• Okay another new posting, this one will be for supporting each other in our Weight Loss/Health Consiouness endeavor's! Post whatever you want, track what you are eating, when you need some love and support and understanding, when you've cheated, we won't judge you, etc....

    Share Food ideas.....

    More butterfly stuff if you think about it, evolving, becoming, fabulous, not that we already are not!

  • Oh Lovely.

  • Okay I'll start, short term goals from Jan-March is to lose 50 pounds, I have a long, long way to go but a journey of a thousansd miles, starts with the first step. I don't wanna get Diabetes, just get healthier, don't wanna be skinny either, my motto is "Nothing wanna bone, but a dog." Just kidding. I have never really stuck to any diet plan till know, I am/was a food addict, love food, greasier the better and gourmet too and of course my weakness, sweets. A co-worker recently lost 70 pounds in like 3 months on a diet pill she got from her doctor and I decided to try it and so far it is working miracles, just bascially helps you control the hunger monster and the amount of food you eat.

    I have always been pleasantly plump, never had a problem with the guys, somebody for everybody so I'm doing this for myself, seems I just woke up the othe day and noticed dimples!

    Whats your story???

  • I am Cancer rising - us Cancer rising girls struggle with our "roundness" all our lives so I am a bit of an "expert" on weight loss 🙂

    My tip for the day is to make sure you start out the day with breakfast as this will get your metabolism roaring. No starchy-carbs or sugars! It is absolutely necessary to have protein at breakfast and some fiber as this will kep you from feeling hungry. Stay away from cereal - they claim to be high in fiber, but are loaded with sugar. Oatmeal is great, eggs, and you can add some fresh fruit. The best fruit are the berries - strawberries, blueberries, etc. - great antioxidants. I also stay away from fruit juices -- too much sugar!


  • I had two boiled eggs for breakfast and Seeds/Raisins coffee and water, lunch will be soup and dinner, I d k. Men prefer round women like Venus. Curvacious.

  • My biggest problem is not huger - I just like to eat and I'm finding it's mostly from boredom! I did great last year as I worked mostly from home. Now I am working away from home and one job is SOOOO boring all I think of is food. No idea why. I limit what I bring but then I eat it all by 11 and usually leave at 3 (today I did good, just finished lunch now so 2 hrs to go LOL). Luckily this one also has a horrible candy/chip supplier, they are always stale.

    The other job has a CVS across the street and a GOOD candy machine but thankfully a bit busier. I have to keep working out, the snow is hurting me a lot this year.

    I love sweets and bread BUT I love meat too so no worries on the protein. WG is right. Years ago I did a diet plan and my favorite breakfast then was an english muffin with ham, and grapefruit juice. 🙂

    Mind over matter..........

  • Funny, Mindless eating they call it, I had to learn not to keep snacks next to my bed and the T.V. Drink lots of water between meals, so folks do better with the 5 small meals. I love junk food, I did cheat a little this weekend had warm Oatmeal Raisin cookies, so good.

  • I hate excercise but love Walking so thats what I'm doing, gotta get a MP3 player, and weights for arms.

  • angel hugs

    My goal is to eliminate about 50 pounds, as I am now 210 lbs. Firstly, I am told I need to raise my "metabolic rate". Apparently, I have not been eating enough to keep this rate high enough for this body to burn the fat which has accummulated.

    Having to increase the caloric intake is a new concept for me. The need to increase the food to burn fat is steadily gaining hold in this mind.

    With the assistance of a exercise coach (new government program), who states most of what I have been doing, just needs to be tweaked, I have been doing QI Gong twice weekly, swimming twice weekly, walking - sauntering two to four hours a week. The coach suggested increasing the tempo of the walks which will increase the metabolic rate. This will take about 3-6 months for the body to realize it is not starving as long as I can stablize a steady (1,400-1,700)caloric intake. (Patience is required.) Also need to walk differently. The knee cap should line up to the second and third toes as this will also align the hips properly.

    With my EMDR theapist's assistance, it was discovered this behaviour goes back to childhood traumas.

    I look forward to my new thinner body in the near future.

    Bountiful blessing to all


    Nelson, BC, Canada

  • That was the other thing I needed to go back to - water. I used to ONLY drink water and last summer due to stress I pretty much stopped drinking everything. In order to get something in me I bought punch and soda. I drank more soda in 6 months than I had in 10+ years. That's an easy way to eliminate calories as well. I did buy a couple of jugs of soda the other night but I've got my water here at work.

    I also love to bake so the last time I did, I brought over half the batch into work. That way I didn't eat them all! 🙂

    I do better with the multiple smaller meals too. Portion size is my other issue. Do you know a pound of pasta has EIGHT servings?! I can usually finish a box in 3-4! So I've been measuring too.

    Walking is a great form of exercise! I used to walk with a neighbor and we'd do 20+ miles a week. That's just an hour at 4mph, 5 days a week. I rarely run that far in a week and I do running races from time to time! Now since I am better conditioned I will do a hike with climbing if I'm not going to run.

    My indulgence since Valentine's Day has been those Cadbury mini-eggs. I buy the small bags otherwise I'd just eat a bag regardless of size. SOOO glad then are not in the stores year-round haha

  • Another Candadian, I envy you guys I want to go to Lake Louise. You can do it, I'm tired from reading of the all the excercise, I think I started at 330. I think I am now around 312, mostly the gut is going down which is good. My waist is small though, hips, bust, butt, bigg butt, thats me.

    My husband says don't let it go to my head and am I gonna leave him when I lose weight, I say no I'm leaving now! 🙂

  • I really should spell check!

  • angel hugs

    Also, I never had the sense of hunger. As I increase the calories, I am now starting to have minor hunger twinges. Coaches say this is good as the body is now adjusting to the new non life threatening life styly it has gone through for years.

    I have made it a practice not to have any food or beverage in the bedroom.

    Also, there are NO elecrtonic items in my bedroom. (Even if there was a partner sleeping with me, I would not allow electronics or food in this room.)

    So good luck and blessings to all.


  • Yellow Daisy You are my kinda girl! But no the soda is very bad, you can drop weight just by stopping the soda, 12 pounds in two weeks.

    Juliana- Yeah I've read better to eat the smaller meals more often because you are right it will raise the Metabolism, if your body goes into starvation mode, it will hold tighter to the food.

    I know I'm not eating enough calories but with the walking it should help. I like baking too, though I've gotten lazy, called myself the "Queen of Cakes." Now my throne is HUGE!

  • I'll see if this works! This is my New Years look. All 300 Pounds of me, not bad at all, I'm being very naughty here.

  • Let me try again. Too Big, rings a bell.

  • Big Chocolate Drop Girl!

  • angel hugs poetic

    I am about 6-8 hours from Lake Louise and Baniff.

    My coach is lining me up with a walking partner.

    I stopped baking after leaving work (bake sales) and my son moving to Calgary. Just make cookies, tarts and bread when son asks.

    As for chocolates and candy, I can have them in the fridge for months and then only eat about half a bar.


  • You go girl! Bread sounds good, with this magic pill, I had chocolate in the candy dish since xmas and didn't touch it, but you know it's all mental, I think about eating something and say you are not hungry and drink more water, I live in the bed and watch HGTV night and day.

  • Ok, I'm here, help me......LOL

    My goal is to lose enough weight to be comfortable and healthy. I'd say I could stand to lose up to about 80 pounds but I'll probably be comfortable in my own skin if I could lose about 40-50 lbs. I definitely need to increase my exercise and simply get moving. Being out of work has turned me very much into a housebound woman and that is not a good thing at all. With a 3 year old granddaughter and a new puppy in the household movement is not only becoming easier but necessary and not just for my own health. I am hoping we get some nice spring weather and ease into summer so I can enjoy the days in the sun getting some fresh air. Where we moved we have a swimming pool which will be accessible coming Memorial day. I can't tell you when was the last time I was in the water but it's been too too long I know that. I'm not so sure this body of mine now will float but I'm aiming to give it a try and hope I don't catch "those looks" from the neighbors. I need to improve my self image so building confidence and a better outlook for myself is all very much a part of this plan too. I haven't set a deadline for losing the weight as I think if I get discouraged too easily I'll walk away and give up. I'm counting on all of you to not let that happen. I'm strictly altering my food consumption and trying to eat more healthy and watch my portion sizes. I've tried very hard to eliminate "junk" food but I'm weak when it comes to cookies. My greatest vice in life is Pepsi which I know I should quit drinking completely but I suppose I will need help with that. I have begun to consume more water which I know is important but still not as much as I should. I don't drink a lot of juices, but I do enjoy fresh fruit once in a while. I don't take any kind of diet aids or vitamins either. I've known people who did the soup diets, the shake stuff in a can, the smoothies but I'm really not one for fad stuff and I figure if all you are taking in is liquid when you eat real food you'll gain so I don't want that. My current weight is 217.8 lbs I am 5' 2 1/2" tall. I'm too big for my skeleton, I have a spare tire middle. I have noticed recently that my blood pressure has been a little more erratic than it has ever been in the past. Part of this could be attributed to the stress of moving recently but it may be more than that. I am in otherwise good health. I have always been concerned that there might one day be a heart issue as it is hereditary in our family but I'm not diabetic, I don't have high blood pressure, circulatory or breathing issues or anything like that. In general I'm just not happy with how I feel in my own my skin and how I look to others in this body currently.

    So the truth be told I probably eat too much bread and pasta but more out of necessity than choice. I do refrain from white bread a lot. I'm a potato bread fan. One of my latest standard meals is a simple Fried Egg sandwich, half a slice of american cheese on potato bread with a hint of ketchup. I know it's not the best choice but I think of it this way I get a "healthy" meal to start my day, can I call that healthy, I get some protein, calcium, fruit and bread. I most likely will not eat more bed during this day although at times I do take a slice of bread and make garlic bread if we're having pasta for dinner. Since the move we've kind of avoided the pasta, we ate way too much of it during the transition. I'm game for veggies, I'm not much of a fish eater, I like my beef and chicken. I do eat cereal. I love a nice cold glass of milk. So there you go. What next?

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