Hi Captain, I'm new...could you help me do a reading?

  • I'm new and I'm not sure how this works. What info do you need? Just the date of birth (25 Oct 1979)? Anything else?

    Seem to face continual obstacles in my life. The path has been unconventional.

    I have tried to embrace where the path takes me, for i understand that sometimes, we are where we are supposed to be - we just don't know why.

    But I also feel very frustrated that I seem to have fallen by the wayside, in the grand scheme of life. I don't know to progress, in terms of finding stabililty in my life and career. I have found a passionate interest and true potential in one of my hobbies that unfortunately, for functional reasons, I am unable to follow through as a career. And I can't seem to find my niche in anything else.

    I also have ill luck when it comes to relationships. I'm the one who seems very eligible and yet left on the shelf, if you will. I've had a string of bad matches, the worst being the last relationship I was in. I am always attracted to people with whom I won't be a good match. For some reason, we'll like each other, but then it just blows up in our faces.

    I'm intensely attracted to someone right now and I'm not really sure why. I'm getting similar vibes from him, as in he's drawn to me but he's not sure why either. There is something about him...I just can't explain. I felt it almost from the first time i saw him...maybe he's one of those people who gives off strong energy (if there is such a thing).

    We've known each other a few months and only started to hang out as friends occasionally. I suppose if I say he's a Gemini, that would explain everything without me saying more 🙂 Can be very chatty one day, and totally silent for the next week. He's a decent, responsible guy who's warm-hearted but perhaps a little shy, introverted at times. Very good at hiding his emotions and I think he may have been deeply hurt in the past. As was I.

    I do not want to screw this thing (whatever it is) with this guy. I'm wondering whether we're meant to be friends or more. Our baseline horoscope certainly suggests we will not get along at all. I just want to meet someone I'm compatible with.

  • As a general rule, Geminis don't like a relationship to get too heavy or too responsible. They will withdraw if they feel they are being asked for more commitment than they feel they want to give.

    But let's look at you and your approach to love and life.

    According to your astrological profile, you may tend to go through life feeling like the square peg in the round hole. Yet you can still enjoy real achievement and success by using your finely honed analytic ability to think more strategically and by finding a physical outlet for your spiritual passion. With your big personality, you may chafe at the call to ground yourself in the seemingly mundane issues of life and personal discipline. Yet you have enough objectivity to accomplish this task. You can learn to come to terms with physical and material reality. If you can guard against any inflated opinions of your own talent and understand that your truest calling is to serve as a channel for divine inspiration to manifest itself in the real world, then you will be able to take up your tasks more willingly on your life's journey.

    You are here to develop the psychological and physical structures to maximise your health, work, and overall welfare. Spiritually idealistic, you are challenged to bring out your pragmatic side and eschew those elements that distract you from the here and now. You can feel overwhelmed when you have to make a decision and are daunted by large amounts of information. You must learn how to structure and arrange the details of life in a way that enables you to be decisive. Taking your head out of the clouds, paying attention to what is in front of your nose, releasing your yearning for a more idealized world, and refusing to be carried away by metaphysical impulses will help you to deal with and enjoy the tasks of everyday life. Eventually you will find fulfilment by participating in even the most mundane life experiences and will be grounded enough to put your compassion to work in service of your fellow man. Your core lesson is to create structure in all aspects of your life - the physical, mental and emotional. Your goal is to become decisive in practical and grounded ways, and use your gifts of spirituality, kindness, and psychic ability to help others

    You can be a bit dependency-oriented and idealistic at times, so take care not to become too fault-finding or pessimistic or even overly dependent on the structures you erect. You may often see only the negative of the world and in others. The best scenario is for you to invoke your capacity to forgive, since it somes so easily and naturally to you. Forgiving others' failings as well as your own will make you much easier to live with and much happier in the long run. In seeking a partner, you must be practical and separate the reality of living day-to-day with someone from your desire for transcendence. You will be happiest living a quiet, simple, even family, life since what is best for you is to live far from noise and distraction as they interfere with your ability to be grounded. Leaving plenty of room for solitude, you can structure a life that is satisfying in every respect, balanced between your devotion to something greater than yourself and with mundane existence. Your karmic path offers nothing less than the promise that you may one day be the master of both realms. Then you can live your dream of letting go and getting lost in the security blanket of your own personal connection with the Universe. You have a deep need to experience peace and oneness which can only be accomplished by going out into the world and being of service to others.

    But you must first let go of any victim consciousness you might have -"If I don't have constant, compassionate attention and understanding from others, someone will take advantage of me."

    You may be obsessed with being the glamorous object of everyone's attention or believe wrongly that being mistreated is love. But other people can never give you enough reassurance to overcome your inner sense of helplessness and paranoia. Only when you look within to discover what outer structures you need to create in order to give yourself strength and purpose will you find peace. Your unending search for a saviour, God, or mentor whom you can trust blindly and to whom you can surrender is a trap that will only backfire. Inward surrender will not make your external world more orderly and productive. The only way you can achieve your goals is to organize your life the way you need it to be, so that you will feel safe and strong. You mustn't wait around to acquire the confidence to go out into the world and be productive - that confidence will come when you begin actively participating in life.

    Your relationships will thrive if you develop open honest communication and associated trust with your partner. The vulnerability to share your feelings and let go to the point of ecstatic intimacy is key for you.

    Work-wise, you are multi-faceted and talented with strong creative and expressive energies. You would excel in a variety of fields such as metaphysics, martial arts, acting or producing, business, creative writing (especially screenplays), or as a psychologist, doctor, dentist, nurse, dietician, anything in the healing professions, accountant, event organiser, and craftsperson, to cite just a few examples. You do well as long as you trust yourself but stay open to feedback and take any project step-by-step. You can have compulsive and impulsive spending habits and may behave frivolously at times with money. The state of your finances depends on the process you follow and whether you have prepared for an occupation that makes good use of your skills. If not, self-doubt will leave you doing 'a little bit of this, a little bit of that'.

  • I am a Cancer and my bf is a Gemini. According to our sun signs we are like he worst pairing lol but we are in a serious relationship and both believe we are the one for each other -- so it CAN work. The thing I learned about my Gemini is that they will not commit to a relationship right away. They want to grow as friends first then if they feel a strong connection then they will proceed further. You mention one day he is chatty then the next is silence. Typical Gemini. He is just in his own world, it doesn't mean anything. Geminis love their space and freedom. Just keep it casual right now. It may take him time to realize that they want a relationship because they are always bouncing around doing anything that pops in their mind at first. To me they seem indesicive.... So they need that balance in their life to help them focus on one goal. In my opinion, I believe Geminis try to look for their other half to help keep the Twins even lol

  • Hi Captain,

    Thanks so much for the reading.

    I think a key point I saw in there was indecisiveness & disorganization in how i am and how I live my life. This is very true. I think I grew up not knowing what I wanted or who I was, because I had no room to find out. Somehow I wasn't 'acceptable' or good enough.

    Then perhaps as a result of wanting accceptance, I learned how to excel in school and work. I became focused, methodical and efficient almost to a fault. But there was never a goal in sight. i was just this way for its sake. And I didn't really exist emotionally either.

    Then a whole string of things happened as a result of lack of ambition. It forced a change in perspective and gave me opportunities to develop emotionally. I feel it's made me a more balanced person.

    I have a passion for the creative arts and that's primarily where I've channeled my focus, discipline and the drive to learn and excel. I've grown a lot as a result, but I just wish I could channel all of these towards attaining professional and financial stability. Because all I have is a job. It's only about paying the bills and I wish I had the same passion for a job as I do my hobbies.

    There was a time when I was uncomfortable with emotions and couldn't tolerate weakness in myself and others. And I was so concerned about doing things the right way, that I never allowed myself to have fun.

    But now, I'm unproductive and unfocused, indecisive and an underachiever, by most accounts. But I'm also a kinder, warmer more loving person. I smile and laugh a lot and people are drawn to me. I have more friends now than I did the whole of my life. And I can finally see my talents, when my whole life, I wondered why I had none.

    However, it is not an ideal situation as there is no structure. I'm trying to do this but I lack the motivation and confidenec to make things move faster. It is deeply frustrating because I know my life can be a lot better. I just don't know how to get there.

    And in terms of a relationship, I do want to be with someone, but I think I'm also terrified of being in a wrong match again. I also value my independence and freedom and I don't know if I'm capable of finding a balance if I were to be with someone again.

    I'm a walking contradiction. Square peg in a round hole, as you said.


    Thanks for sharing. Yes I am definitey gonna try not to push things. My Scorpio side is just wildy intrigued by the mystery of this man and it's driving me nuts.

    However I do understand needing space and freedom, for I am that way as well. But his hot-cold temperment is difficult to deal with. There are times when he is so warm and candid and I just throw caution to the wind. Then he suddenly behaves in more measured terms and keeps his distance. And it makes me feel as if I crossed the line. I am left wondering if I did/said something wrong, if I should do more, do less, let him initiate? It is very confusing.

    In terms of indecisiveness, that's prob me not him...LOL..

  • Can you make any of your hobbies into a job or business?

  • Danceur, perhaps you might get some answers in my 'Spiritual Boot Camp' intensive thread?

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