• Okay did two laps this morning. Breakfast was a English Muffin, 3 slices of deli ham/sliced, one slice/water, coffee.

  • Id like to try my best and join in, im close to being overweight, but i am not i am just under, but would like to help my chocolate eating habits, lol. I seem to have random urges for chocolate, My dads a chocoholic too, i dont eat loads of it, just tend to spread it out over the course of the day, and i drink too many fizzy drinks. Mmm. I don't get on with drinking water very well, and i sometimes try fruit juices, though its hard in this house, as everything gets eaten and drunk quickly. specially if it is fruit juices. For the moment i am just under twelve stone, lol. im a stone and a half over weight, so id like to get down to a goal. Would be great if you guy's could offer any advice on good foods to eat, i am going to try to get my hands on when we go family food shopping, as most of the time, we all go together to pick stuff. Most of the time its healthy, but my mum likes to get a lot of meaty products, and things, Tonight we having stew, plus i have to cut down the stuff i am eating at college, its not bad, but sometimes i forget not to have too much chocolate 🙂

  • Love Chocolate too Bee, just cut down on the amount and maybe eat the dark chocolate which is supposed to be healty. You know the drill, more fresh fruits if possilble and less junk, remind me what is a stone again? I can google it, but humor me. I think I'm lots of stones!


  • I have no idea of stones either, i get confused, between stones and pounds. LOL so i dunno.

    I just no i am close to being overweight lol, plus cant eat dark chocolate makes me sick. But will try what you suggested thankyou Bee XxXx

  • Hi ya'l I believe a stone is about 14 lbs.

    Since we are financially strapped our food intake is limited. I believe my daughter consumes more than she needs for those reasons a sort of hoarding. I have to lock up foods in my file cabinet as she eats it till it's gone I'm amazed she doesn't get sick. My strict rule is have something green every day.Be it broccoli peas or salad stuff. I eat spinach lots she won't touch it. Last couple of days I've been low energy so all I did was grab some bread stuff I think I need some "live" food in me. Need energy.Guess I'll have to settle for a Spirulina shake❦

    Now if I could just make the house cleaning fairies do their jobs....☮

    Cheers P

  • Poetic,

    Need to jump in here. I so desire to transform myself.

    No exercise, no food/sugar regulation, no nature (kind of dislike winter after the first snowfall, I'm pretty much done with it. LOL)

    Okay, you motivate me to post and thereby I have to do something. If I tell someone, I feel honor bound to actually put forth effort which translates into the belief that I do not have to honor myself.

    Why is that??? I mean when I put it down on paper, I am amazed at how it sounds. If I think about it, I guess if I did honor myself, I would not be in this bad of shape/condition. Menopause sort of threw me for a loop. Used it as an excuse to indulge my whims which usually translates to baked goods.

    I did start back up my vitamin routine and drinking water (I combined the two needs there to force the water issue)

    So next step is to delete some sugar by way of deleting my Cocoa-Cola (hey, I can use this to add more water!!!) Also definitlty get rid of the baked goods. If there was a plate of delishious chocolates sitting next to a single, loney, day old pastry, I'd go for the pastry. I found the last time I did this, that deleting completly for about a month can reset my craving from; "Gotta have it!" to "don't realy care in the least" So starting today (since I have none in the house and I am supposed to go grocery shopping) No More Baked Goods! Gotta remember to tell my hubby too or he'll show up with a bag of powered donuts for me. LOL

    Also, the exercise thing. I reallly hate exercise. I like yoga and should start slow anyway, so I wil start there. The stretching lady they used to have on the PBS station is gone and I realy liked her stuff too.

    Also, walking, as soon as the weather gets back to spring. The only reason I am waiting is that I know I will not keep it up in the cold. No point in even going there.

    As for house cleaning, that's exercise right. Mayby I should do some of that, ya think?

    I hate cooking. I know I shouldn't, I should see it as a way to do wonderful things for my family but really guys, this is too much. My father and my older sister got the cooking bug. I got none of those genes at all. I loeth it. So, up until my father died (I was 42 and owned the house next door to him) he cooked for me. Then he died all of a sudden and I had to go out and buy a real refrigerator and a toaster oven and learn to cook for me and my 2 year old.(I had a mall ref that held coke and coffee and milk, prety much it) My kitchen was a show place as I never used it, just kept it nice and polished. Just as I was getting the handle on it, my son decided he would only eat finger foods like he got in day care, okay, I switched the wy I prepared things, then we discoverd several food allergies incuding glutten, soy, corn and peanuts (he is an indigo for sure). Now I have to relearn to cook with foods I have never used in my life. Then I got married, moved from my home town and was relly getting the hang of cooking for a family with real dinners, prepared from scratch including separate grains for for my son vs. me and my hubby...and my husband came up with a kidney problem and had to exclude meat!

    Three completly separate dietary requirments for each meal! I quit. Everyone is on their own.

    Well that was last year, maybe I can have another go t it. Baby steps!!!

  • PS, Poetic: I forgot to mention that I noticed MissBeth is back! She may be your third.

  • I absolutely despise exercising. I am overweight. It seems as thought no matter how much I cut back, I will weigh the same. I guess I am the type of person that HAS to exercise to lose weight.

    When I was into sports, I was eating anything I wanted and still lost weight. I am very toned though. There are SO many snacks in my house. Everywhere I turn, there is a Honey Bun or bag of chocolates calling my name.

    I dont really eat becuse I'm hungry; I eat because I like the taste.

    My meal plan is as follows:

    1. Breakfast: Egg whites, some fruit, and a bottle of water.

    2)School Lunch

    1. What ever is for dinner.

    The thing that kills me are snacks. Between 5pm-7pm, I eat a lot of snacks before dinner.

    But I plan to lose 30 pounds by May.

    My mother and I are on a workout plan now. 🙂

    It's better to have a exercise buddy!

  • Hey Guys, Reese Reese, I can not eat that, eggwhites, I refuse to eat it, even if it's good, something that repels me with the eggwhite thing, maybe replace the snacks with fruits, there you go! I know if only it were that easy.

    I believe- Love your name btw and I believe too! It's not easy, If I had 3 different meal plans to prepare food for, I wouldn't cook either! I used to love to cook and still do if I don't HAVE to cook absolutely hate cooking after working all day. I have been not cooking everyday now for about 3 weeks and I love it! I'm huge on Baked Goods too, used to call myself the "Queen of Cakes" and actually made good money selling cakes, but It got old and I don't wanna.... so I ain't gonna anymore, unless I get a bug to do it.

    I did buy snacks for a young lady who is in my house and yes I have hit the cookie bags a few times, now that they are about gone, I'm not brining anymore in my house, don't need the late night temptation to chew on something, felt like going to the gym to look in there Saturaday, never made it there, thought about walking on the park Sunday, never made it, somebody is out to make me be defeated, it's not me, things keep happening, so this morning I will do the 3 laps again, we can do this, found a "Big Girl Sexy Lingerie and such sight, that will motivate me!

    Pfree- I love veggies I am not anti veggies, love food period as long as it taste good, yeah your daughter is using that food to replace something.

  • Gotta find Ms. Beth, I loved her.

  • Good Morning/Afternoon- Still on track pretty much, I do indulge occasionally, still walking so far so good, not coming off fast enough, suddenly I'm in a hurry to get the weight off, I'm looking at women and the way we age, I wanna stay young, was thinking about the Fountain of Youth last night which according to Metatron is on Bimini somewhere, wonder if I can find it and bottle the water?

    Hope everyone is well, Blessed Be."

  • New Evidence That Vinegar May Be Natural Fat-Fighter

    ScienceDaily (July 7, 2009) — Researchers in Japan are reporting new evidence that the ordinary vinegar — a staple in oil-and-vinegar salad dressings, pickles, and other foods — may live up to its age-old reputation in folk medicine as a health promoter. They are reporting new evidence that vinegar can help prevent accumulation of body fat and weight gain.

    Tomoo Kondo and colleagues note in the new study that vinegar has also been used as a folk medicine since ancient times. People have used it for a range of ills. Modern scientific research suggests that acetic acid, the main component of vinegar, may help control blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and fat accumulation.

    Their new study showed that laboratory mice fed a high-fat diet and given acetic acid developed significantly less body fat (up to 10 percent less) than other mice.

    Importantly, the new research adds evidence to the belief that acetic acid fights fat by turning on genes for fatty acid oxidation enzymes. The genes churn out proteins involved in breaking down fats, thus suppressing body fat accumulation in the body.

    P.S. My grandfather always told me to drink Vinegar Water, add vinegar to water, think I will try it!

  • That's an excellent reminder Poetic. Around here there is a lot of interest in apple cider vinegar and the rejuvenation it seems to offer. I've seen the success stories in person but I still hesitate somewhat for myself. It's funny though today being FAT Tuesday and all my daughter has a big day of eating planned. She went to breakfast with a friend, plans on lunch with another and dinner with yet another group. She asked me what I was going to do, I had a banana and my egg sandwich for brunch. Made up my grocery list which includes pomegranate juice and a lot of fruits and fixings for salad so I figure I'm ahead of the game on that. Not sure what my plan is for dinner maybe I'll do a veggie meal, I enjoy those once in awhile.

    I think my teeth are speaking volumes about the pepsi consumption. I think that the discomfort is already causing the withdrawal effects. I've taken tylenol every day now for almost a week, well for me that means taking one before I go to bed to ease the toothache a bit. Now I'm beginning to wonder if the headache is really the body reacting to the lack of caffeine in my reduction of pepsi intake. There's no guarantee I'll get through the season of lent without some sweets or junk but I will make a good effort to stick to my plan. Walking has increased and I am definitely resting better. There is hope.....

  • RC- FAT TUESDAY, I'M LAUGHING OUT LOUD FOR SURE, FUNNY! Yeah you do have withdrawals from caffeine too, you ought to get that tooth out, or filled, any dental schools near you? Well I have FAT mon-sunday or whatever but it's all good.

  • angel hugs

    Lemon juice may be better then the vinegar.

    The idea behind this is to drink a glass of water (H2O) with some lemon juice (preferably fresh juice) first thing in the morning. This is to assist with changing the HP levels of the body- blood.

    Yes you can have caffine withdrawal from pop which contains this chemical.

    Something I am attempting, is stopping all food intake by 8:00-9:00 p.m. and drinking just H2O.

    My fluid intake is basically one cup of coffee with cream in the morning then H2O during the rest of the day. (I use to comsume 40 cups of coffee daily.) I may have 1-2 cups coffee when out.


  • Okay, wow, thats a lot of coffee, yesterday and today, did not drink enough water, bad girl, didn't go grocery shopping, yeah I heard Lemon Juice is good too, I want the fat burner!

  • There is one dental school near by but the waiting list is very very long and they don't do emergency work. I may end up at the hospital dental clinic but would prefer not to do so. I think if I can just get to a point where I am not irritating the nerve it'll be fine must have eaten something that made it worse. I know it's my own fault junk and soda have caused the condition along with years of neglect mostly due to lack of funds.

    As for the FAT Tuesday ....well it's a mardi gras , sort of catholic thing with tomorrow being Ash Wednesday and the beginning of lent. But you are probably right every other day of the week falls into that category too. LOL

  • I think I grind my teeth too, I had an Aunt in Jamaica who used to do it and I think I mimicked her when I was small, you may just need antibiotics may be infected. I'm not losing fast enough, took out the old tape measure and i don't see any changes, didn't go to the gym my car battery died twice yesterday so I went straight home, going to go today. Gonna dig deeper and try harder. Geez.

  • P.S. Ate a Mcdonalds Sausage Burrito which is not that filling, looked up the calories 1 Burrito is 300 calories, ate a sunflower seed raisin/trail mix which I thought was 120 calories but it's two servings so thats 240. Geez, gotta go to the store, I'm gonna start having light dinners, soups/salads, no bread or very little carbs and gotta get some Watermelon.

  • Man we are looking forward to when watermelon is in season here. We eat grapes, apples and oranges and bananas once in awhile. I do need to eat more salad too or at least more green veggies. The tooth issue comes and goes. I think I am aggravating the nerve sometimes. The truth is most all my molars have issues and my wisdom teeth two were removed and the others are still coming in and are in bad shape. I think if I would bare to admit it I'd probably be better off with dentures but talk about discouraging, I don't know if my ego could take that blow. BTW I got a response from asking for some help to get the glasses etc. I got denied, I make too much money, go figure. Not enough to live or get the glasses on my own but too much for assistance.

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