Weird tarot reading

  • i have been readin my own tarot readings for awhile now and i ask about what to do abotu investing.

    well here is the card reading: the hierophant, four of wands(Rx), five of cups,

    page of swords(Rx), temperance, the sun

    i dont know what this could be. it seems to be me something is brooding and i should do something related to the sun but ti isnt adding up for me. i have been using this deck since i started. to me this deck is just like my arm-what it tells me i know instantly but this is something that throw me off a bit. thanks in advance. -lunar.hex

  • Hi lunarhex ,

    I am learning the cards after a few years break im assuming (Rx) is reveresed is that right?

    I dont read cards in reversed anymore as it was scattering my energy it was just to confusing .

    The sun is a great card to get i dont feel that anything is brooding like anything bad or negative , but the heirophant sticks out the most for me if you havent you need to get sound advice or a second opinion before investing thats what im feeling anyway and i tend to go with my gut more than meanings that i read out of a book ,with temperance as well you need to weigh up your options so a second opinion is coming across really strong to me .Please come and chat with us as on my thread at Tarot talk a place where you can talk about anything related to the cards here is the link youd be most welcome

    hope ive helped in some way

    Many blessings 2u

  • Whatever you were considering investing in at the time of the reading is NOT a good idea! Several of those cards are about loss and needing to see things with more clarity and truth.

  • that just it. it was doing a spread whether or not to invest solar energy as in setting up my own solar system. the problem is though.

    i am a person of reducing cost and spending less money...probably cause of the cancerian in me.

    the hierophant usually means governance, advice, or spiritual authority(depending one the other cards due to the fact i am spiritual believer and that alot of churches(not all) are corrupt in some fashion most people go to it in my opinion trying to escape of what they are instead of trying to fix it. the hierophant is just means some positivity.)

    the four of wands usually means home and work reverse usally means to me difficulty in some manner. five of cups usually mean life and growth in or around home some manner.

    this is where it gets me: temperance(which i have never been good with) and the sun. i am negative human being. i am not ashamed of this. this is who i was born to be and only god has the strength to fix my absolute zero degree heart other than one animal. but thats beside the point. if i am reading this right it means solar flare.......or worse- the amount of energy coming from sun which has been causing so much crap on earth or going to make it even worse. i am thinking that my decision was a good one considering gas just jumped ten cents where i live.

    if anyone has anything that can make me believe other wise by all means tell me. i rather not making my shell harder that diamonds over some small. lunar.hex

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