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  • Hi Jlina,

    I hope I am not too late. I have been having health issues since Feb. First bronchitis, the migraines, and now a female health issue. I tried to send a white light to help someone else heal last Monday but not sure if I did something incorrectly as I am relatively inexperienced in this area. Not sure if i caused something of my own to go out of balance or really what. any healing rays and understanding you pick up on this would be greatly appreciated so I can also learn from it as well.

    Don't know if this helps any but I am an empath.


  • Hi all sent an abundance of colourful rays to everyone last night it was like watching a light show in slow motion all the light was all sparkly i am begining to use red now as it represents love and passion to me so i will introduce that colour as well if anyone wants it .

    This is how i imagine the colours to look like in the image below

    love and light 2 all Mags

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  • your welcome jlinaangel thankyou for starting a great thread its wonderful .

  • Thank you Jlina. I tried to clear part of tonight with Boji stones. I had the opportunity to meet a couple Reiki healers in my twenties and their healing helped me emensely. One of the areas he told me to watch out for with me neck is one of the first things that started bothering me.

    The healing I spoke of that I tried a week ago burst whiite light of my head,third eye, neck and heart before I went out. Not sure if I have just been overexerting myself lately, knocked something out of balance or drain from trying to heal but being inexperienced or combination of all three.

    I really appreciate your offer to help. I am a novice in the healing area and felt the need to ask for help.

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  • Absolutely wonderful....I sent out another burst in the early morning to all. Reiki does need to be accepted and when I send out, I request that if it is rejected it be returned to the earth and to those who are open and receptive to it's healing powers. I can say, that while Reiki will never harm, it may seem like symptoms worsen a bit before smoothing out. I will continue to send again tonight. Brightest blessings to all...


  • I guess someone must have been busy about 9 hours ago because I was getting amazing burst of energy from somewhere, I was actually asleep and it woke me up so I just lay there and let it flow over around and through me.

    xthanks, Sheelagh

  • I love it when that happens. :0) I have a energy group on Facebook that I started following and the leader of the group sends out free energy sessions for masses and for the week prior to the session, sends out little extra boosts. It's really wonderful when you are in a position that you are relaxed and you can feel the healing power come through. I know that part of participating in the group is just verbally or mentally saying you wish to be a part of it and I swear, every time I do that....I get a major jolt of energy come through. I love it! :0)

  • Hi All,

    Well I must be honest (mostly because I am hoping someone can shed some light - pardon the pun - on what it going on with me!). I have been having such a difficult time with my heart chakra. My anxiety has been building and building and building about it because I just don't understand what is going on. I really feel like I have done all the work and "releasing" that Spirit has requested of me and yet I am still going through so much upheaval. I will literally be feeling so much physical pain in my heart chakra one day that I just want to die and then the next day I feel great and I say "phew! thank God that's finally over!". But then it COMES BACK one to two days later. I feel like I have been inside a washing machine for the past year - just getting sucked in, spit out and spun and jolted around all the while trying to catch my breath. Up until now it has been such extreme sorrow and grief that has bubbled up with the physical pain. Now this week it has changed. I have felt the energy you are all sending (and am very grateful) and yet I am having bursts of anger now. I think mostly because I am so sick of feeling pummeled and not knowing why - I feel like I must be doing something wrong or not doing something I should be doing so my self-criticism and feelings of failure morph into anger. And also because I keep asking Spirit for answers or guidance and I'm getting absolutely nothing other than I am in limbo. I am relatively new to all of this so I would appreciate ANY wisdom anyone can share.

    Thank you,


  • WG, this is only my opinion based on what you said but...honestly...when I read what you were going thru the first thing that came to mind for me is that you are going through the process of ascension. It has been doing the same thing to many of us. The anxiety is horrible...I swear, things that don't normally scare me have been putting me in almost panic. For instance, the US, it's that time of year. Now I'm getting better but as the 1099's, W-2's, etc rolled in, each gave me a mini panic attack. (I don't usually get worked up about them.) Then, the next day. Nothing. OK. Whew. My "normal" feelings about it. Next one come in...panic...few days later fine. I have had a hard time with my solar plexus which is your trust center. My Reiki master that I go to for my own clearing laughed the last time I told her I felt it was blocked. She was have a HUGH BLACK SPOT in the middle of your chest. Yep...I'd say you were blocked. LOL.

    I don't know if you have been keeping up with Captain's threads about the symptoms of ascension but if you search here you should find the threads. Very useful information on the various manifestations of the changes we are all going through. I'd say keep doing what you are doing and remember, the answers come when they are ready to. As is frequently's on God/Universe's time...not ours. If I had any control over it... well... you know. LOL. :0)

  • And the one's I posted and Chest Pain is one of them, hope you guys feel better, they say to try ground yourself into your Heart. Will look for some of the articles. 🙂

  • Hello All,

    Was wondering if i might could be put on your list for next week. I have also been told that i have a negative force blocking me from receiving the things in life that i should be enjoying, i dont know if they just wanted me to pay more money to find out or what because they would not go into farther details. I do feel that something is keeping me from living my life to full potential. Dont know if it is myself are if i do have a negative force holding me back.

    Any help that you can send my way will be gratefully appreciated.

    Thanks to all

  • Watergirl, some info, feel better soon.

  • Thanks's hard for me to grasp that a person (me) who wasn't even remotely spiritual until all of this started to occur last year would be going through ascension.

    I'm trying but so many days are soooo intense! Today I have the "hangover." My upper back, shoulder blades and neck are in severe pain.

    Appreciate your help,


  • WG- Get better soon, Will send some positivity to you when i do my meditation later, Thinking of all still. Love and Light Bee XxXx

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  • Wow...24 massages in 2 hours. deserve a rest. I had a massage with Reiki session last year and I was flying from it for a couple days. LOL. I went to a healing circle later that night after the session and the Reiki master that night was going around the room doing mini-reiki sessions on people and I think he just tossed some grounding stuff my I was really flying...hehehe. It was like, "you've had enough energy more for you!!!" I was just getting acquainted with Reiki at the time and I don't even think I had any attunements yet at that point. It really is such an incredible thing to work with. topic a little but I LOVE energy work.

    I'll be sending out my mini-dose soon. Love to all...

  • Poetic...thank you for finding the links. I completely forgot that you had a topic on Ascension also...

    Brightest blessings...

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