Fixing relationship problems with a Gemini man

  • I need some suggestions on how to repair a relationship issue with my Gemini boyfriend. I'm a Taurus woman and even though I understand we're an odd couple, we've known each other for many years on and off and our flaws cause the two of us to butt heads. I tend to be overbearing and he tends to be back and forth. Right now, we mutually agreed to not spend much time together and to give each other space, which I know Geminis happen to appreciate. My grandmother was a Gemini and my grandfather was a Taurus and they both remained married until death did them part. Also, my moon sign is Libra and I believe that could help me too. I was also told by somebody else that the more freedom I let a Gemini have, the more he'll feel comfortable comfortable with me and he'll want to be with me more. I'm just afraid that since a Gemini's mind goes a mile a minute, it will be out of sight, out of mind with him. Although that could be in any relationship, whether it's regarding zodiac signs or not. I just was wondering if anybody has any other ideas on it in their own words or similar ideas.

  • Hi are you still looking for suggestions 6 years on?

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