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    thank you poetic


  • was also informed this time was to get us use to power and the thing we will be feeling and seeing and hearing all the senses will be alive and very strong and the blending of the higher selves is very very strong in power and energy and you as time passes you and you higher self will be blending as Andrea and me did that becoming as one with the one and be leave me anything is possible there is no impossible ,time is passing fast and things as we know it are changing fast and they will be getting faster and as i have said in the past as Father has given it to me the knowledge and power that has been given to us does not mean we are any better than anyone else we are all equal no leaders or gurus and this is not to used for selfish gain our wealth is in the knowledge that is being given to us no amount of money or power could even come close to what is being give to us ,i know its hard for you to understand all this right now but you will some faster than others always seek your Heart let Love be your guiding force to knowing . Love Freely Given I Give To You Tooter

  • OOps! Meant to post this instead.

    The first Solar Eclipse with the New Moon on June the 1st is a very positive time of growth. This eclipse will be the second eclipse in the astrological sign of Gemini in a long sequence of eclipses, in Gemini, that will conclude in May 2013. The Lunar Eclipse with the Full Moon on June the 15th is said to be one of the darkest in history, as it will last approximately 100 minutes. As a general rule a Lunar Eclipse is a good opportunity to break any long standing habits and or conditioned patterns of behaviour and thought. Unobserved areas of your life or your inner self will be brought to your awareness to be resolved and released to make way for the new energy that will come with the second Solar Eclipse of July the 1st.


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    Jupiter, the ruler of this Sagittarian lunar eclipse, is on a fabulously rewarding Symbol. It's Taurus 3: Natural Steps Up To A Lawn Blooming With Clover. This speaks of the wonderful rewards that can come from making little steps (or changes) and finding yourself in a more rewarding, comfortable and fun situation. This Symbol speaks of arriving in a place that feels like 'the land of milk and honey'. There's rewards here in seeing how wonderful life can be, to feel grateful for what one has. This is an auspicious degree, but it is triple that with Jupiter on it. The degree following is Taurus 4: A Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow... Jupiter seems to be bringing us rewards in many ways

  • All weekend I kept thinking of a Pot of gold at the end of a Rainbow.

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    not on long as eye still affected by shingles


  • Feel better!


    We then have the Summer/Winter Solstice on June 21, which is International World Peace and Prayer Day as organised by Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe, and Spiritual Leader of the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota people. On this day all peoples of Earth regardless of race or religion are invited to join in prayer for peace and harmony for all living beings, including Mother Earth. It is a day of balance, with the Northern Hemisphere experiencing the longest day of the year and the Southern Hemisphere the shortest.


    The Divine Light for this Solstice empowerment acts as a catalyst to carry unified consciousness throughout the planet. Use the observance of this date, June 21, as an opportunity to truly experience the many possibilities opening up during this powerful year of change. The Divine Light available on this day empowers both hemispheres of the earth. It carries a transmission across time and space to awaken the cellular structure of the human body to a higher frequency of energy. The energy carried in the Light stimulates the impulse for mass awakening that was encoded in the DNA of every person born during the evolutionary times that have transpired since 1945. If you are reading this message, you have it.

  • Julianna been thinking of you, hope all i okay! I've been eating like a pig no excuses will get back on track soon! 🙂 Hope all health issues have cleared!

  • angel hugs

    My thoughts are with each of you.

    This is the fiirst time in days my eyes have been able to forcus for any lengh of time.

    The shingles affected the right eye causing the lower eye lid and lashes to lose its ablity function without turning into the eyeball. AS a result I have spent many hours with the eyes closed and being in darkness.

    I am now able to stay awake longer without a shield. I can be on the computer now for short peroids of time.

    Now it is a steadily on the road to recovery.


  • Wow I'm so sorry you are a trooper, will pray for your healing, even in the dark there is light Mamita! Feel better. They say there is no darkness only light less illuminated.

  • angel hugs

    Blessings Poetic


  • Have a good weekend, as well as you can. 🙂

  • angel hugs

    poetic I plan to have a good weekend.

    you also have a good weekend.


  • Went to the Beach yesterday the water kicked my butt, the surf was very rough but had fun and it reminded me to go back on my eating healthier, beach whale!



  • angel hug, poetic555

    Each day I am getting better. On Friday the 29th, I am having day surgery on the right eye to correct weakened eyelid musucle.

    I have been sleeping a lot. I guess this is part of the healing process.

    One good thing about the shingles is my eating is down (even though one perscription is suppose to increase the apitite) and I am slowly loosing weight.

    may each of you have a wonderful weekend.


  • Okay, wow it takes it's tolls on a body doesn't it? Feel better! Hope you are going on Spirit Library and reading the messages! Take care!

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