• I need to break out the old tape measure too. Sometimes our focus on the pounds puts us in a stale mate. The process after all is to get healthier it's not just about the numbers.

  • I keep telling you ladies to send me that weight i am less than a 1/4 in now i think i am going to blow away LOL If we would of had red beans and taters when i was a kid i would of starved to death and i have never got tired of them i fixed a pot yesterday with 2 ham hocks in them and 2 leg quarters on the grill but i still don't eat about once a day i did get me some of the drinks with all the vitamins and suppose to help put on weight . I got out there this afternoon and started breaking my garden with a shovel ,were is that water Poetic that will make us younger LOL.

    I drink a lot of coffee to alll day long but i also use 3 spoons of sugar in each cup ,i wonder if eating a grapefruit gives that acid like they were talking about i love grapefruit some times i will by the big bags when i was working down in Jamaica once the guys found out i like mango's they would bring me bag fulls so i never run out .Sounds like you ladies are doing very well and i hope you reach your goals Love Ya Tooter

  • Oh Delbert what part of Jamaica were you in? I lived there as a little girl, love Jamaica mon!

    Grapefruits have lots of Acid, have to get around to sending you some Florida Fruits one day.

    I love Red Beans and Rice, I love speckled Butter Beans and Rice too, Yum. I finally made it to the gym last night, it was remodeled and very nice and best of all it's free! I had everyone laughing cause I'm so out of shape, that treadmill is so boring I walked a little while and the monitor said I burnt 30 calories! I said to you know where with that, got off, lifted some little dumb bells and got back on another treadmill, actually sweated, stayed maybe 30 minutes, there was a fun class of dancing (arobics) class full of women of all sizes, that one I will probably join thats 20.00 a month, oh vey!

    At least I tried now to keep on trying and not give up!

    We can do it!

  • RC- You still have teeth growing in? Dot had to get a partial, gotta be away, goggle free dentist, cheap dentist, free glasses, there has to be services, remember the good old days when doctors would take a chicken or something, I'm not that old but I read about it. Exchange of services. Bardering.

  • When I get enough cash, we all we get some. It's coming when God is ready to give it to me.

  • Yea believe it or not it's been about ten years or so since I had the first two wisdom teeth removed. I went to the clinic then and the students called in the teacher a real dentist and even he refused to try to take out the other two wisdom teeth. He said they were still growing in and too close to the facial muscle. He said give it a few months and when they surface we'll remove them. One broke through the gum last year and is still not in, the other has a piece surfacing the gum but is nowhere near in yet. I don't understand why they can't just put you out and cut them out but apparently that is not a service the clinic offers. Time to start looking for other options on the glasses and teeth I suppose. Maybe a doc would let me work for him in exchange for the service.....

  • Good idea! That would be oral surgery and they would cut it out had that done before and it was wonderful, didn't feel a thing, I asked could i take some of that gas home with me!LOl!

  • angel hugs

    How do you feel Poetic after your work out ????

    At this time, I would not - could not work on the tread mill.

    I am in a swimming program which I do twice a week. Each session is one hour. I could do more as this program is run 5 days weekly. The other 3 are at 8:30 a.m. I am just getting up at that hour. Also, I have been advised the swimming is easier on the body to begin. With being about 50-60 LBs overweight, congestive heart (undercontrol) and spinal degeneration, The doctor stated swimming and walking (about 2-4 hrs weekly) is the better for the body at this time. During the swimming I do get a good workout. The swimming is not hard on the joints and allows one to do the exercises easier.

    At 64 this year and not having worked physically for 5 yrs. this body is in no shape for a high phsyical workout. To begin with so as not to discourage one's body, it is best to it steadily.

    Also, I do medical QI Gong twice weekly. Daily to come.

    I am having a good week


  • Hello, to all...hi brother tooter:)

    Well i guess purging has done me well..I have been on my exercise bike 4 days in a row, not going to far i might add hehehe...

    as far as the gorging it haunts me still, but I'm not doing it to the point of ****** i don't get those guilt feelings in the morning...

    thanks everyone, i really truly mean it..

    love to all..



  • Yay good everyone is doing things, that make them feel good, I am trying my best to cut down on the chocolate, didn't have any today, or any yesterday. and trying to eat more fruit, going to do some walking soon been doing yoga now and then on the wii, and trying out what you start Cee, just gotta find the right times, when it is sunnier, and i will try my best, will not be taking the dog though, he is a pain there is also a gym close to me too, perhaps i wil get into the swimming, need to have lessons, i still cant swim. LOL 🙂

    Bee Xx

  • OHH Sheila I love that picture girl! You are gonna rot those teefes. Juliana I have knee/joint problems from all the weight, I know swimming is better, I feel great today, yesterday I had the Energy of maybe a 25 year old, I had a feeling this morning to take it easy my knees told me to because I overdid it last year and that didn't work.

    I feel glad to be alive, glad to finally be doing something good, now my mind is saying boy that Chicken Pot Pie with the flaky crusts sounds good but my heart knows its Fattening, so I will probably get Tuna Fish,

    I felt like I could run on that Treadmill, thats the Lord, I asked him for Energy, I never had much energy, used to be anemic, now that you said something I feel a twinge in my back, maybe sore tomorrow, you are in better shape than me Ms. Juliana. Maybe you should get the alternative healing done by Paddi, she and Mags are awesome! God Bless, going for my Tuna!

    Love you Sheila, one day at a time, I think you ought to get out of the house more, when you feel better, get out, run!

  • Look at that body, sexy girl.

  • Poetic I was in Maypen it on the south western side about 60 miles from Kingston ,You ladies are doing great you know sometimes i think about my grand dad he died at 94 but at 83 he had even helped us build houses and at that age he still went from daylight to dark working and i think here i am not even 60 yes close and the shape i am in .

    So i need to do exercises to just as much so i have got to wash cloths and work on the garden some more and i might try getting me a bike have been thinking about it for a long time and you all give me encouragement you all are doing so good Love Ya Tooter

  • Well ladies Father and me had a talk last night and maybe soon i will send a new picture of more than just me but i also got thoughts of what you all are doing and me also and yes we do need to get in shape were going to need it and soon so you might be seeing less of me because i have to prepare not just for me but to be of maximum service Love Ya Tooter

  • Okay Tooter, never been to Maypen they grow some good stuff there I here! (Bad girl).

  • Tooter you are already living in the Fifth Dimension so you can exist in both places at the same time. We have to catch up with you, you are more evolved than we are spiritually, must be very cool!

  • Sheila I was being cute with TEEFESS, LIKE IN COUNTRY GAL.

  • Poetic I do not consider myself evolved but i do think i have gotten a lot more informed and i can not make these things happen they come when they come just like that night i was listening to that song Bee sent me and what happen then , i was afraid to listen to that song for a couple of days then i am going to see if i can do that again and i listened for about 10 times but nothing came if i knew i could do it i would probably sc*rew it up LOL

    So you had not been to Jamaica or not that area ? I worked down there for 3 months and to give you a ideal when Brenda and my grand son flew down for a week i stopped and bought a watermelon it cost 20 dollars American and i never seen a lot of good veggies nothing like we have here .but they were some of the nicest people i ever met. A lot of people don't realize how well we have it here until you go somewhere like that and see how they live . Tooter

  • Oh, I used to live in Runaway Bay as a kid, and my step father was from Spaulding which is in Clarendon and I think not far from Maypen, I just don't remember going there, I love Jamaica my husband is from there too, so I grew up with their culture all my life.

    We moved there when I was a kid and my parents built a wash house which was a waste of time back in those days, most of the poor washed their clothes in the River. Had a great time though, love the food, love the people! I would live there if I had the means.

  • Okay Tooter, was that the song in pink floydd i sent you, glad you still listened to it though, i love the songs you send to me 🙂 They are lovely, Pink Floyd is amazing, is songs resonate a lot with me, and i just love em, I am doing some good on cutting down on the chocolate, but need to do more walking, i will be away this weekend, going to my dads tomorrow, and doing some yoga on sunday, with him like last time, it is a different type of yoga, and its done in a church hall too huh, i will be going to 2 churches this weekend wow lol. Id really love to visit a spiritual place, like spiritual retreat, that would be aw same, i loved visiting Glastonbury with my dad, that was an amazing place, and i loved the feel of it there. Lots of spiritual stuff there. 🙂 I hope i find a teacher to help me with this, as well as working on my college work. i can do both 🙂 It will be good for me to learn lots of the stuff i like doing. Thank you for taking the time to talking with me tooter, and when your away i will miss ya, hope you keep in touch email, at times. As i check them most of the time. I guess your going to be the busy bee soon. Hehehe. I am working on getting into shape too, I don't have much to lose from it, but its still good to keep fit. 🙂 I am working on it very slowly.

    Love ya tooter Bee Xx

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