Have i got my Spirit Guides name right??

  • i tried finding out my spirit guides name a few months ago and the name "Stephen" came to mind but all this time i wasn't sure if that was correct.

    ok so i started meditating like 3 times a day a few months and i really wanted my spirit guide to contact me. I tried really hard to make a connection.

    One night like 2 days into it, i lay down on my front and asked my spirit guide to come through so after a while i whispered "Are you there spirit guide? Are you there?" In my mind i heard i low deep male voice say in a calm way "....I am coming" now this voice was not my own in which i usually think but i thought a spirit guides voice would be clear and loud where i'd KNOW it was them. so i turned onto my back and got nothing after that.

    When i thought about "i am coming" after my 1st attempt...i got the impression it meant like i'm on my way, i'm coming through or be patient (because it was our first time) So on my 2nd attempt that day i asked it "If you're there, spirit guide, touch my hand" I said it again and again then thought "maybe i should be patient and give it time to come through and respond" so a few seconds later, i got a tingle/tickle in the fingertips of my index and middle fingers on one of my hands.

    Today, i tried automatic writing (jut for the **** of it, i wasn't expecting miracles) I heard you should "Start writing whatever comes to mind without judgment. Don't worry about the quality of the handwriting, grammar, or spelling. Allow the words to flow."

    So this is how it went........

    I got the same low deep calm male voice again (still not knowing whether it was mind or not, i just went along with it) I didn't even start it. I was trying to calm myself then i got the impression to write (from the male voice)

    -> "I am here"

    Where are you?

    -> "I am everywhere"

    Spirit Guide?

    -> "yes"

    What is your name?

    -> "Stephen"

    Is Stephen your name?

    ......then i didn't get the impression to write anymore. When i thought of the name Jacob, i didn't feel anything. Stephen felt correct when i thought of it. When i thought of "steven" i didn't feel anything...i thought of "stephen" again and that felt better. So i think the spelling is significant i don't know....i didn't try to contact for a few months until the other night. I was upset so when i went into a room to write to my guide just to vent...2 out 3 lightbulbs blew. It caught me off guard. I had to put my dogs in straight afterwards and the light switched off in the garage by itself and i had to go back out to switch it back on. I've been unsure these past few months thinking i accidently made up the name Stephen

    but the next morning when i woke up, before i opened my eyes, I got the most clear image - it was just blank...then a pencil came and wrote: "Stephen is..."

    Should i take this as confirmation??

  • LovingDove You can try this and follow it as it says to meet your higher self and your guides ,and yes they want us to call upon them so they can guide us you have made a big beginning if i can help you more i am at the Blue Rays Ascension tread mostly Love Tooter


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