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  • Hi Dominick,

    A kind soul suggested I contact you with a question regarding a couple of dreams I've had about a man I work with. I'll post the thread below for you, and thank you in advance for any insights/interpretations you might have:

    Well, I have another question here, and it may sound very familiar to anyone who followed my "conundrum" well over a year ago. I've had two dreams about a man I work with, who is not normally anyone I'd be attracted to, is also someone I've had a few heated discussions with, but we always get over it. He's a divorcee, twice over, a fair bit older than me and not a little bit cynical. HOWEVER, I've found myself missing him when he's not at work, and of course, had these two rather lovely dreams about him, where he kisses me (me and kissing!!) In the first one I had, when we kissed, there was a bitter taste in my mouth.

    The second one, he told me he loved me and ended up on my doorstep. This is where he kissed me and in the dream I said "you do that well" (haha). But the lovely feeling the next day ... it carried me through right until I went to bed.

    Can anyone see what these dreams might be signifying? I'm just a tiny bit perplexed by the effect they've had on me, and of course, why I miss the guy when he's not around. He's not even what you'd call an attractive looking 60 year old, but I, and the other girls who work with me and him, love him to death.

    Any insights here would be appreciated, because for any of you who remember my last "dream" confusion, I think you'd understand that I don't want to end up in a similar mess to what I did then.

    Thanks in advance!


    Confused Chris


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