Is this a typical Aquarius trait?

  • So I met this guy in college,let's call him S...At first I wasn't interested in him,but then one day something ''clicked'' into me...So I tried to approach him(even though we didn't knew each other).I searched for info about him,if she had a girlfriend and such...I had little info in my hands..I flirted a bit with him in a course...He kept looking.In the meanwhile,I was trying to talk to him and to his friends(we were acquaintances as well),I friend requested him on FB...He rejected my request.And he was always acting strange around me...Like talking to others but not me,ignoring me,often when I said sth,he was whispering to his friend and then they were both looking at me...or hardly talk to me... At the end of second semester,when in lectures,it seemed like he was staring at me...But had forgotten about him and started liking someone else(one of his friends).I told him one day and he said he sees me as his good friend...I forgot about him as well. S.was talking with me sometimes...Other days not so much,but whispers were always on the menu! ^^ .Now,third semester.In Christmas holidays,I friend req.him again,we have so many mutual friends...He ignored my req.again. Someday we were at a friend's birthday.We were playing and I saw him doing the whispering thing again...I asked them if there's a problem.They both refused it...Then later,still playing, we were sitting very close,our hands and legs were brushing against and he didn't make a move change his seat,we were just touching each other.The next day I apologized to him for making him mad at the birthday..He said he don't care for these little things... So now I think about him again...Sometimes he talks to me along with his friends,but when we're alone he seems nervous,I have to start a convo,otherwise he seems shy,even though he talks,laughs and teases other girls(we're in the same company).When he walks and I'm behind him,he always opens the door(OK I think for this he's just polite,'cause he did the same thing yesterday and there were other girls,and I said sth like''Gentleman!'' and he did the whispering thing again...Any ideas about his behavior? He seems fine around others...But with me he barely talks,seems distant,aloof... 😕

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  • Yes, it is kind of generalizing Cancerman 🙂 My cancer man will confirm that I am very emotional, but I also have a lot of water in me so you have to look at the individual’s chart as a whole. I will also make a general statement and say that Aquarian emotions do run deep, they just don’t get displayed for all to see since they can feel awkward about revealing them. Even if they do rationalize what they’re feeling if you read between the lines you will come to understand that whatever is being rationalized has an impact on them.

    I don’t know if it’s typical but I do have to admit I get a little weird when I find out someone likes me and I don’t have the same interest in them. Although I’m much older now it’s still a little awkward because I don’t know how to tell someone outright without hurting their feelings. He can act aloof, but you can be sure that if he is interested he would make sure to become your friend and would take interest in any of your activities. That’s not only an Aquarian thing, it’s a mating thing. I dated another Aquarian once and we just came to be together, no grand dating ceremonies, no official words spoken to indicate that we were a couple; we just were. He has to integrate himself into your life; otherwise he’s not even on the same field.

  • I'm a Sagittarius.I think I'm not emotional or romantic as well...And I think I won't have a problem to move on...After all,Sags are known for their ability to move on in their life if they don't get what they want right?? 🙂 I mean I'm just Ok showing at someone my interest(I have done it twice.The first time,I had a ''hook-up'' for 3 days,and I finished it,and the second time the other guy rejected me and said he sees me as his good friend.But I still talk with this guy,everything's fine between us,we're good friends.) Why can't I just talk with the guy I think about as well?? 😞 Am I asking too much?!? I only want to be friends...We're in the same company as well,can we avoid each other for the next years we'll be in Uni? And,if he would tell me flat out that he's not interested,I'd be just fine.Ok,maybe I'll say'' It's a pity...But his loss.'', and I'll move on.I forget really quick.

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  • Hi Cancerman276,

    I know quite a few Aqua men and I agree with you; they do come across as unemotional. However, I have been privy to some of their private lives, so while they may appear to be unemotional I know that whatever hurts that they experienced it did affect them deeply. And because they don’t deal with their emotions as well as yourself, those emotions get suppressed. Again, I’m generalizing. A number of the ones I know are confirmed bachelors because rather than deal with past hurts and possibly being hurt again, they would rather live their lives alone.

    And yes, we are thinkers; analyzers but every human being has emotions otherwise we would just be machines. I can tell you if I’m analyzing the heck out of something you can bet it’s because it has affected me emotionally. Do only feelings that are openly shared with another person determine if we emotional or not? The men don’t like to be with someone that creates a lot of drama, cries at the drop of a hat or gets upset at every little thing; they’d be at a loss at how to deal with it. Come to think of it my Cancer man would also be at a loss, LOL.

    I’m just saying that you have to look at the whole chart because a Sun sign is only 1 piece of the puzzle. There are so many factors that make up individual traits and so many factors that determine the dynamics of a relationship.

  • Cancerman276: Do you mean taking the iniative again for the third time?? :0 Oh my gosh,oh my gosh,that could DEFINETELY lead in a 3rd rejection!!! He'll stop talking at me for the next years!!! I feel a bit frightened when I'm around him and his friends...I'm like ''Oh my God,will he whisper again to others?Will he look me with a weird face that I said that??'' So I think I'm doomed if I tell him my feelings!!!

  • My Boyfriend is Aquarius, they are fickle and unpredictable, they are looking for a buddy with benefits, they want you to be one of the guys. They are extremely shy if they are interested until they get you behind closed doors, then watch out, but you will have to make the first move. They are loyal and loving but they typically will bond with only one true love in a lifetime and so they take their time. They are the life of the party with confidence to spare but when comes to matters of the heart they are timid. They may say they are not interested in a relationship or act aloof, but if you can be the buddy and the initiator, they will be a wonderful partner who truly likes to be loved. They are Humanatarians so it would be wise to realize the benefit of the collective will usually come first. Don't let him catch you being catty or mean to someone. It could be a deal breaker.

  • Bubblemaker:I know for sure that he's single...He had a relationship in his town in the past,but at the end they broke up..It's been a loong time. I guess he behaves like that 'cause he doesn't know me well in comparison with our other friends? Or maybe he holds a grudge against me from the first semester? 😕 And yes,they're the life of the party,they're fun to hang out with them!!! 🙂

  • I'm a Aquarian male.... got flirting on anyone lately or so predictable? we are shy in ways of expressing ourselvers coz we are afraid to fail or being the one to be fooled but in the other hand we get interested on girls that may be something sort different that make us feel that they are different from other girls that we meet before... we are shy... yes, but if you prove something to us that is really different and is nice, that is very hard to find in a girl nowadays... we may tend to get really interested on you...

    If you got him interested on you... and you're really sure... (don't read our face coz we don't usually express our true feeling) maybe read between what he don't do or say to other girls... thats a kinda sign... and if a aquarian man spends more time to you than other things or got focused on you... its another sign that he's interested...

    But since we are shy to express our feelings... motivate us... just motivate, be unpredictable... and you can get the first move but don't make us feel that you have can find someone else like us... coz we want to be different , so we can be so jealous if you are interested on other guys and if we had enough and find someother woman... we might jump up with her... but our feelings don't fade that easily...we might forgetful but always remember you....

    Note if you want us to keep interested on you... don't just give and give... you may give us something if we feel that we accomplished something on you but you can be unpredictable for a change... we also need space and its normal... afterall... in all of the signs if i'm not mistaken... we are the freedom sign... we like to be free ^_^

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