they there. "

    What would you do to get him back? My answer is nothing. If he connects respond back but always let him know of his negligence in a nice way. Gems are intelligent and appeal to the logic.

  • Would it be a better idea not to contact him at all ?

    I said I wanted to resolve it like people face to face, my thoughts are that maybe there is no need?

    By -"connects" do you mean it if he asks to see me?

    and in what way would you say I should let him know of his neglicence?

    Sorry, I do realize these might me "stupid" questions but sometimes I do need some more guiadance to get the whole idea.

    Thank you on reply!

  • This post is deleted!

  • It does thank you.

    I was also thinking the best thing to do is give him space, live my life and play it as if I am totally cool about everything.

  • I agree with cancer. Life's not fair. But if you experienced this sad story, then you know better next time. Give him the space. Should he contact you later on, who knows maybe you have changed your mind and don't need him after all.

    By "connect" I mean all forms of contact he might do such as text you, email you, call you on the phone, etc., anything where he makes an effort to contact you. If you respond as normally friends do he would think you're a nice person but not cheap nor a piece of rug. You on the other hand will assess your feelings whether to respond positively to whatever he's contacting you for - or negatively. Either way, be nice, to keep that level of education you have. Men are playful most of the time and would say anything to get what they want (sorry guys) but when they meet a decent woman they would play it straight. If not, throw him out as he's not worthy of you.

  • I'm a Cancer dating a Gemini man. He pretty much sweet talked you into liking him. That's what

    Gems do naturally. I'm not saying that he didn't like you he probably did but didn't feel a strong enough connection as to the other girl. I would say don't text him as much as you used to let him have his space but also make him think of what he used to have, an amazing person like u!

    To get him back, I would do nothing. I noticed that my gem doesn't like to be forced into an answer or being manipulated of any sort. I would tell him that he things he has said hurt you and he is missed out on a great girl. Just leave it to that. It will make him think haha

  • "make him think of what he used to have"

    • any good ideas how to do this?

    You would sugest I tell him he hurt me? Hmm I am not sure it is a good thing to let a man know he hurt you

  • If he wants you back he'll convince you that he's good for you ... and all that jazz. Your response would your chance to make him understand that you are a human being and need to be respected, which is another way of saying that he did not do good on you. Your tone will be important. If you are judgmental (blaming him, criticizing him, etc.) he'll probably run the other way. If he is serious about you he'll try to avoid doing what offends you, and that would be beginning of respect. But, if you are done with him by the time he comes back, I would still nicely say, " thanks but no thanks."

  • Yes I am pretty sure judgment would drive him away.

    I dont know what to expect, this came a little sudden. I didnt think someone could one day keep up with "every thing is as usual" game and then flip it over in a matter of a day or so..

    Can Geminis fall so hard for someone in a short period of time?

  • Yes they do. The " love at first sight" was probably made for them. But they also flip just as fast because of their fickle mind. But it doesn't mean that the apple of his eyes is forgotten. He knows his quirks and may flirt elsewhere but will reserve the apply of the eye safe and protected from competition or from him. When he matures he will take a stance on the relationship. As long as it is the right one meaning that his comfort zone and happiness are intact he'll take put and the running around would really be more for adventure ( innocent, I think). In other words, when the real love sets in he will respect and protect it.

  • If I see him, for a drink.

    How do you think it would be best to be around him.. maybe to get him thinking about "us"..

    I would like him to go home think it..

    also would showing I am busy and postponing be a good thing to do?

  • Being twins gemini is fickle minded. This is probably a curse more than a blessing. He suffers juggling things and it appears as if he's playing with people's emotions. He is actually juggling his feelings, which is weak in his character to begin with. HIs strength is his logic. To play him would only confuse his emotions all the more. Let him go through what he is going through. If he comes to see you he could be coming to the conclusion that you are the one he wants. Let him do it and respond truthfully, meaning that you should follow how you feel about him. Bearing grudge, revenge, or playing very hard to get are all PLAY that lead confusion. this are to be avoided not only with the gems but all relationships. Be truthful to your feelings. Real love shouldn't be too difficult. If there is difficulty it means that someone is manipulating it. Love is a gift that we cannot help but simply let it flow. If it not reciprocated it goes away eventually naturally. Keep your karma balanced. Avoid manipulating others nor be manipulated by others.

  • Thank you Tellstar on all your help.

    Ofcourse I have more questions.

    Since after he sent me the email saying how he met someone which changed everything, I said we should have done the "talk" in person, he agreed.

    Is there a way to tell if the contact will be to fulfill the - lets resolve it in person and be friends or of other nature.

  • HI message saying that he found someone is pretty strong. There could be someone or it could be an excuse to get away. Either way, he is really telling you to let it be. What will you gain if you insist on discussing it in person? Perhaps you would trust what said better. But if your request to see him is a last ditch effort to get him back sets you up for consequences that you may or may not like. You could gamble but be prepared for what you get. In reference to balancing karma, if your intention is revenge, you would be twice spanked for it in the future ( that's how I understand it). But if you feel you were short changed and just let it be (good that you mentioned it to him and he agreed) karma will reward you. Maybe you'll meet someone even better than this guy. Easy for me to say. Hey girl, we're in the same boat. I don't think I was short short changed in mine but my guy's legal problem is what is blocking. I would have said " if you truly love me you will break through at all cost to prove yourself to me. But the problem is not that simple and quite sadly I have to trust that if and when he could he would come." I miss him. I feel sad. But I have to just let it be and trust what he said, " always remember that I love you." Something should happen to legitimize the statement, naturally, and this is where I do not allow myself to think further because my mind would go on the negative. Rather I am concentrating on work and friends and hobbies. i am currently researching my second book. I figure if he doesn't come along, I would have a book, hobbies, friends and my work surrounding me. You will get respect from no less than him and even better karmic respect. Be happy and good luck - saying this sincerely. I feel for you, girl.

  • Yea I get what you are saying.

    The thing is I didnt insist, all I said to him was - I dont like to "talk" about this over texts.

    As he once said, he would love to stay friends. I also mentioned how if we wanted to be on good terms it should be done the proper way. There was no insiting on - talking in person.

    My request to see him was not in last effort to get him back, it was purely to show we dont have to be on bad terms, we can try one day to be friends, nothing more

    I curently need to focus on my thesis and friends. Yes I do miss him, yes I do think of the What if I did this, what if I did that different but at the end of the day I think everything played out as best as it was at that time.

  • Don't blame yourself. Chances are that you've done good. this is just clear from the conversation about how you care. There's nothing to be ashamed of. It may well be his loss. This reminds me of Prince charles exchanging Princess Diana for an old and awkward woman. But he has his reasons and he never cared to explain to a "gawking" public. Love's strange. Good luck, be well.

  • Thank you Tellstar

    good luck to you too

    all the best 🙂

    its fresh, still hurt like hell.... This too shall pass 🙂

  • Hi, ladies I have been everything you guys has said, and feeling getting hurt. There has been time were he has told me things that I did not want to hear and it hurt. So I did step away and it was so hard. I just know in my heart we where meant to be, I knew him for yrs and have always liked him a lot. To go forward we are just fine today. We have passed the negativity and grown so much. I can say today we have a wonderful relationship. It's all good and we are happy. Timing is everything and by all means SPACE, they will come around in their own time. If you think they are worth the wait, wait. Make sure you have your own life.

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