Can anybody interpret this dream?

  • Hello Everyone!

    I was wondering if any you guys could help me out with this dream i had tonight.

    It was awful and i didn't like the feeling of it.

    Ok so i can't exactly remember how the dream started but i remember being at a party with my sister and her boyfriend.

    I have no idea how but i was drunk and then i noticed they left me alone.

    I started wondering around looking for them. There were people dancing and drinking alcohol.

    At first some guys were harassing me. I tried to stay away but i was so drunk and disoriented i could barely walk.

    i couldn't find my sister and her boyfriend anywhere. Then all i remember is that someone raped me. I was helpless.

    At first i wasn't sure who did but then in my dreams i remember the guy (An older mentally disable man who goes to my

    work place to ask for money. I think he's a homeless person.) I have no idea why was he the one who raped me.

    Ok so the dream continues. I remember i was at a little grocery/ candy store trying to tell the lady in charge of it about what happened to me. She wouldn't answer me but somehow i knew she got raped sometime in her past as well. I was extremely sad. At that point was when i remembered who raped me. Then i was also terrified because i knew i got pregnant. I could see my belly already half way grown. My mother came to the little store and started chatting with the lady. i was trying to hold my tears so hard but i just couldn't and so i lowered my head and silently started crying. She didn't notice. then my two cousins (boy and girl) came to the store as well and one of them (the girl) slowly placed my head on her shoulder making me feel much better. They both noticed i was crying and she asked me if i was ok. Then we left the little store but i can't remember where to. I remember being alone with my mom and i started explaining to her how i got raped and that i was pregnant. She was a little confused and didn't know how to react. I can't remember how the dream ended.

    I'm a little confused about this dream. I've never dream about being raped before. It was terrible. :

    I'm a bit concerned and i wish to know it's meaning.

    If anyone could help me please i would truly appreciate it. 🙂

    Oh by the way i have never been raped in real life! so i don't think it's associated with any trauma of that kind.

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