Can someone do a psychic reading for me??

  • I dont know if someone is going to actually read this but here goes. I consider myself a very humble person. I do right by my family and those around me and I treat people the way they would want to be treated. With that being said most of my life Ive just been going through. I know its life or whatever but im curious to why I always go through all of these obsticles. Dont get me wrong good things have happened but bad things seem to be going on again. im not a bad person so whats the deal? Im just hoping someone can "see" something that I cant and can maybe give me a little advice or steer me in some sort of direction because right now im feeling real "LOST". Love goes out to all who reads this and post to this.

  • Hi, I'm not sure what obstacles you are going thru. Sometimes recognition and thanks are hard to come by and not returned at all. Remember, Jesus was only thanked, I believe, by one paralytic. Sometimes family can be the worst because they expect it.

    Also, there are some circumstances beyond our control where it is predestined that we will not fit in. I have been in several circumstances like this. Some destructive forces are beyond our control and not created by us. Sometimes, when I endured, the problem was corrected. Other times, I had to totally remove myself from the situation. Not everything that happens to us is in our control. But we can opt to change the bad situations.Being able to recognise the problem is the best solution. I have been around some who are so internally conflicted that fighting is a day to day battle w/them. Some things you can not change. Sometimes the peace found in quiet is necessary. Be strong in yourself and try to remain positive. For some reason, this a.m. I was thinking about some things I've had to endure in my life. I guess, what has saved me is being able to put it in the past. I guess, sometimes, I have to remind myself.

  • I read your message and I signed up so that I could reply.

    I can tell a lot from the way you have framed and written your concerns and I am considering that along with what you actually say. Life is life and that is a fact - we are dealt the cards and sometimes they just seem to be stacked against us. We look at others and wonder how come they have had a better deal than us.

    But the fact is that we don't know what they are going through because people deal with things in their own way. I think it would be safe to say that no one goes through life unscathed.

    It is true that we should count our blessings and focus on the good things in life and be thankful for that. But it is also true that when we say such a thing to someone who is going through a low period - we diminish their pain.

    Bad times will be gotten through and we all emerge stronger and wiser for the experience. But it also seems to me that you feel that your needs are not being met by the people around you. That while you are busily trying to keep them happy - nobody is paying any heed to what they might do for you.

    There is a difference between being approachable and accomodating of the needs of others and being a doormat. If you place yourself as a doormat you will be walked over.

    Try not being so available and shock people out of their complacency that your life is all about being there for others. You have a right to be selfish at times - so find something you really love doing and build that into your life - something that everything else has to give way to because it is what you want and need to do.

    Happiness is inside you and not "out there" - feed it and it will grow. Likewise misery occupies a similar place and that needs to be starved so that it shrinks away.

  • Thank you for your suggestion. When i look at it you are completely right. Your words are very encouraging and all of them are appreciated. Love goes out to you and yours!!!

  • Daila your words are also encouraging. These post have definitely given me a better "view" and what route to take. Love goes out to you and yours!!! 🙂

  • MWright, I would start a journal about your obstacles and sometimes when we write it down or maybe if you are artist you can draw it, then we see things in a different light. Although I do believe that there are true readers out there and some are not, my advice is to save your money and trust that you have the answers. Maybe start focusing on what it is that you do want and not to focus on the obstacles. Hope this helps.

  • Thanx lady i will also take a listen to your advice. Thank you for reading and posting!!!!

  • Right now you are feeling victimized, aka "feeling sorry for yourself."

    Feeling victimized by life/people means that you are relying upon other people to make things happen for you and they have disappointed you - which they will. It's time to take charge, and get things done without relying upon others.

    I noticed that you classify "you" versus "them," and "good" versus "bad."

    Treating people the way you know they would want to be treated is implying that you know what is going on inside of their heads. People can sense this, and resent it. You should instead simply, be yourself.

    Thus observed, I see you as a controlling personality, and things are not proceeding according to your expectations: that is why you see good things are being followed by bad things - people do not like being controlled and will rebel against control, and they will create obstacles to prevent that control of them taking place.

    I myself cannot say what a humble personality is, nor what good nor bad is, unless I have expectations - if I did, then I would be a controlling personality, since I would be placing judgments upon what is occurring around me, in order to assess whether my expectations upon others are being met or not.

    Shift your perspective on achieving what you want for yourself, and away from expecting people to react favorably to your manipulations, and thereby delivering your happiness to you.

    If nothing else, you will feel enobled by doing your best in meeting life's challenges, and

    when your personal efforts do pay off, it's even better. But we can't always succeed, otherwise we would never continue to strive to developing ourselves into better people.

    That is to say, you can find happiness all on your own. You will have to learn to be happy with yourself, and being happy alone with yourself. That is, proof self-esteem exists. When self-esteem exists, you will no longer feel the need to control. The need to control stems from fear. Fear cannot exist when you have self-esteem.

    Self-esteem can be defined as self-confidence, and truly having faith in yourself.

  • I agree more with "Messenger888"'s point of view. I hate the term of "treat others as you would want to be treated". I think of it as a falsehood derived from a set standard of a "morality type behavior code" that you must abide by to please everyone else, and those who do not conform to this code, are deemed "bad" by the one passing the judgement. In this imperfect world, you can think of yourself as the nicest person in life (perfection), but you will always have someone, who will resent you for something. As for these "obsticles"? Do you imply that some people are seeking to derail your life in some way by blocking your chosen path? Or are you expecting too much from others, who have failed to achieve the level of your expections? And the "bad things" that you suffer from is the backlash from your own pride? I made mistakes along these lines, when I was much younger, and I paid a heavy price for my wisdom. In some ways, I still pay for a few past sins on my part.

  • You need to find a center--this may sound too simple, but what about joining a gym, or perhaps trying a yoga routine. I apologize if these have already been tried. You could go to alabe/freechart/ and enter your time coordinates and get a chart done, if you've not done this already. I always feel comfort in knowing that my astrological identity is at the core of what I experience. Then I read my horoscope and I start to understand what I might be going through is caused by aspects--there's no fault in that! I would also go to They have a myriad of reasonably -priced crystals and gemstones that will inject your life with some positive energy. Also--this could be a spiritual dielmma so try enhancing the knowledge gua in in your home, if you are familliar with Feng Shui. If not, get a copy of Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui by Karen Kingston. She also gives advice on space clearing, so you could get some clean new chi circulating in your environment--or go check the library, see what they have on Feng Shui. If you are a little depressed or having trouble getting moving, you could try the amino acid, 5HTP, (yes, that is what it's called). It is safe to use, it works a little like an antidepressant, and if you get it at Wal-Mart, the cost is nothing compared to what it can do to help you. You can get a 30 day supply for under 10 dollars. SO WORTH IT!!

  • Thank you i really appreciate the advice! It will be listened to! Thanks to you all!!

  • Ask the universe to send you people who can help you grow into your own. You will attract them.

  • I read what you wrote and to me it seems like you are creating your own bad energy in the way you think of yourself. I can also tell by what you wrote that you are dealing with some low self Esteem issues along with a victims attitude, which is just my opinion. There are many healing Techniques having to do with energy Reiki is one using light touch, you can get a book at just about any book store like Barnes and Nobel called Essential Reiki by Diane Stiein. the other healing Technique is done strictly through meditation which is called Pranic you can get a free meditation download at this site, but if you Google Pranic Healing there is a lot more to choose from and a lot of it is free. whether someone believes that we aren't made with energy or not just ask a doctor he will tell you that we are energy. Reiki and Pranic relax me so much that the only things I can think of are positive thoughts. If you were in Arizona I would direct you to my Reiki Teacher while your taking the classes they also put you on the table and practice on you, and you learn to practice this technique yourself. Standard forms of meditation will help also. There is a saying about meditation in my classes the question is, Do you know why the Chinese monks created meditation; answer: because Life sucks and they can go to beautiful places while meditating.

  • thanx for your comments!!!!

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