• I forgot to update. I have been doing well with no sweet snacks in the house (Baked goods) and switching to the fruit but it still calls to me now and then. Actually treied the cake walk several times at my son's family fun night for some goodies to take home with us but did not win. GOD looking out for me, thanks!

  • Keep up the good work ladies. I've been a little off track in the last week or so. I'll get back to it. Still dealing with some tooth pain but I think I have realized it is caused by my sinuses which could mean a rough spring / summer lies ahead. I sure hope not though.

    Time to increase my walks, drink more water and eat better meals. The meal choices have improved but there is still some junk in the house perhaps if I put the rest of the family on a diet it'll kick in for me too. Out of sight out of mind philosophy.

  • I gotta get back to the Gym, nothing special, just eating less, will be back, need more coffee.

  • angel hugs

    Monday as I was having a CUP of soup with a couple of ladies from the group, we were in conversation about how EMDR theropy helped me.

    As we were talking, I had a breakthrough on where "MY NEED TO CONSERVE FOOD NO LONGER NEEDS TO EXISTS."

    This was major as I returned to my childhood and saw- sensed the moment (the ned to conserve food) it began. I now feel free- reborn, given a new lease on life.

    Since the moment of realization occurred, this body now feels "lighter".


    Thank you Universe for this "Enlightenment".


    loving silver wings

  • WAY TO GO!!!! Fantastic, I love it.


  • My left ankle is still sore, tender, I really wanna go walking or something, maybe will try something else at the gym, saw this stair climber thingie, I'm afraid I'll break my neck, last night after meditation my lower extremities started trembling and shaking like an internal Earth Quake, thought I was getting healed or something. Well I did not go buy my lunch and have been eating junk that I don't even want. I'm so out of it this week and have no Energy at all!

    Wanna go back to bed. I'm glad Julianna, you and Sheila kinda have that in common.

  • Hey, Cee, Hoping the food thing gets better for you, I am sure it will. I am doing okay, eating fishy sandwhiches, well tuna, and sometimes sausage, i sometimes have chocolate though not as much. and i will occasionally eat some fruit, but not always, Have fruit juice at the moment, water is not very good here, clean wise anyway. I am also going to get into my job this friday, so hoping that will help some, lots of running around, and get to look after the animals as well, they have horses,

    Like we do, but they are closer, cool huh.

    Love Bee Xx

  • angel hugs

    Poetic I hope you and your ankle begin to feel better.

    Yesterday, Tuesday, I went swimming. It sure was a different energy. This body felt as though there was nothing holding it (need to conserve). This is something wonderful and new. There was no resistance on any parts of this body. I am now able to move without feeling weighted down by something unknown.

    Poetic, if you have an aquatic centre near you, you may fine it much easier on the body, especially the feet and ankles.

    Since returning to doing one hour of a programmed aquafit twice a week, I have found this body is more flexible. Here there are some varible levels of the aquafit. Each of these programs give you gentle workouts for cadio and muscle toning.

    Walking is still a bit of a challenge as the hips and legs are not as flexible as they use to be. They are becoming more flexible as I swim and do short walks. There is nerve damage in the lower spine, which has affected the ablility to move pain free.

    May all be well with you.


  • You know what there is a pool near me, I need a new bathing suit, my best friend has a pool too, there was a pool at the condo, I do love swimming and that reminds me the doctor did say that would be best in the beginning because of no pressure on the joints, I would rather swim at night, thanks darling!

  • angel hugs

    Poetic you are welcome.


  • "To succeed you must first improve, to improve you must first practice, to practice you must first learn, and to learn you must first fail."

    -Wesley Woo

    I feel I'm still losing weight has some super sexy tight jeans that are now loose around the caboose so It must still be coming off slowlllllyyyy. Did not prepare properly this week thats for sure and I notice that when I am not armed with the right foods/ammunition it's very easy to eat the bad stuff, will be back on track, still eating smaller portions had bacon last night it was devine! mmmmhhh. Just a sandwich with Mayo and Cheese, Lushious! Bad girl but so worth every bite!

  • Cee/Poetic, glad your doing well, keep it up. Yummy bacon, LOL. I had lamb stew tonight, and just been eating toast, and Bread with tuna, and cumber, and such like that. Not too much chocolate, but i do have my moment, when i do. but not bad, and will be running around a lot this weekend, no doubt. start job 2morow, hopefully, Love Bee Xx

  • I'm so happy for you.

  • 🙂 Thankyou, i am happy too. Love ya Bee Xx

  • angel hugs

    We can eat in moderation, even the so called NO NO foods, we can still loose. It is best to loose slowly and steadily then to loose mega at once. This allows the body to readjust to the new you, as well as allow the body to tone properly.

    Stop brow beating yourselves.

    I have been doing the small portions for years. Just need to raise the metabolizime to a rate to burn the calaries.


  • Read an article to add Cayene Pepper, Apple cider Vinegar and Cinnamon to raise metabolism if you have the Pear shape, okay, Mamita!

    Will be better prepared next week, I'm thinking of doing some days of just veggies/fruit to detox, we will see. Have a wonderful weekend If we don't talk again today. "Blessed Be."

  • Brought the Vinegar but not the pepper, will see what happens.

  • Everyone have a wonderful weekend, "Blessed Be."

  • angel hugs

    Some may think this is good news.

    For me doctor wants me to resume eating glutein type foods so the next blood work will be a truer reading as to whether I am sensitive to glutein.

    For the past week I have been eating the breads and pastas. Do not feel good at all. This has to be done for a few weeks so the body's system can redevelope the symtoms, as the first test was what is called "positive-negative". If it still comes back iffy, then a biopsy will have to be done on the "villi".


  • OOH, that sounds painful, praying everything will be fine! I tell you the things we endure.

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