Celtic Love Cross Sample 3 card Reading

  • Judgement challenges card

    Page of Coins love and me

    King of wands situation

    Can anyone help with this reading? thanks

  • Judgment, change in attitude, an awakening, emotional up heavel may be experienced.

    Page, represents a person with dark hair , brown eyes, one is becoming aware of financial concerns.

    King, Usually a mature married man, sharp in business and good with people, Kings relate to the conclusion of a matter, change, inspiration, enterprise.

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  • Stevani, I checked in for a full reading, enlightening.

    Piscesmoon, thanks for the insight, those three cards had me pondering.

    I might set out and look at that full reading again and ask for a liitle help wth interpretation of a card or two later on, if anyone has time, much appreciate it.

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