Captain please can you give me a reading?

  • My birthday 5/23/1985 and his birthday 1/9/1987

  • This is easiest for friendship, most difficult for love. The relationship has an air of unreality and may explore the far reaches of thought and fantasy. You CrazyGem can get swept away by this relationship's fancifulness. You are a bit flighty to begin with and the illusions spun here may be too much for you. Your friend on the other hand is always serious and usually laden with responsibilities. He will initially be liberated by the matchup's imaginativeness, but may later try to exert control. You CrazyGem will bear the brunt of the relationship's amorphousness.

    Charming and piquant, your love affair is at first the very essence of romance. Yet it is eventually likely to become secretive and to exhibit neurotic symptoms of anxiety and worry. If you two can make it to marriage (unlikely as that may seem) it can be very grounding for you and more successful than a love affair. Domestic tasks, financial planning and building a family are all very good anchoring situations for you, CrazyGem.

    But the best bet of all here is friendship where good feelings, affection and gift-giving are a feature without the anxieties and insecurities that a love affair brings out.

  • CrazyGem, your profile shows a tendency to be scared of getting close to people. You need to relax more and let go of that fierce need for control. Take a chance on love or else you will be alone forever.

  • my profile? i just noticed that my bf's birthdate has been entered in my profile information...was that what you were going off? my birthdate is 5/23/1985 and i am definitely not scared to get close to sounds like ur talking more about him?

  • No I meant your astrological profile. Are you sure you don't fear getting so close to people that they see the real you? Your BF's biggest fear is losing his mental or physical health.

  • yes sometimes im scared to show people the real me cause im worried they wont like the real me...another thing im not really controlling at all, im quite the opposite, more the submissive type!!

  • Controlling doesn't necessarily mean aggressive - you can control others through subtle and passive manipulation or refusal of affections too.

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