I am new at this but could use some help.

  • Hi There,

    I have an issue and I can not seem to clearly find the answer myself. I always go foggy when my own issues are needing to be dealt with.

    I have a friend that is incarcerated and I have been writing him for some time, we have become very close, this is not a romantic relationship, We both have spouse's that we are happy with. I feel very motherly toward him and I have been a source of comfort to him. I have been getting this feeling that I need to back away from the situation for a little while and I dont know why. I feel like I am abandoning him, but I dont know what the universe is trying to tell me. So in a nutshell, should I back off and if so for how long. If I should continue writing him will it cause a problem for either of us in the future. I dont want to stop writing, I just dont want to ignore what I feel. Any thoughts?

  • Yes, you should back off before he becomes completely dependent on you. It is for his own good because he might expect more from you when he gets out. Try and find some professional to write to him like a priest or charity worker or even some of his friends.

  • Thank you, I have told him that I need to stop.

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