Aquarius women & Cancer man advice needed

  • Hello 🙂 I am new to this forum. I am in need of some opinions and advice of any who have experienced what I am going through or can relate.

    First of all I am Aquarius 1-22 and am involved with a cancer man 7-9. We have been working together for about 6 months before dating and have been in a relationship for only a few months. We are no longer working together. Okay, so here's the situation.. Everything has been absolutely perfect up until a week ago sunday. We were talking on the phone or texting each other daily ( we live an hour apart ) and seeing each other as much as possible. We were moving very fast, he was talking about moving closer to me and wanting to be with me every day. We spent the weekend of march 18th together and had what I thought was a great weekend, I even met his 5 year old daughter and loved her!! Then that Sunday he brought me home and said bye and then he just disappeared!!! I texted him sunday night to thank him for a great weekend and no response!! I waited a couple days to see if maybe he was busy or whatever and texted him again.. Long story short it has been a week and a day since I last saw or heard from him and I am sooo confused. I have made 4 attempts to contact him and e-mailed him even and he has not responded once!! I even asked him to at least tell me something so I could understand and move on. Is this a normal trait for cancers?? Should I just move on? I have honestly fell head over heels for this man and don't want to let go.

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  • Hi Sweetie.

    Im my experience regardless of signs, men tend to withdraw bc they feel think they have moved too fast n divulged in to many revelations regard skeletons in the closet, emotions, wishes n dreams. Its the what if i overwhelmed her? N often in thats process they get overwhelmed themselves. Slow means good omens n outcome. Rushing means affair n on to the next.

    So b grateful he slowed down, EVEN if it SEEMS like a FULL STOP.

    Just be patient if u can, n let him know u´re still there. Get to know him as a friend. Here again i get the story of the hare versus the tortoise race. Tortoise known to be slow, n hare to be fast. U DO recall who won no?

    In my exprience the slow race wins u so much. Example 1:

    I have this libra friend n at first i was the hare i raced n raced yet i also LOST BIG. Some years we had NO contact whatsoever, mainly bc he cut all lines. I was devastated bc i really loved him. I took a chance some years after to reconnect with him, n i said to myself THIS TIME i will be the tortoise. Reluctantly i set myself after his pace. today 3 years after i know more of him inside n out than i ever did before, bc i was so busy winning him, that i so overlooked what he as a man is like, contains n do. How he thinks, speaks, morals, ethics u name it. Now i feel somewhat married to him even when i aint. I also found out n still do we have so much in common, its uncanny at times how alike we are. N this is from going slow.

    Example 2: cancer friend. He n i were so racing to top the other with pictures n hints of bedaction we didnt really stop to get to know one another fully. we tried but then all stops was pulled n silence for years. turned out he was embarressed of what we had done, so was i, ugh lol live n learn right. Anyhews we caught up with one another again n we agreed on friendship alone, u know talk football season, soccer, his rental bisuness what im doing n so on. i stuck to him as a good friend through his years in n out of divorce courts n court regard legal rental land issues. i took it slow, and i was rewarded. From an email sporadic sent n gotten to phone calls. I pray soon 4 a long talk bc he n i had a karmic click.

    Now as a watersign myself, i can honestly say, we need at times LOADS of space n solitude. Its not to offend u or drive u away, its bc we need it to cope with eveything in our lives, outside n inside environments, we´re sponges of emotion, we´re nwillingly n often unknowing the troubles, problems n issues of strangers. The water signs i know dont like crowds, nor to go to parties n stand out. They dont even like being on "display".

    The need for space n solitude is to replenish our energy level, to refind ourselves, to re balance, n to refocus. if we dont we´ll drain n b of no use. We´ll get the lazy patato couch label.

    Once wre back on top watch us thrive n stand tall.

    I hope this helped


    ps oh ah uhm cancers are ruled by the moon. so if u get the moons cycle ull prolly understand him more. best of luck.

  • Thank you both so much!! You have given me hope 🙂 I felt in my heart that I should be patient, but my head was telling me not to be a fool. I feel things for him that I have never felt before and don't want to lose him. I will be patient and give him time. Mardepp, should I give it 10 days since I last tried to contact him or 10 days from our last actual communication?

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  • Hi Emeraldseas!

    I just want to chime in with my experience with Aqua women. I have never dated one but I am friends with a few and I have to be honest and say I would not date either of the two I know. Why? They are both great girls but they are both too aloof and busy for me. I don't know if this just happens to be the way they are or if it relates to their sign, but I would be very frustrated dating either of them. I need a women who isn't always on the go and I need more attention than either of them could give me. Cancer men love to feel like their women loves them more than anything or anyone and the Aqua women I know are just too wrapped up in other things to make me feel secure. Cancer men a a bit needy if you didn't know. I'm sorry if this discourages you, don't let it. Everyone is different. This is only my experience with Aqua women.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  • Thank you Marrdepp and Cancerman!! 🙂 This relationship is not like any I've ever had, and yes I usually would just walk away, but with him I can't. He's worth it and I think it can be something wonderful :))

  • Let us know how it pans out...

    I have a thing for Aquarius women 🙂

  • Hey Emeraldseas: If he is worth it, he will come back to you. Give him time to think things through but don't give him too much time.

  • I don't want to seem crazy lol. I have made 4 attempts to ask him what's wrong in 10 days and he hasn't responded once. It's been 5 days since my last attempt, I want to send him a message saying just " I miss you " but my pride wont let me 🙂 I am at a loss. I don't know what to do.

  • I would just wait it out until you can't take it anymore and then try one last time. If he doesn't respond, let go. I know it's not easy.

  • If you are a believer, I also recommend you trust in God to help you get him back, or to help you get over him.

  • I am a believer 🙂 I am kinda at the point where I am getting a little mad at Adam for being so careless of my emotions and feelings. I understand withdrawing and needing time but at least acknowledge me and tell me SOMETHING. Just dropping off the face of the earth without a word is hurtful and confusing. I have been praying for guidance and acceptance with this situation. I am a very easy going and understanding person if he would tell me what is really going on. I'm starting to feel like he doesn't deserve me and my love. I could never do this to someone I care about or love.

  • Emeraldseas: I can relate to you 100% with my situation. My ex did the same thing to me. There is nothing more hurtful than having someone you deeply care about ignore your feelings. It's so incredibly childish and disrespectful. I agree with how you feel. If he is ignoring you he doesn't deserve you. But I also know how hard it is to let go of someone you love more than anyone. I have did everything in my power to try and make things right with my ex and she doesn't seem to care. I have to move on but it is the biggest challange I have ever had to face. I love her more so much.

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  • You had a good start but the person you met has unfinished issues and not able to move on she is scared of loss... To sad, I havbe seen this issue in many i have talked with over the last 30 years.. People break up after being married or in a relationship and jump back in without taking the time to heal the hurts of there past and they are a train wreck to anyone in there path. life is no game and a heart has so much to give.. Youneed to move on he is unable to move forward at this time...... Don't give up hope there is more to life then this.. slow down and smell the flowers.....

  • Thank you all so much!! Jasman you are right 🙂

    An update on the situation: It has been almost 2 months and still not a word. I have stopped trying to call or text him. I accept the fact it's over, even tho he is deeply missed. It will be hard for me to trust again after this!!

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