Alternative for those in need!

  • Living on a prayer - that's wonderful! why don't you send to sweetoty? What colors would you suggest? Pink/green for hear healing, violet for chakra crown? or focus on the solar plexus?

    If you want to email me it's my user name at yahoo dot com - otherwise,'ll be seeing colors!

    I think everyone who wants to send energy should pick three and send for a week - what do you think, LivingonaPrayer? Sound good?

    I'm excited!

    Hi jillinangel ,

    When you say pick 3 for a week do you mean colours or people? I dont know how to do chakras but i do a technique were i envisualize the person surrounded in whitelight then in what ever colour the person needs and send out positive affirmations to the universe the colours i use are

    green for prosperity ,and abundance

    pink for healing and health

    blue to release mental stress and anxiety .

    purple for soothing calming relaxation energy

    Yellow for happiness and vitality

    I only do these basics at the moment as im still trying to learn more . Which area is it you want me to focus on sweetoty?

  • sorry didnt mean to muddle up posts

  • jillinangel - where are you time wise? I should be able to tap into your sessions as a boost on MWF I just need to adjust my time zone. I'm in Oregon. :0)

  • Yes I was wondering too what time zone you are in. I do the chakra cleansing in envisioning your body and the 7 colours and I go through them one by one starting from the base and I breathe in to them until the colour associated with that chakra is shiny, the way it should be and then I work my way up to the crown chakra and I can see where the blockages are and thus what has to be dealt with on a physical or emotional level. It takes a lot of energy so i don't do them much.

  • I wanna help, sounds like a prayer circle, I'm happy right now, I am being blessed, think my season is here, would like to healing for financials to be more responsible with money for my greatest good and to be a blessing to others, let me know what/where/who/when!

  • Oh and thanks I've learned something new today regarding the symbols, I've beeing seeing a lot of symbols, didn't know what they meant.

    Gonna share this with RC.

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  • I will also help with prayers and positive thoughts 🙂 it is what we need after all. Love and blessings

    Bee XxXx

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  • jlinaangel this is great. I hope you find it works well for all involved. I am not a reiki anything, I really don't know much about it but I'm all for sending healing energies etc to help others so if I can help I'll be there. If I could join the list in the future myself as a recipient I could use some help in keeping the money flowing to allow me to meet all my expenses and provide for my family without fear of lack. But over all I know the support and prayers or otherwise of a group such is this will certainly be uplifting in any capacity. Way to go team!

  • Ok Jilnaangel,

    No problem cant wait to get started this is going to be great !!

    WG - joy and love instead of fear and anxiety - and work -blue and yellow

    Tonino - black cloud removal, find joy and peace-blue and yellow

    Happydoc - positive energy boost to find passion to finish school and love - purple and yellow

    dmick - energy and health- pink and yellow

    yellowdaylilly- prosperity- green and yellow

    Sweetoty - selfworth and growth, inner child healing-pink and yellow .

    Sorry I sould have added that white represents positive energy all will be surrounded in white

    White for positive energy

    green for prosperity ,and abundance

    pink for healing and health

    blue to release mental stress and anxiety .

    purple for soothing calming relaxation energy

    Yellow for happiness and vitality

    Many Bleaasings 2 all Loap

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  • How beautiful! I will have to go retreat and send mine shortly also.

    Dmick...just rain her in Hillsboro...I think you are at a much higher elevation than I am. We had a little bit of a rain/snow mix today but very little. :0)

    Be back soon!

  • Hi guys im in Melbourne Australia i think the timezone is gmt whatever that means its all jargon to me i will be doing mine later tonight when i get some quiet time .


    that is truly breathtaking how you describe your experience .

    Be back soon love and blessing to all loap

  • Well I did each name anyway and focused on sending the different rays! I pray for all to be healed in the name above all names, Amen! 🙂

  • Mags GMT is Greenwich Mean Tome which is the zero hour LOL that everything else goes from. It has been renamed UT Universal Time. So you are GMT +10 that means you are 10 hours ahead of London and 9 hours ahead of me. I do not know how it works between America and Australia. Houston is 7 hours behind us.

  • Greenwich Mean Time sorry typing mistake

  • I prayed for everyone here, and sent out positive thoughts to you all 🙂

    I am still new at this, so will take it slow.

    Bee xXxX

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