I'm so confused

  • I told my man I did not like the neighbor lady he introduced me to.He agreed to tell her not to come over without the man she was living with.I found out later he did not do so,lying about it to me.They did drugs together.When I came over later,she was visiting again.I was willing to quit the relationship then.Several days later he called me to make up,trying to take me to meet her live in.She stopped us at their door.He came to my home and we found out later she was evicted from their building.He declares he loves me and is not doing drugs,I want the relationship but am having trouble shaking the memory of him choosing not to spend the holidays with me.

  • Love and truth come through actions, not words. This man loves himself more than he does you. You will never be able to trust him completely and without trust, you don't have a good relationship. You can do much better.

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