Soul Partners

  • If your soul partner passed away, does it mean that your next partner will be a life partner or will you meet another soul partner?

  • There are so many different meanings when it comes to those special relationships or people that we connect with...they could be a soul mate,soul partner,life partner,twin flame etc etc,as there are many connected in one soul group it's possible that another soul partner/mate can appear in this lifetime,as there does tend to be more than one.It's never determined who we may meet next,all we know is,they are there for a definite reason to help us and our souls progress and to help us on our journeys.

  • ok very interesting & I find this to be helpful, So I have been told that my husband and I were soul mates, but sadly he passed away. Can you explain the differences to me such as soul mate,soul partner,twin flame??



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