• Hope you are doing better, for some reason my right ankle is now swollen and painful, I have not excercised in weeks now, didn't make it to the pool but I'm still losing inches because I eat half of what I used to, gonna make it to a pool somehow even If I have to join a real gym, gonna call my local pool and see what the hours are. I won't give up until the Battle is won!

  • I'm still in the battle of late my food choices have not been the best, on the poor folks diet again till next week. My right foot is still hurting pretty bad, which is making me upset I really Loved walking, so anyway weight loss is slow but still going maybe a pound a week , the boobies are going away.

    How are you doing guys?

  • angel hugs poetic

    You are loosing. It is said it is better to loose slow and steady for the weight will stay off better and longer.

    Just a thought ....... Is the foot issue a deep rooted thought - excuse for not doing what you want--- loose weight and be active and ATTRACTIVE for you !!!!!!!!!! For me when I do loose, the weight comes off evenly thoughout the body. It is as though a hole has been put in a ballon and the air-fat is slowly expelled out evenly.

    I have been there with those thoughts - feeling. foot-of fear of the future and not stepping forward in life.

    ankle(s)-inflexibility and guilt. Ankles represent the ability to recieve pleasure.

    My feet and ankles are now becoming more flexible as I am releasing the fear though thought and energy massage.

    As I have stated before, I have a new lease on life. I am now a happier, healthier, loving person.

    I just realized, the ability to recieve pleasure may also mean a new steady form of gratuity. WOW. Yes, I know all general needs will be met and supplied.

    Keep up the good work Poetic. All effort counts.See this as a plateau- a stepping stone.


    loving silver wings

  • angel hugs for all

    Yesterday,did the blood work for a number of things- blood oxygen levels, celiac, iron level, liver function as well as a few other things.' Now I can go off the gluteun foods and get back to eating better. The celiac test earlier came back false -positive.

    Testing why I am not able to sleep through the night. Sleep apnia is ruled out. Had a lung MRI scan last Monday. Low oxygen levels affect a lot of functions -low metabolism, poor digestion, low energy levels, etc.


  • I think i am doing okay, not been eating to many chocolate things, and i think i am losing some weight- will have to check at some point. Not been eating all that much, just bits and bobs, noodles, and things like that.So doing okay for now. Lets hope i can do okay when going back to college lol 🙂

    Love n light Bee Xx

  • Juliana, It's not me at all I'm really frustrated because I want to lose weight faster, really a bummer, I have been channeling energy there, I wondered if it was stuck energy? That can be really painful. Bee we will get there now It's getting really hot here, "Oh Joy." NOT!

    I'm glad you are getting to the root of your problems Juliana. I like the part about receiving Pleasure! Bad Girl!

  • Hey there,

    I hear ya about fighting the food choice battles. One day I'll eat salad and fruit and protein and then the next I'm munching. I guess when we run out of junk it'll be easier. LOL

    We have a pool here in the complex and I just signed the papers to join, it's FREE, thank goodness. I wish they had a training center or gym on site but can't afford to seek one outside the complex now anyway. I'm hoping little one and I can enjoy the pool if it's not too too crowded. I'm out of shape something awful but it's always easier to exercise in the water so I"m game to give it a shot. Today was the first really warm, humid almost day we've had and I walked to the near by shopping center to get a few things from the drug store. Man did I feel my weight, how out of shape I am, I felt really heavy for the first time in ages. Not very encouraging I'm afraid.

  • I can't wait to go swimming, my community pool is closed but Dot has a pool but a small one. Keep it up, I notice I'm eating more junk now, gotta keep on.

    Take care all.

  • I hear ya on the poor mans diet..... pretty soon I'll be on the I wish I had a poor mans diet but as long as the little one eats it's all good.

  • I'm still waiting for decent weather to get out and walk.

    Yeah, I know its an excuse but I also know if I don't enjoy it the first few days, I will give it up.

    Easter Time and extra chocolate candy oh my!

    Well, I am eating it but I am also giving it away rather than my normal hoarding of it, (baby steps)

    Trying to not do it on a daily basis and still no baked goods so I'm at least over the desire for those. I can actually look at the selection at the bakery dept and still keep walking.

    Hope you get back to normal Beth. Missed you!!


  • I everyone. I just want to say that ever since I was 14 I struggled with weight my insecurities began to trap me in all sorts of situations before I decided to take action. I lost weight her and there as I got older but the real magic began to happen when I had to take night school gym classes at the YMCA that also required us to do and getting involved in all sorts of excercise and classes. I saw a radical change in me-I was more outgoing confident and happier than ever before. Even when the classes were over it motivated me to continue to want to lose most of my body fat. Now at 18 I am more fit and tones than I ever been. My tips to sucess treat excercise if not both excercise and diet as part of an daily routine that you must do.Always increase the intensity of excercise when youcheat on your diet or don't diet to burn more calories. If not dieting, eat smaller portions and limit sugar and salt intake. I suggest 4-6 times of excercise a week for at least 30 minutes and up to an hour and a half. Cardio is the most important make sure you at least do 20 minutes of cardio in your workouts. So Stretch-Warm Up-Muscle Building-Intense Cardio-Break (Cool Off)- End Strecth is my suggestion for a sucessful workout. There are many others out there but then again it's all up to you. 🙂 hope I can be of any help!

  • angel hugs with flower petals

    For any Tauras people, there is a birthday greeting on a new post "angel hugs for all Earth Taurus souls"

    Tough getting off the gluten. I did not have a chocolate in the apartment, but I did have 2 boxes of cookies which I ate in a week.

    I will be away from my computer for 8-9 days as I am spending my birthday week in Cranbrook with a former co-worker and friend. We will be going to Utah, USA for a day of window shopping and to the casino for few hours. Tammy is diabetic so with her menu, it will be easier for me to return to a more healthy eating pattern,

    Then on Monday, May 2nd (64th birthday), I will be going to the casino just outside of Cranbrook for a few hours. Wed. the 3rd is Red Hat evening. So it will be a good time.

    I anticipate being back on line by evening of Friday, May 6th.

    I wish all a pleasant few days.


    loving silver wings

  • Thank you hope you have a good time 🙂

  • Hi folks

    Don't know if all of you ever watch the Dr Oz show but he had some "fat fighters' on. One of them i the Gluccomannan I mentioned earlier which is Konjak root fiber found in Shirataki noodles.With water It helps to fill ya up so you cannot overeat . I've taken it some over the years when my life was iffy or for what ever reason I did overdo food. Just be careful cs if you eat alot w/ it the stuffed feeling is not fun. He also mentioned white bean extract(carb blocker) and raspberry ketone which is the only one I have not been able to find. Also L carnitine for energy.

    I trust everyone is well.


  • PFREE- I'm glad you are back I was worried about you! Glad you are okay hope your daughter is fine too! Happy Birthday Juliana, good for you, we all need to get away! Hope you win big! Have Lots of Fun!

    Asia, thanks so much for your wise info, now I just have to find the Stamina, I'm getting old and my bones are feeble, but will keep trying!

  • Thanks poetic I'm holding up. Lost a client so I've been in worry mode. Of course he is the only client I don't have to ride miles to get to ..shucks... But there are angels on earth Shira sent us some groceries. She's a dear it's so hard for my ego to just receive but she has put me a bit closer back in grateful mode. I'm at a loss for words actually. Very touched.

    One thing she reminded me was to walk around my environment and say thank you which also holds true for out bodies to remember to thank it for all it's done for us over the years.

    Love to ya P

  • omg guys I feel soooooo terrible lol. I feel my metabolic rate has slowed for the past 4-6 weeks I haven't excercised steadily and I haven't been eating as healthily. I feel sluggish and lazy when this happens and my time has been so consumed by other projects that I feel I don't have time to excercise someone help-I'm getting overly paranoid that I gaining pounds lol!!!?!

  • Hola guys, confession I pigged out yesterday like a binge on chips and M & M's. Today I have oatmeal and Yogurt for breakfast so I'm back on track, grilled chicken for dinner tonight and a salad, I think my metabolism has slowed too from age. Asia that's what happens during weight loss you get into this period where nothing seems to happen but it will pass don't worry about it.

    PFree, keep being thankful and believe, God will not let you suffer, I survived on a little or nothing a few weeks ago but feel the good days are very near and ahead for the month, will say a special prayer for you today!

    Be Strong soldiers, we can do it. Has anyone tried that Sensa stuff?

  • Asia,

    Just get back on, your body will forgive you immediately and you should do the same for yourself. Just do it! We all get a break and a redo/reset button. That's your belly button, just push it and go on.


  • Hi again Beth,

    I'm here for you and there for you, as you are in my thoughts. No need to answer as time is precious and sometimes not your own (responsibilities can be such a drag somwetimes. LOL)

    So just carry me with you and get throught your day.

    I love your thoughts that so many good things are comming our way and remember it is easier to be patient when your are busy and it will manifest before you know it.


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