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  • HI folks there is a lot going on here at the moment and I do not have the space or energy to heal others, before I started doing it I could never understand when other healers said that but I do now. Thank you Jlinaangel so much for your energy boost, I certainly did not reject it and it has given me back strength to go on like the duracell battery. I will rest over the weekend and start with AngelBee on Monday, all going well.

    xhugs to all you wonderful people

  • Okay Paddifluff, we understand, i hope you have a great weekend, 🙂 and some good rest.

    Love ya and thank you. Bee XxXx

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  • This post is deleted!

  • jlinaangel,

    I am so happy to be able to say this...TODAY I WAS A CHAMP!!! I HAD THE INNER TIGER I WANTED NO! MORE LIKE NEED! TO FEEL AS AN EQUAL WITH MY FAMILY. I am so proud of my self!!! =0)


  • Jlina - I will be happy to send out my little bursts next week also. If you can name the next group I will be happy to do my little thing. Next week I have finals coming up at school and then committed to working a part time job for the first time in a year. So, I can't do full energy sessions either.

    Hope this will be helpful somewhat. Sorry I can't do the whole thing. :0/

    Love and light...AB

  • My chakras run between wide open (3rd eye/crown) and completly blocked (heart/throat/sacral) to okay (root/solar).

    I had an angel healer work on my throat and it caused some loss of voice and followed by a sinus/ lung infection as it was clearing out. (I forgot to drink lots of water as directed) She tried to close down my third eye at the time but with only a little result. (I fell I was being donwloaded at the time and it clearded out on its own about two weeks later)

    The heart and sacral blockages are old wounds which I have been working on releasing with good results but I feel there are some left over bits clouding things.

    I would like some balancing energy to help with this clearing out and closing up please.

    I am rather jumpy and have a loss of clear direction which is rather confusing for me as I have always had a plan and now that I have so many options, I don't know which wat to turn.

    Thank you for your gracious offering.

  • HI Ibelieve I can clear out your chakras for you next week if you like. I work with the colours of each chakra and balance them so that they all have an equal glow.


  • Thank you Paddifluff that would be wonderful.

    Is there anything I need to do on my end? I am in EST in case you needed to know.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • HI jilaangel,

    Im here when do we start ?

  • I'll send out positive energy too as much as possible.

  • I really appreciate you all helping me. I still feel somewhat out of balance since I attempted that healing of my own. I feel a lot like IBelieve in that I either feel wide open or somewhat blocked and drained other times. Any advice on that would help also.


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  • Dmick...I posted to you on the thread you started for me. I took a page from jlinaangel and started an email address with my user name here at . :0) Anyone who wants to contact me off board certainly feel free to.

    Love and light.

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  • Dmick - I just doubled checked it and I got it to work. I didn't confirm the account until yesterday, I thought I was done so that may have been it. Sorry. :0)

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  • Hi guys these are the colours that i have chosen for you ,

    Witchywoman white, blue and yellow (Blue to get rid of negative thoughts )

    greystar, White, pink and yellow (pink for health and healing)

    Poetic white, green and yellow ( green for abundance and prosperity)

    RC, White , green and yellow (green for abundance and prosperity)

    Angela Victoria, white yellow and lilac (blue and pink mixed together) to rid the mind and body negative thoughts and toxcins)

    All will be sent white and yellow for positive energy, happiness and vitality .

    Will start tonight and give you guys feed back tomorrow .

    Love and light 2 all Loap

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