• Amen! I believe!

  • Hi everyone,

    Well I will be the first to admit my commitment to this time to lose weight and eat healthier has been lacking in a big way. Emotional hoo ha gets in the way well you just don't much care if it's an apple or a chip you just want it because everything else s*cks. Anyway, to be honest for the most part my greatest issue was simply not being able to afford the right things it seemed like every hump we got over there was another one staring me in the face and cheap won over good every time. Amazingly in rationing of what we had, I was skipping meals, quite a few to be sure it went further for the girls. The pepsi has dwindled to one last bottle which I have been nursing for a few days. I made a half gallon of iced tea the other day for the first time in years figuring I would soon need substitute for the caffeine crash that would surely come my way. In between I've been sneaking in water, a glass here or there, especially after long walks with the dog. I'm hoping this is a step in the right direction even if it's based on necessity rather than plan. By next week there will be a slight reprieve God willing and then I will restock and not feel so pressured by the mere concept of "what are we going to eat today?"

  • Hey RC,

    A step is a step. So many times I start a new fresh begining loaded with everything (more water, diet, exercise...) I feel great, think it is wonderful and then a week or 2 or 3 later, I am back to whatever as it is all too much at once and if I blow one thing, I dump it all.

    I have a new system. Get used to 1 thing/change. I did the baked goods and now the candy and a couple of weeks from now, the cola. (I'm with you, I will be able to substitute iced tea and maybe try stevia.)

    I make sure I am well over the cravings for a particular thing before I move on to the next.

    The exercise will only start off with walking in the park and then I plan to add some yoga or tai chi (if I can figure it out. LOL) I don't really care how long it takes. The point is getting the new routine down and comfortable with it. This way special occassions are just that, special (not an everyday and not a reason to go back to bad habits)

    It's a plan.


  • Yeah, I feel you guys, I was in the same boat and too lazy to go to the Farmer's market which has dirt cheap fruits and Veggies, life gets in the way sometimes and it sure is cheaper to not eat healthy, I'm gonna try to stock up on Frozen Veggies and fruits, I wanna try meatless meals sometimes and detox my body, water is the main thing I've been good and not so good, if I really want something I eat it and don't look back the not being able to walk put a damper on me, waiting on the closet pool to me to open, love swimming and it's easier on the joints as Juliana said. I do notice weight loss in my b re ast s and waist and stomach, want the thighs to go, just go.... They say if you cut down 500 calories a day you will lose one pound a week which is fine, just slow. I said to my girlfriend this is the hardest times I have ever experienced in my lifetime, I was pretty spoiled, well now I had to grow up real quick, but it's all good. I'm gonna have to stock up for hurricane supplies this month too.

  • I hear ya, we are carnivores at our place and man I feel terrible sometimes when I cannot afford the meat. Before our move we ate so much pasta to save money I just got sick of it. Well last night I made spaghetti for the little one and I nothing fancy and don't you know neither of us finished our meals, it just was not satisfying at all. I keep saying in another week I can afford this or that. I want to get more fruits and veggies. Sometimes I'll make a vegetable meal. A few options less the meat in the middle so to speak, you tend to eat more servings but it's better for you. In a pinch I can eat green beans as a meal or something of that nature but that is not in the budget this week. I'll be very glad when we get over that hump.

    I am fighting stagnation. I don't eat enough if the truth be told so conceivably to cut out 500 calories would kind of make food non-essential on some days. The water does make me feel better but I am cautious not to get bloated by it as it doesn't fill the void.

    We walked by the pool again last night and it's looking a lot better they have been giving it the once over from the winter shut down. I only hope I can get some adult time to actually swim and not just be the monitor.

  • Well so much for my plan. Still doing well but...I've been going to bed around 11:30 to midnight and not getting up until 10:30. Which means not getting going on anything until around 11. What's up with that? So then my whole day plan is shot to you know what. So I'm doing less calories but less movment/metabalism. Arrrrg!

    Tomorrow I get back on a regular schedule, that's it!


  • Think i am doing okay, just caught up on everyone's posts you all seem to be doing fine to me 🙂

    I proberbly should be eating more fruit, we haven't had a chance to do proper food shopping this week, so been eating a lot of alpen cereal, and drinking water, and tea. we only been buying foods for the evening, as not enough money to get a full weeks worth this week, should be back to normal next week though. Wonder if you guy's like cup of soups, they are really good, and do not take time a tall, just boil a kettle, they have lots of vegetable ones, i have been eating them. and bread, and toast. Plus i do like the odd super noodles too. am doing well on chocolate and sweets this week, hardly had any, at the moment anyway. i do go back and forth. I am sure your efforts will show eventually. Love and light to all Bee Xx

  • angel hugs to all


  • Balance. All food is good in the appropriate portions. "Bad food good food" will help to develope bad psychology of all or nothing. Paying to much attetnion to exact calories can cause anxiety within the area of food as well. Aim for balance but in life as well. Its very hard to have a balanced life. we strive but its a life long challenge.

  • angel hugs with flower petals in your favourite fragrance

    I do not eat much meat, yet for my protein I have EGGS, which is a whole food. I feel full and not lacking in not having any meat.

    In part this is because my digestive system has a difficult time digesting meat protein.

    The egg white nutrualizes the chorlesterol in the yolk. I would have up to 6-8 eggs per week.

    Have a good day and week.

    Blessings for all


  • You are right Juliana, I knew a guy that lived off eggs for weeks, omelettes, egg salad, etc, peanut butter is protein too, can you all believe that life has come to this, not having enough meat? I think it's cheaper to buy a whole chicken than the parts, lentils have protein and beans, we can get creative, I wanna go meatless for a week or so, or try. I actually love scrambled eggs with cheese and love breakfast for dinner, side of bacon please!

    I have not been really trying much like you all in survival mode, when I hit it big, lobster for everyone we can mail order it!

    I really pigged out yesterday, bought junk food in the house to watch the playoff games, chips, and snicker's just one snicker though, it was so good. Juliana I hope you enjoyed your vacation.

    Hang in there soon we will be like they were in times of olden days, banquets with grease dripping from our lips! LOL!

  • Juliana,

    Would you like some tips on glutten free? My son had to go glutten free for about 6 years and I had a heck of a time trying things out to make them taste normal or even edible at times. But I did learn a few things about preparation.


  • angel hugs

    Ibeleive, yes I would appeciate any information on gluten free foods.

    With the other foods allergies, it is battle, as fruits and vegetables are high in Vita "C" and citric acid.

    One of my main concerns is I eat out a lot, 3-5 times a week, and this small community (Nelson,BC) of about 10,000 people does not seem to cater to special needs food. The grocery stores do have small sections for specialty foods.

    It is getting hot mail these past few days.

    julia l arnett

    loving silver wings

  • 🙂

  • Juliana,

    Ok, I will get some things ready and send off.


  • Juliana,

    I have a big write up rady for you but did not get a responce back from the e-mail I tried. I'll give you some time to get back to me and/or I got it wrong. I am on yahoo myself so if it did not come through you could try that.

    Let me know


  • Hola Senorita's, I have nothing to report other than I'm still on the wagon or is it off the wagon, however I shall redeem myself next week.

  • Your definitely off the wagon. LOL]

    So am I. Mother's day did me in. I even told my boys I wanted flowers. I got flowers and candy and cake. Oh my! Not to mention just finished off a leftover piece of banana nut bread from Mother's day diner.

    Well the nuts and banana are good for you right, so 2 out of 3 most be okay. LOL


  • Yeah it is lol I think food bad or good is about portion control because when I have eat unhealthy (whether it being because Im on the run, or mom's cooking something yummy mmm lol) I just eat smaller portions of it so I wont feel as guilty plus you'll feel better because once you regularly excercise you can eat just about anything but you dont neccessarily have to eat to much of it just because its there.

  • angel hugs


    Ibeleive, I did recieve your e-mail.

    I have not been on computer long today as I have been out of sorts with a sore throat and readjusting to being home. Sleeping a lot.

    I wil get you the other information you requested.


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