3 aces in celtic cross- does this mean anything? Interested in anyone's take....

  • I find it impossible to read for myself yet of course I try. Anyone have any insight into what it means when you receive three aces in a celtic cross reading? I can tell you the the rest of the cards too. Just curious about the coincidence of the three aces popping up.

    Also, do people read reversed? I used to but stopped because i think the cards are detailed enough without throwing in the reversed meanings but I'm interested in what works for other people.

    Anyway...if anyone has anything to say about the below, reversed cards and if there is meaning to the aces, i'd be interested.

    Celtic Cross:

    1. Page of Pentacles (reversed- for those who read reversed cards)

    2. Page of wands (crossing)

    3. Ace of cups (below)

    4 Queen of swords (behind)

    5. 4 of swords (above)

    6. The Chariot (ahead) (reversed)

    7. Ace of pentacles

    8. Page of cups

    9. 6 of swords (reversed)

    10. Ace of swords

    Thanks all!

    xx SE

  • Oh wow. Just noticed three pages too. Hmmm. Help! Now, I REALLY am wanting to know what's up. I feel like all that's missing is the Fool card in this one.

  • Wow....I noticed the 3 pages too...I'd be interested to see also.

  • Thanks Aunt Buck. I hope someone is willing to throw an idea out there. 🙂

    Also, a little unrelated but I've been reading about courts on another forum. One reader believes that card one (if a court) always represents the querant.

    Card two (if a court) always represents another person.

    Card three is what card 2 (the other person) "carries"...or their intentions. I thought that was interesting.

    Also, if card one is NOT a court then consider the querant "offstage" and card one instead is an experience the querant shared with card 2.

    MUCH to learn and so many takes on how to read! Fascinating!

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    This information is from the book "TAROT COMPANION" by Tracy porter.

    Page 58= Three Aces in a reading ==

    Three Aces in a reading signifya positive placement indicating that good news is forthcoming.

    Three people or important elements will come into being that are vital to the successful completion of the scenario.

    Page 63- Three Pages in a Reading==

    There are likelyto be a lot of pleasent gatherings and social activites concerning young people.

    I hope this is of some assistance for you STONEYEYE.


  • Thank you Julianna! That sounds pretty nice! 🙂

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    your are welcome.


  • Shameless BUMP.

    Any other thoughts about the above?

    Also the idea about court cards and their positions?

    It's combination and placement of the cards that are so fascinating and I'm having trouble figuring it out. I know there are probably some glaring things going on here but I can't see it.

  • Wow, Stonyeye, that's a lot of info about new beginnings and motion! Chariot in near future position underscores the fresh start/seed energy of the aces and the sometimes reckless forward-moving energy of the pages. Interesting, though, that the 4 of swords is governing—this is a card that indicates you need to retreat from the world, go within, get some rest to refresh yourself. Predominance of swords show movement as well, a decision or decisions to be made.

    I'm off in a moment but will lay the spread out later to take a better look at positions and relationships and will let you know what else I see. What deck do you use? (I'm away from home and only have Goddess and Zerner/Farber with me at the moment.)

  • Thank you Gracefuldaisies! I used the Universal Waite. I'd love to hear what you come up with.

    I know! the 4 of swords flummoxed me too. Plus the chariot (if read reversed) made me think.....? Very opposite messages from the all the aces and pages. I don't know. Like I said. It's difficult to get an unbiased perspective for myself!

    Thanks for any thoughts on this one. Hope you're doing great!



  • Hi stonyeye,

    livingonaprayer (Mags) started a thread called tarot talk, if your interested.


    peace and love


  • Thanks MyJourney! I did find that thread and plan to live there for a while! 🙂

  • according to the A.E. waite translation three aces upright means small success while two upright pages means disquiet . never used the cross spread just stuck with general drawings in three's. first three current problem, second three solution, third heads up.

  • Interesting take. Thank you for the information about the court cards. That helps me understand a lot more. I

  • Interesting take. Thank you for the information about the court cards. That helps me understand a lot more. I

  • I do have a book that is for the celtic cross spread and one of the cool things about it is that each card in the deck has a definition based on where it is in the cross. I've never seen a book lay it out that way. So you have a page on one card, and each page shows definitions for each spot it could reside in the cross. I need to play with it more but I've been sticking to the 3 cards spread with additional as I see fit to do a reading. I usually do a past, present, future with those three.

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    Aunt Buck, what is the name of this book you mention.

    I do have a number of books.

    This one is not registering.


  • Thank you Lunar Hex. very interesting. Disquiet....hmmm... I have to think about what that really means. I'm interested that two such different messages are in one reading. One hopeful, one not quite so.

    I'd love to know about that book too Aunt Buck. Sounds very useful!

  • It's called Tarot Decoder by Kathleen McCormack. I don't know where I picked it up at but It really is useful.

    The one I use the most that is my handy dandy book, includes reversed meanings is "The Only Tarot Book You'll Ever Need" by Skye Alexander.

    And finally, since I was digging out books, according to Tarot by Jonathan Dee, shows that 2 Ace's means Partnership, A new home or love affair, 3 is Good news is on its way and 4 Aces in a reading means A time of beginnings. Lots of energy and potential.

    Three Pages signifies Good social life, fun, lively parties.

    All three books have good spreads in it that I live using also. The last one also talked about using the cards for timing. Using the minor arcana, it says to "first, count backwards from the last card that you have laid down. Ignore all major arcana cards and court cards, then take note of both the suit and the number of the first Minor numbered card that you come to.

    Cups: days (but cannot be counted unless next to a Pentacle card)

    Wands: weeks

    Swords: months

    Pentacles: years

    It says for example, if the last card placed in a reading was the Six of Wands, the events referred to in the interpretation would occur within six weeks. It also points out that individual cards often have a time period associated with them. The Moon refers to one lunar cycle of 28 days. The Sun could refer to summer, the Empress to spring, and the Star to Christmas as well as the astrological signs associated with the various Major Arcana cards.

    Minor arcana can also refer to seasons:

    Wands - springtime

    Cups - summer

    Pentacles - autumn

    Swords - winter

    I love my books. :0) And this is only a couple that I use. I

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    Aunt Buck, thank you for the title of some of your "tarot" books.


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