Alternative for those in need!

  • Hi, I'm thinking of sending Reiki to those who ask and I hope others who have positive energy to send will join me - so many of the posters on the "If you are in need" sounded so worried and sad. I'll do it like a prayer chain - if you want to request help, do so here and tell me a little of what you want, and I'll send Reiki/universal life force/only positive energy to 3 a day for 3 days....

    and hopefully others will join me and if you do - you can pick your 3 too!

    Grateful I can offer this,


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  • Hi jlinaangel, my life is not so bad, I'm just struggling with school and experiments... feel I need positive energy, hope,... I want to remember my passion... and when I graduate go and find it...

    so if you could send some energy my way I will appreciate it 🙂 what info do you need to send the Reiki? and thanks so much in advance for your offering and help!

  • I think this is a great idea jlinaangel as like you said there are always plenty of posters out there who are looking for help and guidance .

  • I am a Reiki practitioner also. You can count on me to also send energy where ever needed.


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  • I wonder if you could send some positive energy to my husband. His name is Tonino and our time zone is GMT+1. He needs mental healing, he is physically and mentally burning out and does not know where to pull the energy from to keep going. I clean his chakras from time to time but he is often surrounded by big black clouds which I cannot penetrate.

    x thanx and if anyone wants a chakra cleanup I am here. I never learnt it I can just do it.


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  • Jillangel, thankyou for starting this thread, that is very thoughtful of you 🙂

    Love and Blessings to you Bee XxXx


    Paddifluff, very interested in your chakra healing clean up 🙂 I know i have a few blocked, It will be most helpful if you can help me, Love ya Bee XxXx

  • Oh ladies, I would be extremely grateful to be included! I quit a job last October that was depleting me spiritually, emotionally and physically. I keep getting messages from spirit to be patient for something that is coming my way, but I keep doubting this - my fear and anxiety is constantly coming in as a battle. I need help in keeping the fear and anxiety at bay as well as in manifesting the new job. I really don't know what I want to do - but of course would like it to be fulfilling, to enjoy those with whom I work, to work a normal amount of hours so that I have free time to enjoy the other things in life, and of course to make enough money to live in abundance 🙂

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  • Dear jilnaangel ,

    I dont kow Reiki but i can send healing energy with colours i would love to participate .

  • wow! this is warming...

    i have trouble feeling as an equal with mostly everyone (LOL) my family and past relationships. and if i dont change this, my future relationships as well.(i know not good)

    i need to make my self understand that i am worthy of anything. i need stregnth... this year theres going to be many changes coming my way. And positive energy is what I WANT

    thank you for this wonderfull kind offer =0)

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  • this IS exciting!!! =0)

  • Will this help with financial stress? I've been hit left and right this month and nothing is settled yet!

    Much love,


  • AngelBee sure no probs I will let you know when I do it. jlinaangel I will mail you later.



  • Okay Paddi 🙂 thanks for the help, 🙂

    Love ya Bee XxXx

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