More help with a Cancerian male....

  • Still struggling a little - being in a relationship with a cancerian for almost five months. I have read a lot of things about them and how they work, he has never ignored me and calls, texts all the time. It was full on a first and now its like he is pulling back and I dont really understand why. We have had a couple of strong debates where we laid our cards on the table and i did tell him a few home truths as did he me. I suppose I need to know if I am flogging a dead horse or should I hang in there? is this normal? what action (if any) should I take?

    Advice as always very welcome

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  • Thanks - its all so confusing but I appreciate your advice

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  • Well its confusing because we have seen each other practically every night since day one and things have been good - he has ocassionally said "i would like to be on my own tonight do you mind?" and for the first couple of times I said "thats fine" but the last time he did it I said yes I do mind and I am coming over and he liked that (I could tell) - i then said dont push me away because I am the kind of person that will just go - he hasnt done it since until tonight and I responded "thats fine" - he has texted several times tonight - just dont get it - is he telling me to go away or does he want me to stay???

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  • Thanks again - rest assured I am not needy - just too analytical (by nature) - I totally get the time apart thing and its good for me too - I just dont want to think he is trying to tell me something and I am missing it. I dont smother him either - he said he wanted time alone and I said thats fine and he texted me first but again I hope he is not pushing me away to make me come closer to him!

    I think I read too much about cancerians!

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  • Thanks Dee Dee - i hope everything works out for you. I have not at all been needy and nor will I be (I am too strong for that im a true scorpio). However I do appreciate the advice and have decided I am just going to get on with my life and do the things I used to and just see what happens. Some days I feel at a loss and other days I feel really positive and think I need to move on because life is precious and far too short to have to analyse every detail of your relationship. What will be will be .......

    Thanks cancerman - its great to have you on these forums to get the insight from a cancerian male and your honesty is invaluable

  • Just give him his space.Do whatever you want,go out with friends etc. And don't communicate much with him.Eventually he'll contact you and ask you where you have been. I have read that Crabs,once smitten,they put their claws deep and don't let go easily...

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  • hey

    does this also apply on a burnt cancer man?

    curious bc im at long distance as it is, but somehow i know even regular communication can b felt as spacestealing

    cwb curious

  • DeeDee1970: Hahahaha so funny!!! Ohh yeah yeah he wanted to learn MERELY this thing.!!! Suure!!! I guess someone fell into his own trap!!!! ^^

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  • Hehe see? When they sense they're gonna lose you...BINGO!!! They try harder...My friendship with a Cnacer guy in college devolps really great!!! I don't know if he feels sth about me( even though I felt sth for him and I told him...And he sees me just as a friend.So now I see him the same way.But I want my friendship with this Aqua guy that I'm interested in to develop!! 😕 ^^ Ohh boy... Lol

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  • I am sensing some women power here!

    Great job ladies!!

    I don't see my cancer man coming back to me, and thats okay, I truly can not handle the mind games/the power play, this was not relationship material for me. It took me a while to fully understand my situation, I lived in denial too long.

    If it doesn't feel right, then it probably isn't right.

    Good luck to all of you

  • DeeDee1970: Then your guy is def.into you...But I agree taking someone for granted is a big turn-off for every zodiac sign... About the Aqua guy,haha hell yeah he is!!! 😄 Umm no,I'm so afraid of asking him some one-on one time...He seems nervous when we're the two of us...That makes me feel nervous too,so we end not talking much...Or barely talk in general. Some of my friends say that he's not into me...Don't know.Then,why he keeps looking at my side when we're writing Exams? I have caught him many times doing this...Does he want to check the teachers that are over our head in order not to cheat?Maybe he wants to see the other students? Ok I admit that I'm doing this as well...But ONCE.I mean I'll just scan the room and then continue writing.Even when I'm writing,I'm looking at the roof for some inspiration!!! ^^ I don't look the others or the teachers... But he,he does look back at me...Makes me a bit nervous...^^ But not talk! 😛 There's no way that he could say:''Good luck so-and so!!'' NOOOO!!!!!! ^^ But I know that even he don't talk to me,he LISTENS to me.Whatever I have to say..Even though others will change the subject,and I'm still talking,he keeps looking and wait what I have to say...Oh what a situation!!! lol

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  • any take on my inquiery regard cancer male??? LMAO

    im happy u ladies got urs to "act"

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