Reading from the Captain Please or any one wishing to advise

  • Firstly I am sorry to have posted on the wrong site, I am going to attend an oral hearing next month, It is a criminal compensation hearing and it is due to something that occurred many years ago. I was the victim. I am feeling somewhat anxious and would like some advise ,encouragement or what ever can be offered to help me with this ordeal. My date of birth is ...Feb. 5th 1943, appr. 7:20 P.M...Leonida

  • If you were the victim, then don't keep on being one. Stand up straight, hold your head high, and don't feel any fear. You are in the right and the criminal is the one in the wrong.

  • The Captain, You are absolutely correct I will do just that,I was just anxious about reliving it all........Thank you.. Leonida

  • We need to relive things if they are still bothering us in order to achieve a different perspective from the one we had when we were younger.

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