Confuse...Could someone knidly give me a reading?

  • Hello, I'm a little confuse now, so I really appreciate if someone can give my some advice of what to do with myself.

    About a year ago, I moved to a new country, so my studies kinda been interrupted by that. Now I'm ready to go back to school, but afraid I may not get in, can someone please tell me if I would get in college this August? And I stil don't know what to study for my future, what career I should choose, which path I should go. sometimes I feel like a loser who has no talent at all and still depends on parents...So if you guys can give me any advises, please help me...:(

  • Hey Sweetie

    As far as apply well apply n see what it brings you. Until u know if wether u can start dont fret. Focus if u can on what makes u happy, as in what would make u get up in the morning.

    take ur time on choises. N it has to ur choise no one elses, bc ur life´s not long enough for any one else dreams of what they want u to be.its ur life n ur life alone no one elses n besides its a long time to August.

    We all feel like losers from time to time. Mark my words, NOT all of us are first in our generation to be first fast on spot through education n stuff. Some of us test various avenues to find the shelf we belong on. It doesnt show u´re any less intelligent or intellectual than ur peers.

    If ur parents want to help u until u found ur shelf, be grateful. The latter is bankloans n in these times .....................

    i hope this helped.


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