• Have fun Bee! I kinda ate like a pig this morning, stress had two donuts, will walk them off this weekend, everyone bee safe. Praying for all!

  • I will Cee, Thank you 🙂 Love the butterfly.

    Bee Xx

  • Okay, did not really excercise at all this weekend. Went to a party had a few cocktails and a good time, did not overeat though, back at it this morning.

    Hope everyone is well and Happy Monday, still praying for all and of course Japan!

  • angel hugs


  • 🙂

  • Hi everyone, I've been a bit absent sorry about that. Must admit my mind has not been on eating the right foods so much as foods that did not intensify the pain. I'm doing much better now though and am anxious to get back on track. So I got some meat and fruits to put in the house. Got the little one some yogurt, she loves the stuff, but it's not my cup of tea. I'm going to cook up some chicken today or tomorrow just boneless breasts and I hope to use a little of it to make a soup afterward. What are your feelings on an old fashioned chicken noodle soup, healthy or not? I know we could do without the noodles but it seems kind of empty without what are your thoughts?

  • angerl hugs

    RC, instead of noodles, I will put in rice, or rice noodles or barley. I put in what feels right for me. Even though I am on my own.

    You could also make the batch, then divide it so you still make your regular one with the noodles for the little one, then the other batch can contain the rice, etc.


  • angel hugs

    Food for thought

    Remember we are in the process of creating a new body to house our souls.

    If you are not happy with your body, how can your soul be happy.?

    If we continue to consume the same foods which allowed these bodies to retain - gain this fat-weight, then the new vessel may not be able to emerge.

    This being stated, we must change what we consume and adapt to tastes and desires for the new food. Also, rate the foods you choose. This being 0 is the poorest - lowest going to 10 being the highest energy- best for you. This has nothing to do with how you work the foods for diabetes. This is more the energy of the food.

    For me sugar would be in the scale range of 0 to 3, while wheat products would range 3 to 6 on the scale.

    Regular supermarket produce and meats would range 4 to 7 on the rate scale.

    Organic, pesticide free produce would rate a 10. The same with the meat. if range grown, organically feed, and humanilly slattered this would rate a 8-10.

    Thus the higher the energy rate the better for the body and the more weight lose and the happier the body will feel while giving the body the energy required to do the things you desire doing.


  • Oh Juliana, some days it is so hard to stay focused and disciplined. I bought the right foods, I've not been back to the gym, I don't care for yogurt either, I can eat or not, the weight loss has either slowed down or stopped, I think it's because of the age factor, slower metabolism, watching the Biggest Loser the other night kinda motivates me. I know if I go at least 3 times a week and walk at least the 2.0 speed on the treadmill, I will loose more, everyday I'm going and don't make it there, gotta get out of the house, I do walk at work. My weakness is sweets on the diet pill I didn't even think of sugar now though the sugar monster rears it's head, especially the Oatmeal Raisin cookies at Mickey D.'s Going to find a healthier outlet, or maybe I will bake my own with Splenda and juice for sweetner, yeah sure I will. 🙂

  • Ladies there is a plant that is taking the place of sugar the leaves of the sweet leaf plant also call (stevia rebaudiana ) suppose to be 10 times sweeter than sugar with 0 calories all natural and non fattening ,they have been using this in Japan verses artificial sweeteners if i can i am going to order some plants of it cause i use a lot of sugar . Tooter

  • I saw it in the store, think it's expensive.

  • Very interesting New plants cool- Bet it would be expensive though 🙂

    I have been okay eating with no chocolate so far, i had one bar this morning, and not very much at all during the week. Just kept my lunches small and such like. So i think i am improving, plus trying to do some walking, will get around to it eventually. and need to keep up with the yoga thing too.

    Bee Xx

  • angel hugs

    Stevia (sugar) is now in the stores. You use it simular to regular sugar or those artifucail sugars. Like the artifual sugars Stevia is sweeter.

    I do not use the synthetic sugars as I react to them. Also, it has been stated these sugars have a tendency to increase your appitite.

    Stevia is not much more $$$$$$$ then the other sugars.



    THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT GREAT THINGS ARE GONNA HAPPEN FOR US STARTING AFTER THE EQUINOX, BELEIVE AND RECEIVE! TRUST ME, no one is more tired than me, we have to keep on keeping on, and on soldiers.

    This weekend i'm gonna try very hard to be good and making a new effort for next week to get on that treadmill and walk at least 30 minutes for at least the speed of 2.0 or higher 3 days a week, i pray I do it. The Intent is there. I pray that everyone's dreams come true in the moment of now. God Bless u all! Unconditional Blessings. I want a treat now, will be honest, something Chocolate, little one won't hurt.

    P.S. Dont wanna bake witht he fake stuff, where is the joy, rather have one instead of 4 or 5, least it's real.

  • I've found stevia has a funny after taste but i use it for coffee sometimes when I have a sweet tooth. I try to use fruit apples pineapple etc when I bake for sweetening plus a bit of molasses for bran muffins.I'm having a love/ hate relationship w/ food. I'm feeling fugly and noticed I'd put on some weight. it just gradually "appeared" but my diet has been 80% bread. Like 5-10 pieces of toast a day. I'm broke, my income is down to $4-$500.00 a month so I've been eating what I have in the freezer trying not to spend $. I hate wasting food. Suddenly my pants are tight and I even split a seam in my jeans where I'd taken them in. It's not a lot maybe 5-10 lbs(my scale doesn't work either) but I'm feeling stuck cs I don't want to waste all the good whole grain bread either. I've been feeding my birds w/ some of it. It happened so suddenly. Just a couple few weeks ago I was trying on some pants at a local dept store and didn't notice anything except they still don't make my size. I usually avoid changing rooms and mirrors.

    I guess mercury retro is at it again. My IC has not been too bad thank the Gods! But I suspected Mercury was up to it's tricks cs my usual wkout and commuting to work on my bike has been rougher than usual. I got flat last wk in the rain had to walk miles and miles and somehow I messed up the alignment and the brake rubs the tire so now it's harder to ride. Just when I need things to get easier. So the last straw was my email stopped working and when I contacted Mac they said my mac was too old. It's 3 years old!

    I bought some vegies to make a vegie stew and clean my system out maybe that will help me to feel better. Sorry for being so down I need my life to get easier.

    Cheers P

  • I apologize to everyone for being such a downer. Sometimes I am just uncomfortable in my own skin. This too shall pass.

    Cheers P

  • We love you Pfree, let's face it we are all human and I have days like that too sometimes, ask God to take the heaviness away! I'm going to add you to my Blessings list, hang in there. I had sorta lost my motivation too because it seemed I wasn't seeing results fast enough but today I have decided I'm gonna try harder and force myself to go to that gym at least 3 days a week. What about Food Stamps, can you get them where you are? You eat Soups too less calories, we shall over come, Blessing are gonna start flowing even more with the Equniox I can feel it and got some evidence of it yesterday.

    Look at what you have already overcome, you are a survivor!

  • As I walked this week, I felt the sludge holding me back almost. I need to be more active. Please help me to do that. I wish we had a fitness center here in our complex but we don't. Walking the pup and kid will have to do, it's time.

  • Yeah, the heart is willing the body does not always co-operate, only walked a little last week, I guess age does not help, will keep going if I have to do soups and salads a few days of the week, I'm gonna eat what I want though when I want and then just keep going, I don't like the treadmill RC I'd rather be outside, boring on that thing and If I look at the clock, soooooooooooo, slooooow. 🙂

  • I hear ya on the treadmill, if I'm going to do all that walking I'd certainly like to get somewhere. Hang in there pal, we will get there, we just have to find what works for us.

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