• Hello,

    I just recently broke up with a gemini man. I was single for about 4 years before him. I was only with him for 5 months but we moved fast and he made me feel like we were going to get married until he suddenly broke up with me. it's been difficult with him. I know he still has feelings for me, but he doesn't want to be with me.

    I'm just wondering when I'll find someone who wants to be with me long term. I don't have a problem being alone or single. I'm just tired of being alone and single. I am my own best friend, however, I'd like to have someone in my life to share with.

    could I get some insight as to when someone will come into my life? when will I get married? my DOB is 11/02/83

    any help would be appreciated! thanks!!!

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  • ScorpVirgo. Men are like busses when you miss one you can always catch another. Im not trying to be dismisive of your hurt feelings but you know that the right guy comes at the right time when you least expect it. Take things slower in the future. Moving too fast is an indication that you have a lack of clear boundries and havent quite figured out what you need to be in a healthy relationship. It takes time and you have to deal with some dissapointment before you get there. Until that day enjoy the ride for what its worth....I have been where you are at and you need some time to heal and move on from the guy that hurt you.Most people looking for love have to go through this. It will get better. Do something good for yourself. ( :

  • You are so right, lovinmylife. It felt so true with this man that I wanted it to last. He made me feel very secure and gave me everything I need, then suddenly he just decided he didn't want it anymore. the sad thing is that he still misses me. we text each other every now and then, but he doesn't make any move to improve or reconcile the relationship. we have not had any physical contact since we broke up, so I can't understand why he would be so wishy washy with his feelings. I do agree that we might have moved too fast, but I was single for so long before him that I reflected on what I wanted and was almost sure that he was going to be IT. unfortunately, that's not how it worked out. I wish the best for him, truly. I just dont understand why I keep finding men who don't want me for me. Or I keep finding men who dont want a longer relationship than just a few months. I need to take time and heal from this hurt for sure, but I just don't know when this "mystery man" is going to come into my life.

    thank you for the kind words though, I truly appreciate it. 🙂

  • I would still like to get a reading, however, if anyone is available to do one. 🙂

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