More help with a Cancerian male....

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  • DeeDee1970: Umm did you say ''text messages''?? Well...To take his number I had to do a little act...We were in the caf.eating,just the two of us(the girls had already eaten),and then I told him to wait 'cause I couldn't find my mobile phone and if he could call me to find it?? That's how I got his number...I had sent him a text inviting him to meet one of my friends,but he never replied 'cause he wasn't able.Hm I haven't sent him anything else since then...I even doubt that he kept my number into his phone..So I had signed my name just in case..Argh that Aqua guy....:/

    Cancerman276:I strongly agree with you.Wouldn't our life be much easier if we stop playing games??? And at the end,what we'd win??!!?

  • Cancerman276,

    You said it perfectly!!


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  • thanx ladies n gent. i reckon i intruded. my pardons.


  • Hi Deedee hope tgings are good for you. well...... I completely backed off and he is full on again. I am just going to continue as i am getting on and doing my own thing not falling into that trap again. I really like him but it's too complicated and stressful. I am only 12 month separated and have small children and I know my worth so if he wants me he can come and get me cos he's had all he's getting from me. 🙂

  • I am sorry to this I have a question to Mr.Cancer man 276, I used to like cancer man apparently it doesn't work out and turns to very abusive friends with benefits, He knows that i haven't got experience with this and I honestly like this guy we been to a lot of stress and fortunately I am out of him. We decided to be friends but I guess it wouldn't work out on side its tempting to be a sinner again. One day we decided to catch up and make it clear to ourselves nothing personal just fun that time.I'm still holding a feelings and he was very vocal that he likes me as a sex friends and honestly it killings me and drive me nuts .I said to myself it's okey I allow you to treat me like that as long as I know to myself that your the only one I used to go out and I am doing this cos I like him.I felt so bad cos I was late and he couldn't wait for me. When I ask him to come back at my place he said to me no sorry I give you a chance but you miss it. I am so pissed off I can't please him at all. I drive him nuts cos I am anal retentive and when I asked him to clean up my place he can't believe how clean I am and he told me that I am very fussy so every time he will come over he reminded me how crazy I am when it comes to cleanless.I hated him when he talk shit to me but some stuff to make myself satisfied and if I really need fun. I can easily get that cos I have a nice body and cute woman things that I can't really explained I am not in to this but I like this guy and give myself a go. I was told by him I can have fun with anyone else and I told him its not me and stop pushing me to do that cos he makes me feel that I am a hooker or a slut.Un till I said to him everyones needs me cos I have a great body and have looks so I am go and enjoy them all they can have me.I said to him he can do that for sure and he always did that. I was surprise when he said to me . Go and get em all you can have them all. Is he jealous or I get hi pissed off. At the moment im off with all of his lied and bullshit. He makes me believe that were getting to know each other then turns to friends with benefits and it was to late to know that he had relationship before while we going out.And he change a it the way he treated me but I am not impress anymore cos I have hurt of all the nasty words and action that he showed me . I have truma and this is not what I wanted to be called sex friends.It will be my first and last experience I forgive myself and him and try to forget all the trauma that I've to this man.

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  • Hello to all of you,

    I just got to say, when I am reading your posts and descriptions of your cancer man, I would swear I wrote it. Everything you are all saying about cancer men is so ironically true! I mean you don't know which end is up?? God I thought my cancer man was my lid, that I finally found my match and the man of my dreams. Our first month was bliss, he said and did all the right things, he called all the time, and yes making me feel so special, as if he was sincere. He would call before I had to go to work, to see if he could just see me for a minute cause he missed me so much, ( I just saw him the night before). God it was as if he walked out of my dreams and into my reality.!!

    Then it happened, I can't tell you what?? because to this moment I don't know, what happened, yes the lack of everything, kindness enthusiastic person who was so poetic, became, so dark and gloomy, contradicting, unstable, whiny miserable person. who didn't call for days then started texting instead of talking, even though we both said in the begining how it was so impersoniable. I mean in the begining we would talk for hours as if we had know each other for years, but it had only been moments,then weeks. We could talk about anything, or everything. even if we disagreed, about something, we talked and everything was fine. I know this is jumbled and confusing to all or most of you. But honestly this is where my head is right now. I am so devasted and confused. I am completely heart shattered, from this man! He would do and say things as if to deliberately push me away, and when I would say okay maybe we should break up or give us a break, then all of a sudden he was in love again! He told me he never had a relationship past 30 days, they just would never last.>?? He was never married but lived with someone for eight years but been together for a total of 15 years, they have a 16yr old son together. He said he never loved her, she trapped him, and he tried to make it work for his son. OMG!! I feel like I could write 3 novels out of the 3 months we were together. Well things just became so aweful I broke it off and he agreed, well two days later he text and said he wanted to be just friends. I couldn't because I knew in my heart I loved him, but really wasn't sure about where his heart was? So I just said it's best that we both move on. Well he would continue to text every 2 to 3 days not saying much just that he didn't think it would be this hard.

    Needless to say one day a month later he calls and said he needed to talk and we did. He said I was the only one who cared about him, and understood him. so over the next couple of days we continued to talk, and he asked if he could see me one night so we did. Those three days were like that first month/. Then he became distant again, and moody . I just called him and told him I can't do this anymore. He just said if that's really what you want.? He never took responsiblity for his actions never. He always flipped it!! well needless to say, I am left devastated and he has moved on!!. My friend called him and asked if he would return my keys and leave them in an envelope inside my door. He said he would but hasn't . IT's been another month since we talked or seen one another. Was he playing me? Did he mean anything he said ? Will he ever come back to me?

    Please I need some insight here, I was married for 25yrs to man who was abusive physically and mentally. And I didn't think falling in love or finding a man who was so kind and loved me was possible. THis man knew all that I had been through, If not just cancer men but are all men this cold and heartless? That they would play someone or toy with their emotions just for fun and their gain???

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