Souless(or just a black soul)

  • i was reading a topic in the astro section about some guy named cancerman about his taurus female problem.....well i could only go about three pages of his comments dues to the fact each one of his posts were causing some kind physical sickness within me...not like omg this is so sad-more omg no wonder she ditch you dude. then something hit me. i have been this way for as long as i can remember.

    is this wrong? or is this the way i was made: the be a cold-blooded human being not caring about what humans? i am not violent or nothing i just dont care for other people and other people's emotion are just really nerve granting. i dont have ANY social skills at all-never have at all even in school(was picked on alot in which case high was rather boring.) thanks in adavnce

  • Hey lunarhex

    Not at all. It tells me u´re an empath. We spongesuck every emotional energy we get close to. Often without knowing. In ur case it properly was a warning to back up or at least to get a protectional shield up.

    I advice u to google n join empathcommunity elise as in there many can help u find out what kind of empath u is. I have a thread in there with a some 6 or so page quiz on what empath one is BUT there is one who can see what OTHER kind of empath one is.

    i too was picked on in school hell my whole life. we get this bc we look as easy targets n if we aint aware we is easy targets.

    i hope this helps u lunar


  • never really thought of myself as an empath but now that you mention when ever my nephew has some kind of problem i alway know what to say to help him out.

  • Empaths are more sensitive what I'm reading you think you are the opposite. Check out Asbergers Syndrome if it's true you have always been this way. It is very very common and such folks struggle w/ average socializing and "normal" responses, affect etc. There is nothing to be ashamed of if this is the case some really brilliant people have Asbergers. There is no black hole just things to be discovered.



  • Why paint the devil on the bloody wall???? Jesus next ull say all empaths has Asbergers Syndrome. Like some claim all psychics has split personalities, are skizofrenics n what else mental illnesses they claim.

    man i need to wack someone

  • Lunarhex i STRONGLY advice you to ignore n look past Pfree´s post. I dont see any diploma´s of any kind that can tale ur initial post n reply to me as a diagnosis of Asbergers Syndrome at all. I googled it:

    How is it diagnosed?

    The diagnosis of AS is complicated by the lack of a standardized diagnostic screen or schedule. In fact, because there are several screening instruments in current use, each with different criteria, the same child could receive different diagnoses, depending on the screening tool the doctor uses.

    To further complicate the issue, some doctors believe that AS is not a separate and distinct disorder. Instead, they call it high-functioning autism (HFA), and view it as being on the mild end of the ASD spectrum with symptoms that differ -- only in degree -- from classic autism. Some clinicians use the two diagnoses, AS or HFA, interchangeably. This makes gathering data about the incidence of AS difficult, since some children will be diagnosed with HFA instead of AS, and vice versa.

    Most doctors rely on the presence of a core group of behaviors to alert them to the possibility of a diagnosis of AS. These are:

    abnormal eye contact


    the failure to turn when called by name

    the failure to use gestures to point or show

    a lack of interactive play

    a lack of interest in peers

    Some of these behaviors may be apparent in the first few months of a child’s life, or they may appear later. Problems in at least one of the areas of communication and socialization or repetitive, restricted behavior must be present before the age of 3.

    The diagnosis of AS is a two-stage process. The first stage begins with developmental screening during a “well-child” check-up with a family doctor or pediatrician. The second stage is a comprehensive team evaluation to either rule in or rule out AS. This team generally includes a psychologist, neurologist, psychiatrist, speech therapist, and additional professionals who have expertise in diagnosing children with AS.

    The comprehensive evaluation includes neurologic and genetic assessment, with in-depth cognitive and language testing to establish IQ and evaluate psychomotor function, verbal and non-verbal strengths and weaknesses, style of learning, and independent living skills. An assessment of communication strengths and weaknesses includes evaluating non-verbal forms of communication (gaze and gestures); the use of non-literal language (metaphor, irony, absurdities, and humor); patterns of inflection, stress and volume modulation; pragmatics (turn-taking and sensitivity to verbal cues); and the content, clarity, and coherence of conversation. The physician will look at the testing results and combine them with the child’s developmental history and current symptoms to make a diagnosis.

    Diagnosing Asperger Syndrome

    Asperger syndrome can be very difficult to diagnose. Children with AS function well in most aspects of life, and so it can be easy to attribute their strange behaviors to just being "different."

    According to mental health experts, if your child has AS, early intervention is very important. Intervention involving educational and social training, performed while a child's brain is still developing, is highly recommended.

    If your child exhibits some of the symptoms and behaviors that are typical of AS, it's critical to seek help from your doctor. He or she can refer you to a mental health professional or other specialist for further evaluation.

    When a specialist assesses your child, a thorough "psychosocial" evaluation will be performed. This includes a careful history of when symptoms were first recognized, the child's development of motor skills and language patterns, and other aspects of personality and behavior (including favorite activities, unusual habits, preoccupations, etc.).

    Particular emphasis is placed on social development, including past and present problems in social interaction and development of friendships. A psychological evaluation and assessment of communication skills are usually conducted to determine your child's strengths and skills that may be deficient.

    As u can see LunarHex is it IMPOSSIBLE for ANY person like Pfree to from ur 2 small short posts to say hey u may have Asbergers Syndrome. In my book ur family doctor may have an inkling but i´d bank my book on it takes specialists if at all.

    Last i heard when ya bullied n EXCLUDED from the class n classmates it has NOTHING to do with Asbergers Syndrome at all. it has to do with jalousy. take it from one who knows. So i say Pfree u´re so way bloody off its ridiculous. u may b exposed to it at home or know one or many who has it BUT u cannot set an qual sign to it on any person. thats like me claiming u´re a stuck up good doer know it all. but i am not.

    in some cases u may b right BUT it takes a specialist to diagnose it for certain n not u, sorry i say so but ure not qualified to make that diagnosis. Many struggles with society skills. it may be asbergers BUT it may more be bulliing in school. U may look that up in ur book of knowledge.

    TSH i wash my hands bc ugh im seeing RED!

  • i think it maybe in the same: i think people with A.S maybe empaths who need training. i have alot of the symptoms. i work in an area where i have everything pat down; i dont have to think about anything. but i has eomone to run past me then i could not find a id for someone that was always in the same place for over a year-gone. by the end of the shift i was strung up and still shaking badly.

    i think that a.s maybe one in the due to the fact that empaths from what i have read socialize on a different spectrum. like how spirits can only communicate to a certain few but most of the time they have to do the standard operation-so-to-be speak.

    i dont know. i am going to train myself a little better in empathy. if i am able to strengthen empathy then i know what i am if not-well oh well i have A.S.

    either way this wont change me. i am who i am and thats i am.

  • its the same as if i claimed all who looses teeth regardless of age suffers from a calcium deficit.

  • Whoa.....CWB...I never said that he had it just that it sounded like A.S and to check it out. Of course I could be wrong!, it was merely a suggestion he look into it. He did mention his lack of social skill. I meant no harm by it. I'm not a professional but am going by what I've experienced w/ the disabled and some extremely intelligent A.S. I know. Having empathy for others is hard for them. It was not a criticism. I believe you are over reacting a bit dear. In truth I'm baffled you are responding so....of course you are welcome to your opinion and feelings also...but may we call a truce I do not like ugly energy floating around. I'd much rather keep the peace. ☺

    Cheers P

  • Ur wording Pfree needs handling then because from my view and view of others it sounded like u placed every who has empathic skills equal to Asbergers Syndrome n that without any qualifications to do so. Thats what got me grrrr

  • in short you labelled us empaths!

  • OK. I reread my post a few times and I do not see what you imply but that is ok. I have experienced miscommunications before. Like I said I meant no harm. Just suggested he may look into it. I do not need to be right. I don't label. Of course you may think as you wish. There are some wonderful books out there about A.S. their experiences and challenges. Usually very high intelligence, extremely sensitive and have a challenge picking up unspoken messages, body language etc and also responding in kind. The little knowledge I have is from my experience w/ disabled folks my daughter who is on the autistic spectrum and high functioning A.S. are sometimes part of her little community. I certainly had not meant to wrong empaths in any way. I admire the gifted greatly.

    Cheers P

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanx doeyeyedpisces. this is what i mean, can be numerous reason n it aint hafta be a condition at all. i admit i took it personally bc too many times i and my friends has been "labelled" n its too easy to just flung out some diagnosis or namecall or condition as insult. i KNOW this was NOT one at all. i KNOW that. BUT it grr me anyhews bc many will read it as such. N such angers me.

    We as adults are not always aware of how much our kids pick up from us, but they pick up a whole lot. Is why picking bullyiingm, discriminarion ridiculing lives well n fat today still.

    Ex. Civil War America, 150 years ago and descendants of the defeated STILL act as if its 1865 n they aint yet lost the war.

    Do we seriously want ........................ i wanna say to let it go on, but how can we stop when there are so many out there who thinks themselves are better than all else.

    NOT saying any here are as such NO non of us are.

    Pfree my apologizes. I know u meant very well. Im sorry if you have asbergers syndrome in ur family. I wish best for ur all. n thanx for reaquainting me with asbergers.

    doeyeyedpisces - ur son is an angel. dont u forget that.

    My soapbox is dont be quick to judge n label someone u dont know the entire story of. which includes myself.


  • Doeeyedpisces,

    I hear you. That was not my intention.I never meant to say they are insensitive. Internally AS are very sensitive, what I meant was many AS and "clearly not all" have trouble w/ "showing" emotion empathy or sensitivity to others. Responding, communicating in kind picking up unspoken clues in socializing, responding equally. AS often have little affect, difficult to read their faces. I'm not making anyone wrong I know some brilliant AS and kind too. My daughter too is autistic. Autistics on the spectrum are different than AS altho it may be considered part of the spectrum. She is sensitive to the pt of fainting when her anxiety overwhelms her. But her affect is so neutral a stranger would never know to look at her that she had anything going on.(shuts down) I can tell a meltdown is coming cause I know her energy so well plus she blinks her eyelashes a signal somethings up. But she does have empathy also, being shy and more demure she is less emotive than some. Believe me I have compassion for the Autistic spectrum. And their families. I have seen that AS is a bit different from those I've met w/ it from Autism like my daughter has. Like everything else every child is different. You are lucky now they have the "spectrum" when my daughter was 1st being diagnosed there was none it was much more black and white. She was labeled at 4 years old mentally retarded and was picked on etc. I have seen the damage labeling can do. She was not diagnosed autistic till high school. Now that autism is in the light of day and there are more folks trying to understand there seems much promise for our children's future. Your son sounds precious!

    Peace to all.

    Cheers P

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Our children are blessed to have parents who love them and champion them. Yes there always seems more males.(another thing I've had to keep an eye on) she's overweight but pretty. She is going to be 30 this May. She has always lived w/ me but we have an agency who is helping her learn some independent living skills as I won't always be here and she depends a lot on me. She matures at her own pace.They have social gatherings etc she enjoys day programs she is currently looking for one it will most likely be a volunteer thing like a cat shelter she loves critters. I can remember showing up at the playground to confront a few bullies and always having to make sure she was not completely left to sit in a corner ignored.I made surprise visits. It is still an issue to get her to speak up for herself. She's rather black or white shy and quiet or a meltdown.She is a good girl tho volunteers at a daycare she loves littleuns she basicly just plays w/ them. She can't be left alone or given responsibility in a crisis. She says she wishes she was still little.

    It's great you show up as a supportive mom when my daughter was in grade school I was often the only mom who showed up. Until another family came w/ their daughter mine was the only girl for years. That mom was a school psychologist, I learned so much from her.She was the one that helped me see my daughter had Autism. I hope you can find other parents who can support you too.My daughter was always in special ed right up to college.

    Kiss your boy for me!

    Cheers P

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