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  • met an old schoolmate on facebook, for 6 weeks have had an awesome texting/emailing/phone relationship....we are both married, living in seperate states( he actually lives away from his family right now due to a job relocation) have not made personal face to face contact yet( have seen pics of each other on web page)

    Why did he just end it abruptly?? Won't respond to emails or phone call( no, his wife is not aware) last email he called me crazy and said goodbye, with no explanation. I will admit I fell hard. Whats going on here? My heart is broke. I don not want to keep asking him, that may make me appear crazy! I'm lost!

  • Forget him.

    He ended it abruptly because he has no intention of cheating on his wife and although he may have flirted in his texts etc he was probably flattered that you remembered him from school. That's it. He probably also realised that you were reading a lot more into the relationship than he felt comfortable with.

    You're married too. Give your husband your attention.

  • I just would like to add that I was contacted a few months ago by an old schoolmate (male) on facebook. We sent a few emails and chatted...reminiscing ! Looking at his photo I had fond memories....and he said it was great to see my face again. That was it. He is a "friend" on my facebook now.

    Sorry if I sound harsh but your schoolmate may only have been reminiscing too...

  • Once again I totally agree with rnrchick. When I read your post it sounded like two available, single people stumbling onto eachother had a chance at a love.

    I have to tell you, you do come off a little crazy. Leave that man and his family alone. Move on to someone who is truly available.

  • I guess I should have given a little more info...he wanted an emotional affair with me, came right out and asked. He contacted me. I went along through text/email/phonecall...was having fun for 6 weeks( by his rules) then when I started to become more emotionally attached( which was bound to happen) he ended it abruptly. I guess my point of posting is I thought someone had some psychic brain gets the reality of it.....its my heart that doesn't.

    But, a huge lesson on my part was learned.

  • nancyrob, it sounds like he was pretty clear what he wanted from the relationship..[emotional affair,by his rules] and I'm sure he wanted nothing more, probably something to pass the time while he was away from his family..NO STRINGS ATTACHED..I'm glad you get the reality of it and the heart should heal quickly because you will get angry that you fell into that game..huge lesson learned as you said..foucs your love on your husband and remember the things you first loved about him..wish you all the best..Love & Light D

  • Nancyrob, it sounds like he just wanted a "vacation" from his reality. Maybe this situation came up to help you decide what to do in your relationship. Maybe it was a mirror? No easy answers but if he cut it off then that is pretty loud and clear. He is not serious about it as you maybe were. Good luck to you and protect your heart here.

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