Restoring scorp/virgo friendship

  • My relationship ended some time ago with a scorp. I think we are best, at most, meant to be friends. I miss him and being able to talk to him. We both said hurtful things and there has not been any communication, mainly b/c of scorps actions or lack there of. I have said sorry. Are scorps really that cold and cruel to someone they have cared for and loved greatly? Is there anything that can restore a friendship with a scorp you've hurt unintentionally?

  • Hi Cutevirgin, scorpios are tough. In July 2010 I met at work a Scorpio, the heat was instant and electric and we started flirting/talking.We spent every lunchtime together and we learnt that we were both with our partners. Him not living with her as they were going through difficulties and me married (although not happy). As weeks went on, we became slightly physical but never full on (if you catch my drift). It would only happen every 3 weeks or so - not often. Our friendship was developing more and more. He would blow hot and cold at me (and still does). We are now helping one another in work (setting up business) he talks about wanting to start a business with me. Today as we speak, we are closer than ever - speaking virtually everyday on the phone. I spend time with him at his house everyso often (but the reason for going to his house is only for business reasons) but we speak on the phone socially. Things have only stopped being physical recently because he said he we were becoming too close and it wouldn't work between us as he is 11.4.67 and i am 3.31.82. We would want different things in life. We are still technically with our respective partners but I want him so bad but just don't know how he feels about me and if he would ever leave his partner for me?

    Scorpios are really sensitive - i'm certainly no expert - what actually happened between you both?

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