Wanting my ex-boyfriend back and for him to just treat me right

  • Respond If your a gemini man and can help me out, I met this gemini man about 4 years ago, i instantly was drawn to him, opposites i was told do attract, naturally it will never work, and i've been told taurus women and gemini me only connect with good chemistry in bed. yes it was the best, he's 10 years older than i am and very well experienced, very smart, and kept me wanting more and more of him even until this day. well he broke up with me in may 22nd 2010, and claimed he was not leaving me for his ex and she is a libra woman, she has some very manipulative ways, she made him feel guilty, and had just been hanging around and would not allow him to breathe, she has a daughther that he's connected with. although he does not have any kids nor has he ever been married. the ex was married twice and wanted him to marry her so he backed away and was with out her for 2 1/2 years during those two years i was tormented by how he felt for her. he was not with anyone when i met him and she couldn't get used to him being with anyone so she attacked the relationship he had with me until i just gave up and stopped fighting for his love... I miss him so much and want to hear from him, but he has not called since last friday and i am not going to call him. I received a phsyhic reading monday night and was told ,he will come back to me just keep him missing me and do not contact and when he returns he needs to prove himself, im impatient and want to desperately know if he's thinking about me, does he want to hear from me, does he love me and miss, will there relationship last, please help if you can gemini man i am at wits end!

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