I just need a yes or no answer.

  • should I continue writing Michael or should I back away? This is not a romantic situation.

  • Well Bubblemaker

    this is a toughie bc it depends on if u write him 500 time in email n 5000 textmessages on his cell phoen each n everyday every awaking hour ya is up or if ya subtle with an email here n there, a textmessage there n here.

    Further it also depends on the overall situation. In my knowledge n experience it works best if u settle for the mans sense of speed. Another indication can be, set urself in his shoes n ask urself how u would feel if u got all u send. That useally helps.

    if not are we who may be of help in need of more information.

    best of luck sweetie


  • Thanks for your response, If I were in his shoes, I would be very happy and thankful to get what I send. My problem is I am not able to pinpoint what the problem could be, I feel I need to back away, but I dont know why. He is incarcerated but not likely he will be out for awhile so it is not fear. I feel bad that I am not being there for him. He needs me but something is telling me to back away. This is a tough one.

  • My vote is that you should listen to your gut. It's never wrong and if he needs you he'll let you know, as tough as that is it means you'll have to wait.

  • I agree wholeheartedly with gladyouwroteme; listen to your gut. There is a reason to back away. Do it and stop second guessing yourself. This may be in your best interest or it can be in his best interst. You don't know. What you do know is something is telling you to back away. That is your answer.

    Think of it this way, your compassion is a wonderous gift, but it may not be what he needs at this time. It may in fact be keeping him from turning to what he does need, since he is getting solace from you. You would not want to hold him back anymore than you would want to harm yourself inadverdently.


  • I appreciate the honesty. I am following my gut and will just be thankful that the Universe always has my best interest in mind, even if I don't.

  • When u said in carcerated i felt his torness. At 1 point he wanna know how nwhat life is outside as not to miss out. On the other which is more n deeper is, that he feels his urge to get news of outside life n happenings, tumoils his need to get his "time" over with as best as he can. Its like Outside information makes it harder 4 him to cope with where he is n what he is "paying" for.

    Its a, as long as i am here im gonna cope with it, n once im done im free n out n i cn out it past me. I sense his need to back off is bc his mind goes further than what he has with u bubble. it goes to what he did to get incarcerated. I get a feeling of " i was sooo stupid, sooooo naive. oh what have i done, ok ok ok im gonna do my time, bc i was wrong n pay has to be made. Once done i can place all this behind me. "

    In one sentence. " its a survival thing"


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