• Okay,

    Hope your feeling better.


  • Hello Ladies I miss you guys so much, Juliana wanted you to know you are in my thoughts everyday, I have not given up, just having a slight not on track as much as I like. Beth, RC, and all else, we are still each other's support, hang in there, I'll be back on track soon. Not overeating just not eating as well as I should.

    "Blessed Be."

  • angel hugs

    Poetic555, blessings

    I am hanging in.

    The blood tests have all returned NORMAL, with gluten not being an issue.

    While away the end of April And early May I did well with my eating and did swim 3 times.

    When I got home my feet and legs were swollen a lot. (What next)

    Did not gain any weight while away, yet by the weekend with the swollen feet-legs I am up 3 lbs. Extra meds have brought the swelling down.

    Get the swelling under control and now I am dealing with SHINGLES on the upper right forehead and right eye.

    As I stated to the doctor, "WHAT NEXT."

    will close for now as it is getting hotmail at


  • Oh Boy, feel better, that shingles is no fun.

  • angel hugs

    I am hanging in. There are a few weeks to go for the complete irradiation of this.

    The itching part is the part I am avoiding.


  • Hi all,

    Ok, so the munchies have gotten me in the last few days. Guess it doesn't always pay to have time to myself. I'll work on getting back on track. The pool will be open for the season in a couple weeks, it's sporadic days now so I hope to get some sort of aqua therapy out of that. I feel like a beached whale but I'll hope the humiliation is little and allows me the exercise I desperately need.

  • Yeah got a new bathing suit this weekend, will be swimming as much as possible, you are so free in the water.

  • angel hugs


  • A co worker has Shingles too, hope it's not contagious, it's neurological I think. Me too RC have been munching out a lot, especially with the Basketball games, it's never too late to start again. I'm still determined to drop some more of this fat!

  • I hear ya girl. So glad when I'm in my suit, others see me but I don't (sort of). What I wouldn't give for the beach ab body just once in the lifetime but hey somethings are just not meant to be. So I'll just be hoping not to hear ridicule as I attempt to improve my body, health and life style. And girl you are so right, we can start over as many times as we need to, try try again. Just never give up.

    I'm telling you, listen to that new Shania Twain song "Today is your day", the words speak volumes.

  • angel hugs with flower petals

    If you touch the liquid of the blister, it could be possible to contract a form of shingles, as shingles is of the herpies virus= cold sores.


  • EEK, praying for a speedy healing for you! Have a Blessed Weekend and feel better, this too shall pass.

  • angel hugs

    Poetic 555, blessings for you and thank you


  • Sending love and light your way, posts are dissapearing!

  • Is anyone noticing new things spirtually? Sights, sounds, etc, just curious or even feelings?

  • angel hugs

    poetic 555, since having the shingles, I have noticed I am recalling parts of my dreams which seem to have me travilling in different realms.

    Qi Gong and reilki massages seem to have brought me back to this plane.

    When on this plane, I seem to experence more pain with the nerve ends being more exposed and raw.


  • Hey poetic- feelings, mostly. interesting question so thought id answer L(

    Love and hugs Bee Xx 🙂

  • woopsy lol 🙂

  • Wow Juliana, you may be getting a new body, tell them to increase the natural pain killer in your brain. I think that is so cool, I've reached some level now when meditating but don't know where it is yet but I think it's cool. I'm seeing a lot more things and getting downloads, continiously in my ear and on my body. Excuse my spelling I know big things are coming this month including Wed the 15 and on the 21, st and July 1.

    If you Lucid Dream Juliana you will have more insight into your dream state!

    Happy Connections! Don't know if I told you guys I dreamed about God last Saturday nite and it was beautiful, I woke up and saw Blue Celestial Stars in a circle on the ceiling that were also there when I closed my eyes.

    Read the Universal Laws it helps a lot! Bee Love ya!

  • Hey poetic- glad things are going well for you. I am hoping your feeling better more now so then before, I am starting to feel better myself at the moment (Emotionally), I will have a read Cee, 🙂 Thank you. Love you Bee Xx

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