Confusing Scorpio friend

  • Im a girl and I've been friends with this Scorpio guy for about 6 yrs now. When we met, he had a gf and I was single. When he broke up with his girl, I had a bf already which lasted for 4 years, during which we kinda lost touch.

    I broke up with the same bf in 2008, and he came back into my life a few months later. We met up and it was like the years did not pass, we were like close friends who regularly saw each other. He wanted us to meet again after that, but I was still brokenhearted and didn't want a new man in my life, so I avoided him until he left the country. By the way, he's an overseas worker and is only home about 3 months every year.

    Late 2009, he was back home again and got in touch with me. This time we became closer than ever, though the topics were non-personal. I was surprised when he gave me crystal earrings set in white gold for my birthday, and that started me thinking about our status - if he wanted me as more than a friend.

    But he went hot and cold on me - sweet and teasing and calling me on the phone one week, then ignore me the next like we weren't even friends. I got tired of it and stayed away until he again left the country for work. But this time, he kept in touch while away, though the communication was irregular and the tone was always just friendly.

    When he got back home late 2010, the same cycle happened - he'd be really sweet (sweeter than last year), then ignore me afterwards. But he started sharing more about his past, his dreams, his pains - things which I never realized he'd been going through. I appreciated him sharing those with me, and I told him so.

    Then his dad was hospitalized and I visited him there a few times to keep him company while he watched over his dad.

    For a while after that, he became really affectionate, like calling me his "love", make references like Im his wife or something, tell me he missed me when he was away, etc. I was surprised at the change in him at first that I commented on it and asked him why he was being so affectionate all of a sudden. He didn't respond.

    One time, he brought up my birthday (which is coming up in a few weeks) and I teased him about my gift. He said he forgot to get me a gift because I dont flirt with him. He said I should flirt with him so he'll remember to get me something, but later said that he did get me something and he'll give it to me later.

    After that, I tried to respond and be sweet back at him (which isn't in my nature, as I once told him), he wouldn't respond in kind - either he'd change the topic or he'd totally ignore me and not reply at all. Which confused me, so I pulled back and stopped being sweet again. That's when he started being sweet and affectionate again.

    One time, he interrogated me about my ex and I answered all his questions honestly, even my non-belief in marriage as a result of bad family and love history. Another time, we were talking about what we want to do in our lives in the next few years, and I was telling him of my travel plans and new hobbies I wanted to pursue, and he told me I was greedy and selfish for wanting so much more when I was already getting so many blessings. I asked him if he didnt want anything else but work, and he said he wanted to get married next year (but he didnt say to whom).

    Then I went out of the country for 3 weeks for business. During that period, he was quiet, became cold again and told me point blank that he didnt miss me at all.

    I was hurting a bit, but when I got back, he "ordered" me to go visit him in the hospital where he was still watching over his father. Bristling a bit, but deciding to take the mature path and not call him out for it, I went to the hospital.

    When I got there, it was like nothing happened and he was sweet and attentive. Then he gave me a perfume set which I was a bit embarrased to receive because it looked as expensive as the jewelry he gave me last year, so I placed it on the table next to me after saying thank you.

    He picked it up after a while, then said he wanted to test if it smelled good. He sprayed it on my arm and smelled it. Then he showed me the perfume he got for himself - which was the male version of what he got for me - sprayed it on his wrist and made me smell it. Everything felt a bit too personal and sensual that I was uneasy for a while, but decided to take everything in stride.

    I thought we would be back to normal - close again, after that. But no, he became more distant than ever. Now, he wouldnt even reply to my text, he ignores me when I send him a message on instant messenger.

    Im so confused! What does he want from me? Did I do anything wrong????

    Help please... any readings on this guy? 😞

  • I dont think you did anything wrong. Scorpios from what I know, I known to be hot and cold (just plain moody)-It drives me crazy!!! I really think he cares for you though, I know Scorpios are known to deal with a select few and if he's telling you his secrets and even simply desiring to be around you. Thats proof enough Scorpios dont deal with people they dont care about even if they did not for very long. I think he might be going through something and just putting you in jam just because he's busy or in a bad mood and possibly reflecting over things. MAybe you should pull away from him again for a while and give him space. More than likely from what you've told me, he'll be back so dont worry you'll be fine just know your loved by him even if he's hot and cold. Best of luck to you and god bless! May you please help me with my latest post please (Taurus Girl Confused About Feelings-Please Read) Id really appreciate it. Thank you!!! 😉

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